*It's Over Now*

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i usually write poems and stuff...but i started writing lyrics to songs as well. i dont have a song really, just the lyrics, and the tune is in my head and probly will stay there, lol. i just find that writing lyrics can sumtimes be easier than a poem. so here it is, my first lyric/song posting.

Submitted: August 04, 2008

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Submitted: August 04, 2008



He says life's not worth living,

He'd rather die than go on.

I said, "No matter what I'll keep giving,

My friendship towards you will go on."

But he said "Don't bother, cuz my life is over...."


It's over now, I'm gonna die

Cuz no one cares, About my prayers.

And I don't care, if they even cry,

Cuz it's over now, I'm gonna die.

I told him not to do it

But there's no controlling that boy.

So when I said "Please, don't shoot it!"

He just looked at me and said, "Good Bye..."

But before he pulled that trigger he said....


"It's over now, I'm gonna die

Even though you said you'd be there.

I can't count on that, I need more than concern,

Cuz it's over now, Im gonna burn!"

I shouted and cried, as he looked in my eyes,

And got ready to pull that trigger.

I lunged towards him, determined to win......

the gun fell...a shot sounded...all was quiet....

As I opened my eyes...

I saw that we were both alive...

(final chorus)

And I said,

"It's over now, you're not gonna die,

Cuz I wont let you, waste your life.

And if you want to try that again, I'd like to see you try,

Cuz it's over now, You're not gonna die.

Ya it's over now, You're not gonna die,

No I won't let, I won't let you die.

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