The Dead Guy Who Fucks With Real Life

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Got bored, once again, enjoy the TERRIBLE GRAMMER, ;)

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012




I walk around. I'm a lost spirit. I wander the far reachs of earth as well as space, I'm free to go where I please, and do as I please.
If I want to take control, of someone I just mentally break them down. Sometimes showing my shadow out of the corner of there eyes.
In mirrors, trash there house. Mentally break them down until, they are ready. When he/she has lost all hope I enter without any
hesitation. Once I am in them. I commit mass murders as well murdering innocent children, as well as the elderly, never being caught
unless I want to be caught. That's when I leave info, about my whereabouts so they can find me. They find me in this abandoned building.
where I put all the dead bodies laying on the floor, there is blood, as well as decaptiated heads arms legs. I have a gun in his hand. I 
eject myself out of his body. "AHHHHHHH! WTF HAS HAPPEND". He looks around at all the dead bodies, He glances outside the window
 [Cops are surrounding the building], "Come out with your hands up", He looks in his hand there is a revolver in one hand, and one bullet 
it in the other. He screams out the window, "I haven't done anything" {Im letting him live the last terrifying moments of his life}, "You left
a note for us to find you here you must have done something" said the policeman. "WE ARE COMING IN" "GO GO GO", The cops start running up
the stairs. The guy gets up and starts running, he loads the gun. He trips over the dead child that has his stomache, along with his guts sprung out every where
, "OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE." He gets up and starts running down the hall, and goes down a flight of steps. (Im falling right behind him laughing what a fool, he shouldn't have been so weak), The cops storm up anthor flight of steps, almost there. He stumbles into this padded room, and shuts the door and kneels down, and waits, gun still in hand. There is a window, he runs over to and smashs in there is pipe, he starts to brush away all the glass around the window, as he starts to grab the pole. I push him. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Silence fell over him, he had broke his leg, and shattered his right arm, the gun is 2in' away from, he grabs it. Cops are running over to where they heard the plumet. He grabs his gun, and says "FUCK." ( Points the gun to his dome) Bang. As he leaves his body he is greeted by noone other than me, along with the others
who think the same as me. "Hi" I say. "Who are you?" He says. "I'm the guy that destoryed your life."

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