Fortunate Accident

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This is a multi perspective writing about 2 men, and 3 women. 1 of the women drops her wallet and 1 man chases after her. I added my own creative twist to it.

Submitted: March 17, 2016

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Submitted: March 17, 2016



Fortunate Accident


“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! There comes a time in life when they meet their one true love, their soulmate, the person that’s going to know them and love them for the rest of their life. That moment came for Clark 15 years ago when he met me in 2nd grade.” 

I let the crowd laugh a little and watched Clark and Lucy holler and smile at me to keep on going so off I went.

“Before I begin I’d like to point out how wonderful everyone looks… or at least some of you. Thanks to those who made an effort. Anyway, I asked Clark if there was anything that he didn’t want me to say and he said no. So Lucy, this is really all his fault. I’d like to start off by saying how gorgeous our bride looks today. So radiant and wonderful. As for Clark… well, my mother always says if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, right? You tried bud, you tried really hard. But I mean it’s okay, your personality is great. It makes up for everything that’s going up on there, in the face area…Oh yeah by the way I’m Jameson. Clark’s best friend/best man/wing-man/childhood friend/ college roommate/mistress. Heck, I might as well be his mom.” 

Clark was turning red but still enjoying the moment. I figured I’d start getting sentimental now.

“It’s bewildering to me to see how these two have flourished into the special couple they are now,” I said as I held my glass up for a toast, “Being there at the moment they first met, when Clark look like a stalker running to her and Lucy not knowing what’s going on running away as fast as she can with Emily and Rosie was a funny way to begin their romance. But it turned out to become something beautiful. I’ve been through Clark’s past heartbreaks, his let-downs or disapprovals. I’ve seen Clark at his worst times, but that moment he first met Lucy, I knew, the best times of his life were coming his way and ready to hit like a train wreck. The best thing about this couple is that you can go out with them on their dates and they won’t make you feel like a third wheel. Unfortunately, I often went out with them, sorry about that guys, but you would make me feel like we’re just a group friends going to hangout. They’ve helped me find someone and I’d get introduced but it wouldn’t last. I’ve had a revolving door of women these past few years. And Clark and Lucy have been a witness to them all. Some of them got the stamp of approval and some were forgotten easily, and thankfully. But can you blame me? I spend all this time around one of the most devoted, beautiful relationships I’ve ever seen. And all I’ve been is trying to find something that can fulfill me the way I see the two of you fulfill each other.”

The crowd applauds and I notice Clark and Lucy smiling with tears of joy. I did a good job.

“I’d like to end with a quote from the famous anonymous who wrote it. ‘Love is a force more impressive than any other, because it is invisible. It cannot be seen, but it can transform you in a moment and offer you more joy than any material possession could.’ Congratulations.”

Clark gets up and hugs me tightly. He thanks me with his tears and his tender grip on my shoulder. Lucy walks up as well and hugs me. I give her a kiss on the cheek and tell her that she couldn’t be any luckier. 

I raise my glass one more time and watch the newly weds kiss and I sit down.

That wallet… man it must’ve been magic. I need to find someone accidentally.


You know, if Jameson was younger, I’d totally date him. He’s funny, tall, has a great smile and so kind. But I mean he’s 18 years older than me so that may be a little weird…just a little. I’m so glad mom chose me as her maid of honor. After so called “dad” ran away, she became really close to Rosie and I. She made sure we were strong independent young ladies and ready to take on the world with her. She is my best friend. I’m so grateful she chose me. 

I let Jameson finish his best man speech. Boy, it was good. he made the crowd laugh and cheer. Mine is more emotional, but I mean we need that to balance out the afternoon, right? Here I go.

“Hello everyone. For those that don’t know me I’m Emily, Lucy’s first daughter and best of course.”

Rosie looks at me and laughs with a reply, “First is the worst!” 

We both laugh and I notice mom give her sarcastic eye roll, the ones she gives us when Rosie and I do something dumb and funny.

“First I would like to start off by saying I’m grateful to be the maid of honor for tonight. My mom has became a loving mentor for Rosie and I and I know I speak for the two of us when I say ‘thank you for everything you’ve done. You’re my best friend mom.’ See, my mom went through a lot when she was younger. She had Rosie and I and she had to raise us by herself. From coming out of the womb to middle school she was on her own. But she’s proven that patience is the key to happiness and here she is now, beautiful than ever, married to someone that I know will never leave her side.”

Mom starts crying and Clark wraps his arm around her with tears in his eyes as well. I’m starting to sob a little too, Rosie doesn’t help as she’s bawling at the table she’s sitting at. I clear my throat and push on.

