The Creepy Creeper

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I got bored so I wrote this, thanks for view feel free to leave a comment :)

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



Is it because I follow you. Lurking in the shadow behind your beautiful body, long flowing hair. Is it weird I know your phone number and call you leaving you voicemails, of me just breathing heavily. Is because I have a key to your house, and can go in at anytime, and smell your clothes that are laying on the floor that smell of your beautiful skin, laying in your bed, and rolling around on it. Just to get fragrance of detergent you wash your sheets in. Is it because I've stole some of your clothes you've reported it twice, I know I was there. I was sitting out behind the tree in your neighbors house across the street when the police pulled up. Is it because I come to your work and order that iced mocha latte, with whip cream and 3 sugars, and you know it by heart because I'm a regular customer. Is it because I know your car and used window marker to tell you how I love you on your back windshield. Is it because I'm lonely I do this. Because it's never gonna stop ... until you catch me. The Creeper - MG

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