Why we must not elect McCain

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We must not vote for John McCain for the sake of this country.

He will continue the war and he'll give tax breaks to the rich.

My mother's best friend is Irma King.

Irma has a grandson who has been sent to Iraq.

If McCain wins, her grandson may come back in a body bag.

Irma's family would have to try to comfort her as tears would be rolling down her cheeks.

She'd be left with a broken heart.

I wouldn't want her to suffer. Would you?

Of course not. That's why we must notvote forMcCain this November.

How much do you earn every year? $20,000,$30,000,$40,000,$50,000?

Like other republican politicians, McCain only cares about the rich.

He plans to give tax breaks to those who earnfive hundred thousand dollarsor more each year.

These people are rich. They don't need tax breaks. People with lower incomes need the tax breaks.

McCain also plans to give the oil companies a several million dollar tax break.

How can we expect gas prices to go down when McCain will be lining the oil companies pockets with money?

Gas prices could go up to five or six dollars per gallon.

When gas prices go up, the prices of everything else goes up too.

If you vote for McCain, you may regret it when you pay for stuff.

Barack Obama is a much better choice.

He'll stop the war, give tax breaks to lower income families and he'll get the economy going strong.

Unlike McCain. he cares about the little man. If you vote for Mister Obama, you won't regret it.

Submitted: September 18, 2008

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