The Dream - Revamped Revision 2

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Dream I had when I was younger.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



The Dream. Revamped Revision 2.


You're sitting in a padded cell. You're in a straight jacket, and you are all alone. You have a have a window you can walk over to, as you walk over to it the glasses breaks, and an icy cold chill of the night engulfs the room. A black shadow appears to smother the moonlit floor, in the padded cell your in. It stands infront of you. You instantously close your eyes then slowly open them back up. The glass is now unbroken, and the chill and the shadow have gone from the room. You sit back down all alone. Thinking to yourself "When am I going to get out this place, there isn't anyone hear but me, ME! Only myself locked away, the staff that abandoned this place. They forgot about me... I'm so alone." You scream "WHY! WHY THE FUCK AM I HERE! THIS ISNT FAIR! I'M NOT CRAZY!" It echos through out the endless archways that are above you. You sit back down, staring out at the moonlit sky outside, wondering what is out there. Then all of a sudden, your eyes open as wide as they possibly could, your lip starts shivering. Your whole body locks up. A masculine demon stands before you. Then as quickly as it came it dissappers. "Insane... I AM INSANE!" : You say. Then all of a sudden you shake violently, your legs jolting up and down as well as your torso, you start shaking everso violently. You stand up straight up almost instantously. You have a out of body experiance, You are face to face with yourself, you see your eyes roll back in your head, and a blood curtling scream comes from yourself. Now you're back in your body. You bash your head against the door in the imense fury you felt all during your childhood till right now. You look over at the window, starting to sprint towards it. You leap towards it. Falling, falling. As you're falling the demon comes out of your body, face to face with you as your falling out of a three story building. The demon says to you. "You're welcome. You are a now one of us my son." The only thing I said back to him is. "Thank you kind sir" As I feel to my death.

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