The State of Old Age

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

entering old age, what to expect, what to look forward to, what not to look forward to.

April 18,2019


The State of Old Age



The simple fact of old age is the attitude of the individual. It’s all about your attitude, since entering “Old Age”, according to the Government, not me, it’s afforded me the time to ponder my life and I do believe it’s time for me to share with the younger generations just what to expect, to look forward to and to consider.

The first and most important observation I’ve made when watching my fellow Baby Boomers is to keep your mind open, that is, of course, your mind has ever been open in the first place. This life around you will move at a speed that most of you will find challenging, some will find overwhelming and think the only way to thrive is to retreat into their small, one bedroom apartment, and live out their lives stewing in the past.

Respect yourself as you age, keep in touch with the young, respect them and their opinions, and you just might find out how truly amazing our young people really are. This was a particularly difficult period in my life and I wasted years until I finally woke up and seen what I was missing. I don’t know what woke me, I was in such a deep depression that all I would do was to sit here and fantasize about what I should have been, what I should have done, what I should have become. But I did finally wake up and what I see now are endless opportunities.

The second thing that I've noticed about myself is that you must find the ability to laugh at yourself. This is highly important because you are about to do some crazy shit, like run to the store because you are out of toilet paper and return home only to find that you’ve bought paper towels. Or how about this one. I had to go downtown one day to go to the Bank, or some other reason, so I leave the apartment and hit the button for the elevator and upon the door opening, a lady, who unfortunately was on the elevator at this specific moment in my life, proceeded to start laughing her ass off. So here I am, standing in front of a hysterical woman, thinking to myself, this is rude, then I looked down to see that I had forgotten to put on pants. There is absolutely no other option here, you just have to laugh at yourself, and then go put on pants.

This is in no way an example of frailness or being feeble, and it’s not like it happens every day. It’s just old age, everything speeds up around you it sometimes feels like life is passing you by, and it is, so you don’t concentrate on putting on pants, instead your concern is getting to the Bus stop, downtown and back home safely and in one piece.

Expect the cruelty of Gravity. This is not a joke, the elasticity of the male testicle is limitless, shocking and for some overwhelming. I’m not speaking for women now, but I’m assuming that Gravity does play a role in their body’s development when entering Old Age. So men, you must prepare yourself for that sight. With that said, I am a firm believer that women are the second most valuable asset that this Planet has, after children. They are beautiful, intelligent and strong, and succumbing to Gravity is not the fault of the individual, I tell myself this every morning in the shower, it’s just the way of life.

Thinking of this topic brings up another, Sex. I am going to be brutally blunt with all the young men reading this, I can’t remember what it feels like! Now, I’m divorced, so you married guy’s, bring your wife a lot of flowers and chocolate. When I was with my wife she only liked having sex with other men, so it’s been a while.

But, you still get to walk around in public to look at these incredibly beautiful twenty-year-old women, who you later find out are twelve years old, and if you look the wrong way or for a bit to long, well then you're a pervert. This really happened to me. While checking out at a grocery store, there was a young family in front of me, and the cashier asked the daughter if she was enjoying High School, and she answered,“ I’m in grade seven.” The cashier looked at me with a puzzling look while I just stood there, slowly shaking my head in disbelief. When the cashier and I were alone I said,” If girls looked like that when I was in grade seven, I would have stayed in grade seven.”

Lastly, find your passion. These day’s it’s not hard to do, just go on YouTube and there you get to see the millions of things that people do to earn their living, to feed their passion or to just spend some time enjoying a hobby. When I go for a walk to think, and I find I do this a lot, I find myself observing everything. From watching people, and how they handle their situations to looking at the sky and try to figure out how the hell I got here.

Think about it, here we are sitting on this massive rock that’s spinning around a star, that happens to belong to a Galaxy that has billions of other stars that may have other people on them. It’s improbable to be here, think of the odds. The fact that I am a resident of this rock means that I had ancestors who lived here, Millions of years ago, and survived to the age to bear a child and that child survived long enough to have a child and that child survived long enough to have a child. Get where I’m going, It’s mind-boggling. And that simple fact applies to each and every one of us who reside on this amazing Planet.

My generation, along with my Fathers and my Grandfathers generation, raped this Planet. Not thinking of anything but money, no consideration for anyone or anything, just money. I don’t blame the youth of today blaming myself and my generation, and yet, no matter how despicable our actions were, it is the youth of today that still show me respect on every occasion that I communicate with them and they are the ones who are going to figure out how to fix our home and we, the elderly, we won’t even be here so treat the young with respect, they know what they’re doing.

Old Age is not something to fear, it’s should be looked at as an opportunity to do something different with your life. Start a new job, one that you love, start a new hobby, find that passion that’s inside every one of us. I finally look forward to waking up and getting on with my day, I awake with a childlike enthusiasm at what I’m going to learn today, of what I’m going to see. Just last week I got to see a picture of a Black Hole, now come on, that’s got to excite you. Just imagine what you are going to witness in your life, a man traveling to other Planets as casually as taking a Ship across the Ocean, maybe the initial contact with an alien civilization? Imagine!





Submitted: April 23, 2019

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This is my first post, please read, enjoy and comment with respect and honesty.

Tue, April 23rd, 2019 12:42am

moa rider

Try selecting all, or highlighting, then copy, and on Booksie control v

Tue, April 23rd, 2019 4:04am


Thank you I'll do that.

Tue, April 23rd, 2019 6:58am


It's fixed. Thank you to everyone who has tried to read my story and I hope you'll give it another try and thank you to all that helped.

Tue, April 23rd, 2019 2:51pm

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