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Submitted: July 12, 2009

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Submitted: July 12, 2009



I live next door to a damn traitor.

I once loved her but now I hate her.

She's very pretty; she's built like Dolly Parton and she's smart.

Never in my wildest dreams would've I imagined that she'd break my heart.

I continuously did all of her chores and I did them for free.

All in hopes that she would also fall for me.

I washed her car, trimmed her hedges, babysat her son and mowed her lawn.

Now all hopes of having this sexy lady for a wife are gone.

She told her friend that she met a man who she fell for.

When I heard this, I experienced more happiness than ever before.

But my heart soon shriveled up because I was unable to see.

The man who she fell in love with was not me.

The bitch actually expected me to continue doing her chores.

She wanted her house painted but I turned the bucket over her head and poured.

She screamed and screamed because her hair and face were green.

I don't give a damn if what I did to her was mean.

It tears me up because they're having smoldering passion together.

I want to die because she'll be in that bastard's arms forever.

This poor old heart of mine has had too much to take.

If God has pity for me, tomorrow morning I will not wake.

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