Alligator Boy

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This is an example of my own unrefined style of flash fiction, whereas I take a random image or concept that pops into my head and just start writing freely in one continuous flow of thought. I do not concern myself with case or punctuation and do not stop typing until i feel the story has come to its natural end. Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: January 22, 2010

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Submitted: January 22, 2010



the alligator boy stood on the sidewalk at the corner of main and humphrey watching little boys and girls gleefully walk and skip and frollick up and down the sidewalk on the oppsite side of the street from the alligator boy who sulked and hung his head as he thought about how he lacked a costume but everyone thought he had a costume because he is the alligator boy and this hurts his feelings and he wonders if trying to look like the normal boys and girls his age would be like wearing a halloween costume but decided it is pointless as he would only appear normal and doing so on halloween would only make him abnormal since all the other boys and girls are wearing costumes so he stands at the street corner and sulks as he watches the other boys and girls go door to door and collect candy and goodies and compliments about their costumes ranging from store bought to homemade some of which are creative but most of which are very lame but the alligator boy envies them all from the witches to the ghosts to the superheroes and the clowns he is only the alligator boy and this day of haunting and happiness is the only day in which the alligator boy can reveal himself to the world and be normal or at least pretend to be normal but does not feel normal so he stands and watches and sulks and imagines being normal while the other boys and girls enjoy themselves without giving any thought only living in the moment like boys and girls do and the alligator boy imagines the other boys and girls in their warm and comfortable homes enjoying their candy and laughing and playing but the alligator boy goes home to his hidden cave away from the normal boys and girls eyes and sleeps in the damp dark and cold cave without any candy because we all know alligators do not eat candy but the little boys and girls are especially sweet

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