Shakespeare Craved His Absinth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
My memory of history is selective...

Submitted: September 06, 2013

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Submitted: September 06, 2013



Shakespeare Craved His Absinth


Shakespeare craved his absinth.

Picasso feared the dark.

Hitler loved the theater,

And so did Joan of Ark.


Crowley kept an orphanage,

And Chaucer couldn’t add.

Churchill had an eye for art,

And idolized his dad.


Pol Pot loved to ballroom dance,

And Lenin bit his nails.

Kant collected postage stamps,

And had contempt for snails.


How colorful the world would be if everyone was honest,

And keeping of appearance meant the wrath of God upon us.

The little that we know, in truth, is all so drab and boring,

When overlooking juicy stuff we should not be ignoring.


Attila had a secret crush

On Leo, who was Pope.

Pythagoras could not untie

A simple piece of rope.


Tolstoy’s wife Sophia

Was the one who wore the pants,

And Shaw concocted pesticide

To rid his house of ants.


King Ferdinand was often caught

In Isabella’s clothes,

While Nixon was incessantly

Aligning things in rows.


The history of man is such a drab and tiresome tale

But, when we know the inside scoop, some laughter might prevail.

Its criminal to just dismiss the interesting stuff

When, truth be told, of gossip, - we cannot get enough.


Mozart hated opera

But wrote it to survive,

And never wrote Andante

In C when he was five.


Tesla treaded water once

For twenty seven hours,

And Pasteur often passed his time

Arranging wedding flowers.



Alexander Graham Bell
Had morbid fear of cats,

And Henry David Thoreau

Kept his clothes in gunny-sacks.


It may be good to know our human triumphs and our strife, but

The little incidentals are the real stuff of life.

Trivia is crucial food for thought, to keep us sane,

And balance out the tragedies and tedium of fame.

The keepers of our history should be lined up and shot

For writing down the things they did, and not what they did not.


Helen Keller could not keep

From lighting things on fire

And, last of all, this writer

Is a dirty, stinking liar.

© Copyright 2020 Robby Walker. All rights reserved.

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