The Freak Inside

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I wrote this really, when I was coming to terms with my mental health problems.It was the turning point that made me see somebody about it. Shortly after this, I actually took an overdose [of course, it wasn't my own choice] and I barely survived. It was, er... quite a hard time in my life, but it's nice to look back through some of my poems and see that despite the hard times, some beautiful words shone through. Thank you.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



I lay the freak inside to rest
Another day, another test 
Long forgotten to show my best 
Far too early I strayed the nest... 
...Into the big bad world a strange
Despite how days I prearrange 

They're tasking for my sidetracked mind;
Preoccupations make me blind 

See, once again; pain rings it's sound
And picks me up, drags me around
On false pretence that all is well
Until my time is up, I'm swell...
... Once purpose served however, he
Can let me down, and leave me be
With frequent input to remind
I'm not alone in my own mind

Have u any idea at all;
As to ignoring his cold call...
To raid my thoughts and break my mind
Please see, I'm running out of time...
... At the moment there is no face
But don't rejoice, stay firm in place
Because inside he stops and stares 
Awaits the time I fight his glares

To see when I can smile again
Then he will break me down for ten...
...Times as much waiting he endures
He'll push me back and lock the doors
So what's the point in tryina fight
I cry now even as I write
Can u see what this does to me
Happy; something I'll never be

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