Gothic Horror Tales short stories

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A collection of three short horror stories.

Submitted: March 03, 2019

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Submitted: March 03, 2019




The Shivering


Ohio, 1971.

Donald Fraser saw the woman for the first time.

He frowned, as she ignored him. 

He didn't think he would be unlucky. 

Donald walked towards her.

"Excuse me, are you Emily?", he asked her.

"No. Go away!", she yelled, by way of an answer.

Donald blinked his green eyes. 

He walked back to his house, and forgot all about her.


The wind was howling. 

Donald heard the tapping of the front door. 

He opened it, and saw no one.

It was Halloween, and all of the children in Ohio were trick r' treating. Or was with their parents. He became aware that something was watching him; something horrible. He shivered from the cold; he was so cold, he put on the heater in the loungeroom. As he warmed his hands, he sensed movement in the dim hallway. 

"Damn!", he shouted.

He walked to the scary looking hallway where his parents died the previous year, when they were murdered by someone with a knife while he was attending a rock concert in town. When he came back home, it was ten o'clock in the evening. Donald remembered calling the Sheriff, and everything became surreal; everything became a dream. 


Donald opened the front door.

And he screamed as the woman raised the knife in her right hand, and smiled at him, as she brought it downward, and ended Donald's life forever.


The Vampire's Coffin


New York, 1963.

Francine heard it first.

The tapping of the black coffin.

She opened it with her freezing right hand.

As she did so, the vampire bit her in the neck with its fangs, and she screamed in horror. Then she fell into the coffin, as the creature fed on her blood.


The Iron Gates


Monatana, 1938.

"Where's the werewolf?", Albert Ford asked Professor Davies.

"Inside the woods", he answered.

"We need to get silver bullets", Albert stated.

As they did so, the howls disturbed the night, as the werewolf howled in intense fury. It then bounded towards them.


Albert put the bullets in the gun, then fired.

The werewolf howled, then it fell onto the hard, muddy, ground.

And died instantly.

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