Teenagers and Justice

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I had to write a report for my History and I decided to write it on what I thought was a very good point.


Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Submitted: May 02, 2013



Dr. Martin Luther king JR. had a dream that all men are created and treared equel Women have gained their writes over the years. When will teenagers, human beings, get their rights too?

In some Restronts teenages can go to a restront and it be half empty but have to wait awhile to get served, but as soon as older people come to the Restront they get seated and serrved right away.

 Teenagers have stupid, unjust, inconsederat rules, while adults make them to 'comntrol' teaanagers. Adults feel that since they do not remember nor understand the ways of the teenagers, and since they do not know the problems that they face that they have to contole and take away freedom from them.

Some teenagers are smarter and better at multiple things, yet adults still think that they are not 'Mature' enough for them. Teenagers just remember how it is to have fun, live life alittle and they get treated like crap for it. Women, and Blacks have faced this pain, but now, they too have forgoten how it is to be treated this way and they make teens suffer like that too. I as a Young Woman and a Teenager, I feel as though me and my fellow teenagers deserve justice and respect too. Adults think they are supperior and that they deserve respect yet they treat teenagers like crap. Respect goes both ways, Teenagers should respect them yes they should, but do the adults respect teenagers as well? Teenagers desereve respect, and to be treated like equels. 

In conclusion, Teenagers are jsut as awesome, if not more awesome, as adults.

Rachael Larrissa Fierro. 

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