Unreliable Histories

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A comic fantasy, Unreliable Histories is guaranteed 100% free from lovelorn vampires, arcane prophesies and ancient-but-recently-awoken evils. It features no werewolves, no Chosen Ones, no boy-wizards and hardly any demonic temples at all.

Instead, it follows a young cartographer, Myrah Cygnari, and her only-sometimes-intrepid friends, who seem rather unaccountably to have become the target of a bunch of murderous warlocks. One minute they're out on the hills walking the dog and, the next thing they know, a whole host of wand-wielding hoodies is chasing them across the countryside.

However, these are by no means the only desperate perils that await Myrah and her companions as they pursue their strange investigations. Perhaps most worrying of all is the truth itself. Something in their world is badly amiss; someone appears to have been messing around with history, and what's worse, it looks like it might have been them.

Here's how it starts.

Table of Contents

Unreliable Histories

Ever the good girl, never the rebel...

Myrah is losing herself; sinking into a world of quiet obedience and obscurity. All she's ever done is help other people make their names and fortunes, but this is a world ripe with adventure. Surely, she was meant for more than this?

In this opening chapter, she experiences something of an awakening; the first faint inklings that the world might be more malleable than it seems.

(The first 9 chapters follow. The complete novel is available on Amazon, together with the book's sequel: 'The Endless Land'.) Read Chapter

Note for Cartographers: Nomenclature

A short aside, noting the naming conventions at work in wild frontier lands, and what important lessons can be learned from them. Read Chapter

The Wizard

Wherein Myrah gets her first clue that history might not be quite so fixed and reliable as she'd thought.

Oh, and a handsome stranger and some pyrotechnics and stuff.
Read Chapter

Of Minds and Men

And now to the dank depths of the Wizard's College, and a young (and obligatory) apprentice witnessing something he shouldn't. Read Chapter

A Quest for Power

The plot sickens. A magical firefight. A revelation. A death. Read Chapter

The Spoked City

Myrah, musing over some inexplicable thoughts, returns to the city and to the job she despises. Now, facing at last the prospect of adventure, she resolves to change.

No more the good girl... Read Chapter

Of Mice and Menials

More revelations from the mysterious Seventh Chamber. Read Chapter

Maps and Madness

Wherein we learn of the dubious arts of cartography, and the man behind the mighty corporation for which Myrah works.

Enter Uncle Fievelus. Read Chapter