Please, call me Thomas

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The icing to Toms chocolate cake

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Its a weird day when there isn't any blood around. Tom took a small nibble from his cake. No need to take a stress hit. Today is a more relaxed excursion. Tom's looking for a woman.

Tom entered the studio apartment a little timid. He's more of an action guy then a questionnaire. A lot of industrial lighting and cameras. People rushing around the place. Things look busy. Tom heads through the traffic towards the wardrobe area. "Pin-up Dollies" reads a label on the door. The only company this side of New York where the killings took place that use the fabric he found upstate. Tom knocks on the door.

"Thomas, hello. Please come in," a woman says as she beckons him into the room full of half dressed women. The woman are all in the transformation process of becoming pin-up girls. This is Tom's kind of party, all they need is a smoking section.

"You can call me Tom, you must be Catherine?" Tom says as he casually steps into the room. The women in the room all turn to him and smile. Tom gives a dashing nod in their general direction. He is what most women would consider strapping.

"Alrighty Tom," Catherine sends him a wink. "Have a seat please."

Tom sits down next to the most beautiful woman he can find. She is a sultry little blond who  has a striking resemblance to Reese Witherspoon. If Camel wides were Tom's chocolate cake this woman was the icing.

"Catherine, as you may know, we picked up some material at a crime scene that only your company uses in this area. Now that wouldn't seem all that strange if we didn't have seven homicides in this district in the past few months. I'd like to know how this could have happened." Catherines smiley expression fades a bit.

"Well, Tom, I wouldn't know where to start. I mean if your asking if we give out clothes we certainly don't." Catherine giggles while Tom gives back a serious stare. "What I mean is that the clothes from here are not to be distributed without my say so."

"So then someone must have taken something to wear without you knowing."

"That is highly unlikely. I look after these outfits as if they were my own children. And if your implying what I think you are about my girls then we are going to have some serious issues Thomas," Catherine says a little more excitedly. She is beginning to become upset.

"Well there would be no other reason for any other members of your staff to be wearing these designer clothes. Our main suspects as of this moment are you and your girls I'm afraid," Tom looked around the room to find the women not as excited to be in his presence. This would be a good time to smoke a cigarette.

"Then I can easily prove the innocence of all of my girls. Go ahead and check our schedules we have been booked for the past year. I'm sure that everything will check out." Catherine is on the verge of fury. Tom takes notice.

"No need to get so worked up this is only a questioning, for now Catherine, but we will definitely look into all of your alibis for every murder. I don't want to put a damper on your business, but I'm just looking for your cooperation. I want this asshole put down and out of the streets. I wouldn't want any of you ladies to end up getting hurt." Tom says throwing his charm around the room. It seems as though he won the crowd back a little. Right now would be a great time for a cigarette.

"Here," the woman sitting next to Tom pulled a pack of Camel wides from her purse and hands him a cigarette. Looks like the icing got a whole lot sweeter. "You look like you need a cigarette. I can tell when a fellow smoker needs a fix." Tom takes the cigarette from the woman.

"Shit, that's a good sign to stop smoking then. I usually don't take candy from strangers, what's your name?" Tom asks, coaxing her into more then just a friendly gesture.

"Gabriela. It's a pleasure to meet you Tom. I just want to let you know, and I'm speaking for all of us here when I say, that we're all going to help you out as much as we can. We are certain that its not one of us, but it is very scary to know that someone here could be this monster running around the city." Gabriela has a very concerned look washed over her face. Tom takes a good deep hit from the freshly lit cigarette. This is the kind of girl Tom got into homicide to protect.

Tom extends his hand to Gabriela. She blushes and grasps his gently. "Please, call me Thomas."

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