“Like Jameson said, these two romantics didn’t start with that ‘Love at first sight’ scene, it was actually pretty terrifying. I remember Clark chasing after us once we got off the bus and screaming, ‘Hey! Come back!’ But, I mean at least it was truly for good intentions. Once mom finally chose to stop running, I grabbed my pepper spray just in case. Clark stopped with Jameson and tried talking; only grasps for breath came out and I ended up putting the pepper spray away and laughing at him. Clark returned mom’s wallet and right away I saw the sparkle in her eyes. She smiled eagerly and was too cheesy. She played with her hair and tried looking cute. Mom, you were in sweats and a hoodie, one, you’re too old for that style anyway, you’re not in college anymore. And two, you didn’t even look cute. Clark caught you on your bad day but I mean he still was fond of you, so props to you Clark. I knew mom and Clark were meant to be after he included Rosie and I in their some of their dates or he would take us out himself. He was a true dad to me. In only 4 years of knowing him, Clark has made me feel what it’s like to truly have a father figure in the household and I’m so thankful. It’s amazing how dropping a wallet on the bus can lead to something as special as this. So accidental, yet so fortunate. Serendipity they like to call it. May more luck come for the both of you when you’re not looking for it. Cough cough, a baby brother. Congratulations to you guys. I’m glad we’re all a true family now.”

The crowd is clapping and mom runs to me and hugs me so tight. She’s crying and I can only mouthed the words ‘I love you.’ I kiss her as Clark comes up to me and we do our secret handshake. I may be 17 but I never had a dad to do cute things like that with before, he’s the best for making one with me. 

It’s almost time for the after party, mom is awesome so she’s letting Rosie and I hangout for a little bit. Hopefully Clark’s cousin’s son stays a while, too. I’d like to “accidentally” dance with him.


It’s time for the bride and groom slideshow. I’m excited to watch Lucy’s she said she had a very cute speech at the end of hers. But I mean it probably isn’t better than mine. I mean after all, I’m talking about the day I met her, and I think my perspective is a lot better than hers. All the guests grab a seat and I kiss Lucy before it all starts. The lights turn off and the screen plays.

Mine is first and I have a slideshow of my pics from birth all the way till the day I propose to Lucy. My slideshow also consists of my favorite songs. Once the pictures of Lucy and I roll, my speech begins.

“I remember the day I met Lucy like it was yesterday. Jameson and I get on the bus to head home for spring break of my senior year in college. I wasn’t expecting anything special to happen that day; everything seemed normal and I was ready to go home and take a nap. Lucy, Emily, and Rosie board the bus and I quickly notice the vibrant blond hair Lucy had. Her eyes were shimmering blue and she looks at me and gives a half smile and takes a seat. I can’t stop staring. Streets would pass and I keep watching her. Emily notices and points it out to Rosie and they both give me a glaring death stare. I realize how creepy I was being and I look out the window for a while. As I was staring at a museum the bus stops and the three ladies walk out. Jameson has been eyeing and tells me to just get her damn number but to be careful since she has kids and might be married. His second thought stops me and I adjust myself on the bus seat to get comfortable. But Lucy dropped her wallet. I run towards it, grab it, and hop off the bus. Jameson follows behind, he knew he couldn’t resist love in the air. I race after the three. They look back and was frightened so they start running, too. I scream and holler ‘Come back! Wait! Hey!’ I swear the three of them were track stars, they were dodging and passing civilians like it was nothing. They finally stop and I couldn’t breathe. Need I remind you all I was 15 pounds heavier at this time. I was trying to catch my breath and Emily starts laughing. Jameson catches up with no sign of fatigue and is laughing at me as well. Lucy looks at me and I just hand her the wallet. She was so thankful and hugs me. Jameson couldn’t wait any longer so he bluntly stated ‘This guy right here has been staring at you on the bus for about 20 minutes. He likes you, a lot. Do you mind if he gets you number?’ I hit him in the chest and Lucy laughs and asks for my phone. She types in her number and smiles and says ‘Call me sometime.’ The three girls walk away and the rest is history. Lucy I’m so glad I met you. You have became everything to me. Since that day, I realized what love is. Know that my love will be greater than the time I must wait and the distance I must travel to be with you. I’m only yours.”

I look at Lucy and she is looking at me, crying tears of joy. I lean in to hug her and she kisses me. The slideshow ends with our song “This Magic Moment” by Ben E. King. The guests stand up and applaud and yet at this moment all I hear is silence, all I feel is my wife’s touch, and all I can think about is the day I got lucky to meet the woman of my dreams.

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