Hide and Seek - The Letter

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A reader response to the story Hide and Seek.

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013



A/N: I recently began posting my short stories on the web under the username "Reverend2shoes".  About a week ago I received a small box in the mail.  It had no return address and was postmarked from Alta Loma, California.  I opened it and found it contained a bright red bath towel.  As I lifted the towel from the box, a wooden handled claw hammer fell from inside the towel back into the box.  At the bottom of the box was a letter.  That letter is recreated in its entirety and unedited below.



I recently read your story Hide and Seek.  Words cannot express how upset I have been at you the last few days.  Goddamn, you’ve got me so me so fucking mad.  You see, the little “game” as you call it, is something I have been doing probably since before you were even born.  The character you created is a pitiful coward and so are you!  Your story also makes no sense.  Who would sit in a closet just waiting for people to go to sleep so he can wander around the house?  That’s just plain stupid.

My reasons for being in the house have a purpose and a more sinister side.  By the way, there are much more creative ways to enter people’s houses then the ones you describe.  I have even done it several times while people were home.  You did get a few things right tho.  There are many places in the house that people never look in.  Knowing where the exits are is always a good idea as well.

What upsets me most you little twit is that you have now exposed the world to my method of laying in wait for the opportunity to take my victim.  The reason I am telling you this is that I now must assume that there will be a long list of people using your story to try the same thing for there own reasons.  Some dumb-ass may even go so far as to murder someone copying what I have been doing for a long time. 

And now you have let the world know that somebody can get in there house without there realizing it.  JACKASS!!!  Since you have let the cat out of the bag I will let you in on a few of my exploits to let you know just how serious I am.  I expect you will go to the police with this letter but I am confident they will never find me.  I will not reveal my motives but I will say the people I have chosen did something that torked me off and asked for it.

The first time I did it I stayed out of sight until the house was quiet just like your character did.  I came out when the person was asleep and used a hammer to do my duty.  That was just too easy.  You were also right that, like your character, there needs to be some thrill to the task.  I want you to know a few of the ways I have made the task much more thrilling so you can understand the consequences of what you have done.

When hiding for a night strike the first thing you need is a set of those red lens military goggles.  Wearing those gets your eyes adjusted to the dark so when the lights go out you already have night vision.  One of the times people are most vulnerable is the moment they turn off the light next to the bed.  The sudden darkness and russle of the sheets totally deprives people of there senses.  I can slip quickly out of my hiding spot and be at the bedside in a flash to turn the light back on.  I tend to think of it like a magician appearing out of thin air.  Reaction time for the person is near zero.  I am there and they are trapped beneath the covers.  The end result is the same but for that brief moment my victim and I are connected by an inseparable bond.  I wish you could ask the girl in Austin TX last year what her final thoughts were before she died (that’s a clue coppers).  I thought her eyes were going to burst through her skull. Ha! They eventually did.

If you dont want to wait for night time you can try this little trick.  The shower is a great place to find your victim.  I am not talking about that Psycho movie thing.  Most people have glass doors or clear curtains or something.  I repeat… I am in there house for a reason and one reason only.  If a person sees me coming there is a chance for a struggle or escape or even my own personal injury or death.  No, my victims reaction time must be near zero.  When I hear someone in the shower I position myself outside the door until there done.  Everyone throws the towel over there head to dry themselves off.  I can hear that.  Once again they are completely vulnerable as the towel provides sensory deprivation.  I then slip into the bathroom and have my way.  In some cases like the one in Westminister SC (that’s another clue for you cops) a couple years ago the victim did not even see the face of the person responsible for her death.  There she was, with her head wrapped in a towel, unable to see anything.  Sometimes I stand in front of them and wait for them to drop the towel.  What a thrill to see the poor bastards face, knowing that my hands moving in for them is the last thing they see before they die.

Finally, the internet has been the best thing to happen to someone in my position.  Those helpless saps sit there glued to the screen oblivious to everything around them.  The gamers and chatters are the easiest.  Almost everyone has there back to the door as they are engaged on the computer.  I simply walk up behind them and look over the top of the chair.  Eventually they all look up exposing there throats.  Sometimes I kill them right there as they look up.  Sometimes I trap them in their chair and we have a little fun.  To fucking easy.

Why am I telling you this?  I want everyone to know that I was the first.  All of the others are copy cats.  I am the original.  And I STILL have not been caught.  But now you have gone and let people in on my little secret.  I hate you.  As you have already noticed from the postmark I have some more things to take care of here in Alta Loma.  After that I am coming for YOU to play MY “game”.  You can try to be ready but it will be of no use.  You are a DEAD man.


A/N: Well, I took the box with the towel and hammer, and this letter to the police.  They dusted them for prints but said they said they could not help me.  I was told that yes, there was a threat, but there was nothing they could act on.  They made a copy of it in case the murders were real and someone was investigating them.  They could not provide me any type of police protection and suggested I hire some personal protection.  They also suggested a gun. I cannot afford to hire someone to protect me but I did buy a gun, just in case.  I also sent a copy of the letter to the Alta Loma police.

In the end I am ready for this.  I thought I would post this as a warning to others and maybe find a way to get some help.  Please let me know if anyone has heard of any murders like the ones in the letter.  This person may be making all this up; I don’t know.  I do not have the time to do the research. 

All I have to say to this lunatic is, “Let’s play!”



© Copyright 2017 Robert Fontaine. All rights reserved.

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