To his dismay, the chef made his last meal

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Tom is at another crime scene and is hopeful for just a plate full of meatballs, but he is in for a whole lot more.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



Tom lit his camel cigarette. Taking in all the fumes he could to relieve the certain stress he was going to face when he walked through those double doors. Last weeks case had put a damper on his psyche. From the call he got it seemed as though this might be related to last week. He wouldn't know for sure until he saw for himself.

Tom exhaled the gas from his lunges. Such quaint relief, Tom could only think. So easy to escape with the little things. Tom took another deep puff from his cigarette. Camel wides were Tom's chocolate cake.

The double doors swung open in front of him to reveal a glimpse of the scene. A lot of blue light, flickering off the walls, and a lot of red. Please let this be a chef who accidentally dropped some marinara sauce. Maybe the chunks were the meat balls. And the men in white hazard suits stepping in and out are killing all the roaches that have infested this place. I mean this must be a feeding frenzy with all the marinara on the floor. Tom exhaled.

Tom took one last inhale and threw his cigarette onto the wet concrete earth. It almost immediately went out, but Tom stepped on it to make sure. No mistakes. Don't want a fire burning down the whole crime scene, or he may never catch this asshole. Tom stepped forward and pushed the double doors. No surprise here. Same as last week. A lot of blood and no marinara sauce.

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