The House Across The Street

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The door slams shut as I try to hide from the man who murdered my family. As his steps get closer my heart races faster. The door knob starts to turn as the door swings open......

Submitted: June 12, 2008

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Submitted: June 12, 2008




The door slams shut as I try to hide from the man who murdered my family. As his steps get closer my heart races faster. The door knob starts to turn as the door swings open......

(nine months earlier )

We lived in this hell hole no one has ever heard of called Bridge Way County.

It's a quite place where everyone knows everyone. But every small town has there secrets.

Skyler and I ( Skyler who is my brother he is 17 I am 3 years younger) was walking home from Mike's Meat Market (where my father works)as we are walking home we come across this old house the kind you can just look at and get chill bumps all over ,with an old fence that the paint is chipping off of , and the gate hangs sideways on top of the dead grass.

As we past this house Skyler starts to tell me the story of why it is empty and what had happened in it. “It was the middle of Fall” Skyler begins to tell me the story. The sky was dark and cloudy much like today as we walked you could hear the dead leaves crunch. The father has been sick for the longest time mainly from depression he had it in his head that his wife of ten years was cheating on him. They had the two most beautiful girls a parent could ask for. The two girls names were Sue (who was five) and Sarah (who was six). Later that night he confronts his wife about his belief of her cheating she tells him “I love you and would never do anything of that sort”, but he still isn't convinced. He makes his way to the kitchen and pull out a butcher knife from the sink of dirty dishes. He begins to walk to his wife with the knife out of sight he gives her a hug and tells her “goodnight babe”as he stabs her four time in the back and slices her one time across the throat. He starts to make his way to his daughters room as he leaves a trail of blood behind him. He drops the knife and finds a plastic bag one at a time he starts to suffocate his children telling them he loves them. He removes the plastic from there faces as a tear runs down his cheek. He starts to make his way to his bedroom as he sits in his chair while taking shot of liquor. One, two, three hours past as he finally gets the courage and puts the 12-gauge in his mouth.............


Damn it Skyler I scream. Awww whats wrong Miranda? Your mean thats whats wrong Skyler.

A couple of weeks pass. The story that Skyler told me about the Marble house is still in my head. Me not knowing that the house wouldn't stay empty for long.

As I am laying in my room I can hear dad's foot steps coming up the stairs as he opens my door and he tells me he loves me and kisses me on my forehead “I ask if he would ever do anything to hurt me and Skyler?”and he said “of course not baby I love you and your brother to death.”Okay daddy I love you and he said I love you to night baby,night dad. The next day I woke up and saw a moving truck at the old Marble house...I quickly put on my shoes and rushed down stairs and asked Skyler “What's going on?”and he says “it looks like we are getting new neighbors.””What's their names I asked?” “Fuck if I know.”said Skyler as he looks out of the blinds.”Do they have kids?”i asked. No said Skyler oh...I say yeah it is just a man and he looks creepy yes he does says Skyler. A couple of weeks pass and the man has not left the house. Me and Skyler start to walk to see dad at work and as we pass the creepy old house we see our new neighbor peeking out of his window and when we looked back at him he would just look away and this continued for a couple of days. But we didn't think anything about it. So one day I thought I would break the ice as I walked over to his house and pushed open the gate as it creaked open I got chills up and down my spine,but I have come to far to turn back now. As I am making my way up the old steps I feel a gust of wind that tries to push me over. I make my way to the door and as I go to knock I hear a god awful high pitch scream that sounded like a woman. I take off running like I have never ran before as the tears start to build up I am speechless as I slam the front door and turn my back against it. Skyler asks me what is wrong? As I try to catch my breath I break down into tears. “Miranda!!” Skyler yells, “What happened?” I heard a woman screaming in the old house Skyler I think someone is killing her. Okay um.....calm down call 911 no Skyler go over there and see what is going on. Fuck you just call the cops. Okay..911 “what's your emergency?” I think my neighbor is killing someone. Please stay on the line..okay. What's your name Miranda Rich we are sending out a unit now. There's a knock on the door..Bridge Way Sheriff's Department. “What seems to be the problem?” they asked. “The man next door killed someone.” I said panicking. How did you come to this? I went over to say hi and I heard the worse noise someone could ever hear, someone or something yelling. We will go and check it out miss. As dad's car pulls into the driveway the police officers tell us to go into the house and lock all of the doors so we do. As I look at the old house one more time I see the guy looking out of the window and he smiles at me. The cops make their way over to the house. As they knock on the door it slightly creaks open..”Hello” the officer says as they step in the house a strange figure appears out of the shadows. Police freeze!!! The cops come closer as the the figure fires five shots hitting and killing one of the two officers as the other lays on the floor wounded. He quickly drags the officer to the basement he begins to shackle him to the wall, where he is tortured for hours.

Finally after becoming bored with the officer he unshackles him from the wall and takes his clothes. While he leaves the officer on the floor left for dead, he begins to make his way to the Riches home. The Riches hear a knock on the door “Bridge Way County police department” as the father goes to open the door he is now starring down the barrel of a nickel plated 9mm. As the blood splatters on the family picture the father hits the ground, the kids take off. The man in the uniform begins to yell “S...k...y...l...e...r...,M...i...r...a...n...a...d...i it's me your neighbor Mr .Clark”. The kids meet up on the second story Skyler tells Miranda to “go hide”. Skyler rushes to find a weapon he looks to the closest place beside him the closet he sees a baseball bat (not the weapon he was hoping to find ,but it will have to do). Skyler gently kneels down beside the wall out of sight. The foot steps of Mr. Clark are getting heavier Skyler hearts begins to race. As Mr. Clark turns the corner Skyler strikes him in the chest with the bat. “Run Miranda” Skyler screams!! “I have him under control”. Skyler turns as he finds his self on the floor barely moving from the shot to the head from the butt of the gun. Mr. Clark picks the bat up that Skyler had dropped he tries to crawl away but he's not getting very far. The skull cracks from the first blow to the head. As Skyler slumps to the floor Mr. Clark says “if your would of stayed away from the house across the street none of this would of happened”,but now you both have to die!!! As Skyler takes one more blow to the head. As Skyler lays dead Mr. Clark begins his search for Miranda. He can hear the whimpers from the 14 year old girl coming from the closet. As the whimpers start to fade. My heart stops as the door knob starts to turn the tears start to run down my face as the door swings open I find my self face to face with the man in uniform.

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