A Dream, Revamped.

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A Dream I had when I was 6. Only revamped to my 20's.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011



Your sitting in a paddle cell. Your in a straight jacket, and your all alone. You have a window you can walk over to. As you do. The glass breaks, and the icy cold chill of the night engulfs the room. A black shadow appears to smother the moonlit floor, in the cell your in. It stands infront of you. You close your eyes, then reopen, them. The glass is now unbroken, and the chill and the shadow have gone from the room. You sit back down all alone. Thinking. When I am I gonna get out of this place, there is no staff no one is hear, they locked me away. why? w-why? WHY? -Scream WHY. It echos thru the endless archway above you. You sit down. Then all of a sudden, your eyes widening, and your lip shivering in fear, you look to your right, and as soon as you see it you backup all the way to the glass window. A Demon. "Who are you" : You say. "I have come to take you with me, are you ready?" - The Demon Says. "Take me? Take me where?" : You say. "To Hell, Here we go." : The Demon Says. All of a sudden the demon dissappers, and you are alone, again. 10 mins go by. Insane... "I'm insane" : You say. Then all of sudden you shake violently, your legs jolting everywhich way, your torso, shaking everso violently. You stand straight up, eyes rolled in the back of your head you head to the opposite side of the room, near the door, you bash you head against the door in fury, then you look at the window, and start sprinting, and jump... As your falling, The demon comes out of your body, and is face to face with you falling out of a 3 story old abandon building, and says "Your welcome", and the only thing you can say is "Thank you." - MG

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