Neon City 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

New York, 2,600 AD.

Andrew and Tanya are still living in New York in the future in which technology, and bright neon signs in Times Square, dominate the city. As the United States Government control everything on-line, they're future is placed in doubt.

Table of Contents

Neon City 2-Chapter One

Part One New York, 2,600 AD. The neon signs in New York glimmered in the city that never sleeps. Andrew saw the night time life o... Read Chapter

Neon City 2-Chapter Two

*** Craig watched the military leave Neon City. He smoked a E-cigarette. "It's going to be much harder to hack into the Cyber-Net", h... Read Chapter

Neon City 2-Chapter Three

*** The Asian-American woman scanned the Lower Manhattan Cyber-Net. It was full of the boring celebrity and H8 movie previews on the ... Read Chapter

Neon City 2-Chapter Four

*** Andrew said: "We'll go to The Glittering Lounge", he told Tanya. She smiled. "Let's go!", she smiled. As they did so, the so... Read Chapter

Neon City 2-Chapter Five

Part Two Roger Shacker stared at the female robot at The Glittering Lounge. He was concerned that all of the reactionary viotrol... Read Chapter

Neon City 2-Chapter Six

*** General  Edward I. Ives stared out of the windows. He used the E-scanner to find the cyber attckers. He was sure teenage hac... Read Chapter