Lovely Blue Eyes

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Noah is an only child first raised by a loving aunt until her untimely death on his 9th birthday, at which point he is then placed into his horribly violent and abusive father’s care. Will Noah manage to break free from his wretched home life or will he become entirely consumed by his father’s lies and hatred toward him?

Life was hard for seventeen-year-old Noah Song. Ideally, his father planned to have a happy, beautiful future with his wife and son, but when she died in childbirth, darkness instantly consumed Noah’s future of love and joy through his father’s hatred. Ultimately, Noah’s father blamed him for causing his mother’s death. His father hated him so much that he refused to name him and refused to take him home from the hospital after he was born. Luckily, Noah’s maternal aunt took him in under her wings and gave him his mother’s favorite name.

Noah’s aunt was a sweetheart, and he spent the first half of his childhood hearing wonderful bedtime stories about his gentle, kind, and loving mother. He was close with his aunt, and she provided him with all the attention and affection he wanted and needed. With her, he was safe and happy and free to be whatever he wanted. Sadly, on his ninth birthday, while on her way home from shopping for Noah’s present, Noah’s aunt was shot and murdered because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. With no other family available to take him in, he was sent to live with his father, who by then had already become a bitter old drunk.

Noah was a happy, smart kid with high self-esteem who was a pretty handsome, young social butterfly among his peers in school while he was with his aunt. When he was forced to move in with his father in a new school district, he became a social reject consumed with depression and low self-esteem but remained ever more studious in his education. He knew that if he had any chance of a normal future, it would be through his intelligence he inherited from his mother. This didn’t stop his father from trying to fill Noah’s head with nasty comments about how it was all Noah’s fault for killing his mother and killing his mother’s sister because she had to go out and get Noah a stupid, plastic dinosaur toy that Noah had wanted for his ninth birthday. The poor boy had heard so much lies of garbage from his own father’s mouth that he genuinely believed it as his own truth.

His father was violent and abused him in every way possible. Noah hated his father with every fiber of his being but hated himself more. He wished himself dead but felt like a coward because he didn’t have the will to kill himself. On his seventeenth birthday, Noah discovered by accident that the doctors diagnosed his father with a brain tumor in stage four with six months on the outside to live as his prognosis. Noah tried to be there for his father and tried with all his heart to forgive his father, but the dying man only grew even more resentful of the boy he considered his wife’s murderer. This was the final straw for Noah, so he waited until the day after graduation, and then he ran out of the violent home in which he grew up.

Desperate and determined to get away from his demented, sick, and dying father, Noah ran as fast as his feet and legs could. He didn’t care about anything but what a small, still voice inside him said. He was to run away and never look back. He knew who belonged to the voice, too, so that gave him all the more reason to take off. So Noah ran fast, he ran far, and he kept his eyes focused only on the horizon.

The feeling of the wind blowing in his hair and biting at his cheeks was a comfort and very encouraging. He must have run about five miles when he was ready to collapse out of exhaustion, for Noah had never completed more than a three-mile run before, and he had no interest in conditioning himself further until now. When he stopped for a breath of air, only for a few brief moments, he felt as if his knees would buckle out from under him. He then realized he ran into a young, bottle blonde woman with very distinct but lovely blue eyes. Before he knew it, the lips of this pretty stranger parted, and out came a word he never thought an unfamiliar person would speak.


Then it hit him. He recognized her voice! The young lady standing before him was Kaya Ru. She was his old neighbor from when he lived with his aunt. Kaya was also the stepdaughter of Shen Ru, one of the most well-known and promising physicists of his time in cryogenics. She had always treated Noah with respect, and she was even his first kiss. It was at this moment he knew he didn't have to run anymore. It surprised the young woman at first to find he ran into her, though she recognized him immediately.

After all these passing years, it certainly pleased her to see him again. Her eyes showed love and kindness toward him as they did when Kaya and Noah were much younger. Noah found something meaningful in her eyes, though. He sensed immediately in her tone, her eyes, and in the way she stood and reached out to him that she was filled with the Holy Spirit. He burst out in tears as he finally collapsed onto his knees before her.

“Oh, God!” he cried out as he shut his eyes tight in all his mental pain. “I surrender my life to You! Please, save me from this wretched life! I just want to love You and be loved!”

Kaya had envisioned this moment a few weeks ago, when the Heavenly Father gave her a message through her dreams, and since then, she’s known that Noah was her destiny. With tears of love in her eyes for the boy she knew from many years ago, she tenderly touched his right shoulder with her left hand and gently placed her right hand on his left cheek. Noah opened his eyes as she gazed down passionately into his eyes, and then she spoke only words of comfort.

“It’s over. You’re safe now, and you are most definitely loved.” Tears of relief streamed down Noah’s face now as the young lady gently pulled him up and into her arms. “Welcome home, Noah.”

Noah had no words, only an expression on his face with tears of appreciation. He wrapped his arms snugly around her, and he absolutely loved how she seemed to fit just perfectly against him, and so he closed his eyes. He knew she would be the turning point in his life. The glowing presence of Kaya brought him peace and comfort for a little while. Once she pulled away, she showed him a building standing before them, a building he knew was his aunt’s church when he was alive, and went with her every Sunday.

“Shall we?”

Noah nodded in response to Kaya’s question, and leaving no time to waste, they both walked into their sanctuary hand in hand. Like the still, small voice told him, he never looked back. He moved on with his life instead and married Kaya, and together they had three beautiful children, two boys and a girl they raised together in their tender, loving care. Noah had turned his life around, and all while he succeeded well in life, never did she leave his side, that young lady with the lovely blue eyes.

The End

Submitted: September 03, 2019

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Robert Helliger

A well written dramatic short story.
It is emotional to read.

Tue, September 10th, 2019 6:42am


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Fri, September 13th, 2019 7:35pm

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