'Til Death Do Us Part

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This story is something I thought up to scare those married couples. Don't trust your husband (or wife) too much.

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Submitted: October 27, 2013



Bennie and Angie loved each other. Too much? No. In their mind there was no such thing as too much love. They were dating for six years before they finally decided to tie the knot. They stayed together through the hard times, the good times, everything. When Bennie proposed, there was only one obvious answer, yes.

Bennie and Angie started dating shortly after the horrible incident that happened between her grandmother and grandfather. They were in their sixties at the time. Her grandfather, James, was on many different medications and eventually started going crazy because of them. He killed Angie’s grandmother, a shot to the head with his 22 rifle. When the police questioned him he told them it was the heat of the moment. He had to do it, she was just pissing him off too much. James was executed by lethal injection three months later. It was horrible and changed Angie’s life forever. But when she met Bennie everything began to get better, he finally gave her the love and protection she needed.

The only big disagreement Angie and Bennie ever got themselves in was over Angie’s choice of the wedding ring she would place on Bennie’s finger. She wanted to use her grandfather’s. Angie and her grandfather were very close before the incident and he told her to promise him that if he passed before she got married, he wanted her husband to wear his wedding ring. “I know I’ll approve baby girl, you’ll pick the right guy”, he would say. So Bennie finally gave in and decided, just to make her happy, that he’d accept the ring.

It was July twenty second. It was extremely hot outside and there was absolutely no breeze. It was Bennie and Angie’s wedding day. The congregation entered the church and were seated a half hour before Angie entered. Everybody had sweat dripping down their face but Bennie and Angie wouldn’t change it for the world.

After an hour, the vows were said, the rings were on and Bennie and Angie were already off to Hawaii for their honeymoon. They didn’t want to wait for anything. Also, Bennie being a lawyer, they could afford it. They arrived at the airport with a small on their face, received their tickets, weighed their suitcases and before they knew it they were in the air. After a few hours of flying they landed in Hawaii, still smiling.

Angie and Bennie held hands and walked into their hotel. It was a beautiful resort and it had a gorgeous scene. Neither of them were ever to Hawaii before and this was a great reason to be. Before they knew it, it was night time. They walked down to the beach and had a bite to eat. They were loving their stay. They were mostly excited about making love for the first time as a married couple. And once they finished eating, that’s exactly what they did.

It was two o’clock in the morning and Angie was asleep but Bennie wasn’t. he couldn’t get to sleep at all, as hard as he tried. And then it started. Bennie began hearing voices. Whispers. “Kill her, do what I did and just fucking kill her”. Bennie immediately started to panic, he thought somebody was talking to him from outside their room, on their patio. He quickly jumped out of bed and opened the patio door. Nothing. “Come on ya pussy, just do it”. Bennie shook his head. He started to feel as though his brain was hitting the sides of his skull. He shook so hard, he got a headache. What were these voices? Who was it? Was it the spirit of James? But, if it were, why would he want Bennie to kill Angie? Bennie quickly got a hold of himself. He felt like he was the father from the Amityville Horror. He finally got back in bed.

The next morning, Angie woke up to find a very sweaty Bennie. She tapped him on the shoulder and his eyes immediately opened. They were blood shot, evil looking. He told her he hardly got any sleep and when she offered to just stay in the room all day he quickly refused. He became scared of the room. Could it be a haunted room? He was thinking many things but he just tried to forget about it. He was probably just over tired when he heard the voices.

The day turned out to be just as nice as the last so the newly married couple went down to the beach. They swam for an hour then decided they were going to have lunch. After they had lunch, they played catch in the sand. They had a very fun day and out of nowhere, the sun was down again. Bennie hadn’t thought of the voices all day but when it was dark, he started to.

The two went back to their hotel room after taking a nice walk and started to make love again. Then the voices started for the second time. “Kill her, kill her, kill her”. Then something happened. Instead of ignoring the voices, Bennie listened and answered in his head. “I will, I will”. He started to get very violent. He started by slapping Angie in the face. She was startled but just went along with it. Then he started to hit her head off the bed board. This is when Angie started to get worried. “Stop it Bennie, what the fuck”, she said. Angie quickly kicked him off of her. “What the fuck was that Bennie?”, she asked. “Nothing bitch. Nothing at all. I was just doing what I did to your grandmother before I shot her right in the middle of the head”, he said. Angie couldn’t believe her ears, she started to cry. “How could you even say something like that to me”, she said. “Because I want you dead”. Bennie started to walked towards her and she quickly opened the patio door and ran as fast as she could. Bennie was running behind her and he took out his pocket knife he always carried around. “Come on bitch, I just wanna talk”, he was yelling.

It was horrible. There was nobody in sight. Angie was alone being chased by the love of her life who suddenly went insane. When she hit the beach, it was harder for her to run. She tripped over a piece of driftwood and landed face first in the sand. Before she knew it, he was above her. He cut her cheek with the knife. “I want you to live the situation your fucking grandmother did. I want you to feel her pain”, Bennie whispered in her ear. He kicked her in the face, knocking her head back down in the sand. He then grabbed her hair, pulled her head towards him and her neck made a small crack sound. He waited for nothing. He took his sharp pocket knife and sliced the throat of his new wife. She was dead in a matter of seconds. “There bitch. Nobody runs from me”, he said. Bennie then started to take off his wedding ring and said, “til death do us part”. When the ring left his finger, he felt something indescribable. It felt like a boulder was lifted off his chest. When he looked down to see a dead Angie, Bennie couldn’t believe it. He panicked. He screamed and cried and yelled for help. “What’s going on down there”, a man yelled. It was the security guard of the resort. He walked down to the beach and immediately pulled his gun on Bennie. “Get on your fucking knees”, he said. Bennie was starting to deny doing it but then looked at his hands and saw that they were covered in blood. He did do it. He killed Angie.

Bennie was arrested for the murder of his wife. In the interrogation room, a detective asked him, “Bennie, what caused you to do this to the love of your life?” Bennie thought about the question and said, “it wasn’t me”. Bennie was right about the ring, he should have never taken it. It was possessed. Possessed by the spirit of Angie’s grandfather. The spirit of James when he went insane. It told Bennie to do this. It ruined his life forever. Bennie was finally locked up in a mental institution. He was declared insane as he really did believe he didn’t commit the murder and after the explanation he had, who wouldn’t think he was insane? But he wasn’t. He was possessed.

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