Suicide pact

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I'd do anything with you.

Submitted: October 08, 2018

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Submitted: October 08, 2018



A suicide pact?
Would a blade tickle your fancy?
Theres already knife wounds in my back
perhaps something more romancy

A candle lit bunker
Enough gasoline for two
Your soul it keeps me in wonder
I yearn to burn away with you

We could skydive without parachutes
What a wonderful date
Your eyes are beautiful and your face so cute
Hold you so tightly until the ground is our fate

We could drink and eat pills
What a night of merriment and laughter
We'd reminisce about cheap thrills
Until we meet the poison we sought after

Tethered to brick we could jump in a lake
I'd make faces under the water deep
Through the final bubbles your hand I would take
You'd giggle your last breath until you fell asleep

There's no need to feel this way
Burning, poison, jumping, a dive
You mean everything to me today
I'd much rather love you alive


© Copyright 2018 Robert Bright. All rights reserved.

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