Think of it like Chocolate Cake

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Tom and Gabby get to knowing each other.

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



"And finally after months of searching for this guy, I mean were are going through fucking caves and trenches here, I find him relaxing in a safe house out in the Hamptons. This guy's real smart so I know when it gets to the big wigs he's gonna' pull something out of his asshole." Tom takes a light hit from his cigarette.

"We get through all of the bullshit for a bit. This guy is facing a long fucking sentence in prison. I'm talking your life and mine times three maybe. Hes fucked up bad. So what does he do the day the jury brings the hammer down on him? The elusive little robbing rat pulls one of his escape stunts right in the middle of court," Tom hits his cigarette a little harder.

"The guy, Lord knows how he did it, got inside court with a couple of homemade bombs strapped to his chest. Now when he shows the court of course there is a huge freakout. People are yellin', he's yelling, and eventually he makes it to the door." Tom cracks a small smile and hits his cigarette.

"Just as he is making it outside one of those museum workers, you know the coke bottle glasses pretentious types, comes up from behind him and snatches the guys detonator. Then every cop in the room makes a move and we subdue him. Now I'm thinking, if this little nerdy guy is willing to risk his life to save others from someone trying to take lives then what's stopping me. So that day I sent in my request to transfer to homicide." Tom  giggles a bit.

"Its funny when you think back to when you were younger, tryin' to save the world and shit. And then you get into the real filth of the planet and you see it for what it really is. Everyone's peeking over their shoulders and looking around every corner because there is no trust. And when the distrust festers in their minds they turn to madness," Tom hits his cigarette. Exhale. "Everyone has a secret monster in them." Tom laughs, covering his true feelings for the world as Tom views it. Gabriela giggles.

"And what if I was one of those monsters Tommy?" Gabriela says with a playful grin.

"Hah, well I'd probably have save myself then wouldn't I?"

Today Tom has taken Gabriela "questioning" at Sammys Sammies. He knows its against protocol, but Tom couldn't let this girl pass him by. Maybe its those big blue eyes. Or maybe its her comforting smile. Or maybe its the fact that she can share a good smoke with him. Either case Tom has made it his mission to win this girls heart.

Tom could tell she was his kind of girl. She seemed to enjoy the forays into the cop diners. And she really seemed to enjoy the tour of the station. Tom thought it was a bit exciting sneaking her around the place. She even ordered the blueberry pancakes with the sunny side eggs and bacon. It's like she knew Tom before he could tell her anything about himself.

"So tell me about you Gabby, anything a vulnerable man like me should know about," Tom asks as he clicks his 9mm Berettas together.

"Well, I'm known to break a heart or two so you better treat me right Tommy." Gabby sends Tom a wink. Tom may just have considered to quit smoking for this girl if she was the type. Good thing she's a Camel girl.

"I was born in Florida with my twin sister. We moved up to the "Big Apple" when I was 9 years old. I took the move well but not my little sister, I was born first. Everything was great for a few years until I turned thirteen. My father came down with brain cancer. He lasted for a good few months and then he passed. It tore my mother apart." Gabby looked down at her sunny side eggs. Tom could tell her life wasn't as sunny as her eggs.

"She struggled to keep things together, but she couldn't handle it alone anymore. So she married some asshole who started beating her, but he provided for us so she took the abuse. And then one day she disappeared. I don't think she could take the abuse anymore. So me and my sister got our things and ran away. We've only had each other ever since." Tom started to regret asking her about her past. He truly hated seeing her in such a melancholy state.

"So, what happened to the man your mother married?" Tom asks regretfully.

"I don't know. I think he got what he deserved though. Hopefully. That thought is what kept me going for my sister all these years." Tom can see the conversation going sour. He better change the subject. Tom pulls a Camel wide from his pack and hands her one.

"A smoke mid-meal?" Gabby looks at the cigarette quite hesitant.

"No, for after."

"I'm not big on smoking after meals Tommy," Gabby says as she takes the cigarette from his hands. Even though Gabby was an avid smoker Tom did notice the fact.

"Think of it like chocolate cake," Tom smiles. Gabby smiles. Exhale.

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