Hit Gone Wrong

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Even a hired killer can have a bad day

Submitted: March 14, 2014

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Submitted: March 14, 2014



The body bag stayed more or less in the center of the pickup bed as Kevin sped along the gravel road leading to the farm. As usual Joe had every damn light in the house on. Nothing like bringing attention to yourself when dumping a body.

Kevin parked behind Joe's car and went straight in for a quick drink. Joe nodded as Kevin walked in and continued on his task of cleaning his .40 " Any problems?"

Kevin poured a rum and coke and shook his head as he took a long swig. " Nope,nothing but cops everywhere on the highway. Never saw so many of the bastards. Thought for sure I'd get pulled."

Joe laughed. " No more cops on the road tonight than ever Kev. Just seemed that way because you were carting a murdered guy around in your truck. If you had been hauling pizza you would never have noticed the cops one way or another."

" Guess so. But it was hell on my nerves Joey. Dig the hole?" Kevin finished the drink while Joe just smiled and put his piece back together. " Well?" Kevin put another shot in his glass and passed on the coke. " Come on Joe did you dig the hole or not? I want this guy gone."

" Dug half." Joe pointed the .40 at Kevin and laughed. Then slid it into his shoulder holster.

" Half? What the hell you been doing here for three days?"

" A little fishing, drew a picture of you crying, framed it and sold it to some old farmer."

" Screw you Joe."

" Listen little brother, I dug the damn hole. O.K.? Have three bags of lime ready to go too."

" I don't know how you stay so calm Joe. Death Row is not where this boy wants to end up."

" Aw. They'd never fry a good looking couple of guys like us. Might make us warden or something."

" Yeah. You are one funny guy. Come on let's get this on."

Outside it was full on dark with a nice chill rolling in. The two men walked straight to the truck, dropped the tailgate and each grabbed a corner of the bag and pulled. The bag, empty , slid off too fast causing the brothers to fall backwards on the drive.

" What the hell?" Kevin looked in disbelief at the empty bag and started to shake.

" Yeah Kevin, what the hell. For all the whores in hell what happened?" Joe stood up brushing the dust from his pants. " Maybe he crawled out and walked down to the hole to save us the trouble of carrying his stiff ass. You think maybe that's what happened Kev.?"

" Stop it Joe. I have no idea. Put him in there myself. Damn thing is still zipped up."

" Maybe you grabbed the wrong stiff little brother. You have a secret stash of dead guys at your place? That has to be it. You grabbed the wrong bag off your dead guy assembly line."

" Alright Joe. We gotta think. I had him in the bag zipped up and all. The bastard must have fallen out on the highway."

" Mom was right. You are one bright shining star. He just unzipped the bag, politely zipped the bag back up and jumped off your truck. Wish I had thought of that. Did you make any stops? Gas? Go through any drive throughs for a burger and fries? I mean you are a growing boy and all."

" You're pissing me off now. No I didn't make any stops. I threw him in and headed straight out here. I don't know how the hell the bag is still zipped but he must have bounced out. Damn."

" Maybe you were freaking and just laid him on the bag or something. How many slugs you put in him?"

" Three. Head shot and two in the chest just like you told me."

" He was dead for sure?"

" Dead and halfway to hell. Let's take your car and backtrack."

" O.K. we can't have some damn boy scout troop tripping over him. Might scar the little bastards for life."

" Good one Joe. Remind me to laugh later. After we plant this guy."

The two mobsters drove slowly along the gravel road that led to the highway watching for the corpse in the road and side ditches. Nothing. Yet. As soon as the two turned on the first paved road they spotted a middle aged guy hitchhiking along the north side of the road. It was their guy.

Joe slammed on his brakes and attached his silencer to his gun. " Beautiful job brother. Next time I send you to ice a guy I'll send a wood chipper with you."

Kevin slunk in relief. " At least we found him"

Joe stepped from the car and looked into the blank eyes of his guy. A bullet hole ruined his forehead and two other shots , judging from the blood, was dead on center mass shots and yet here he is walking back to town. " Looks like you have to go through this one more time you tough old bastard." Seven muffled shots thudded into the guys chest and neck. He folded and fell to the blacktop. " Kevin pop the trunk and help me with this guy." With little effort the corpse was stuffed into the trunk the two killers headed back to the farm.

Kevin cleared his throat and looked to his big brother. " Thanks man. Can't figure this shit out at all. Your trunk always covered in plastic like that?"

" You have to be prepared you know? But getting back to our guy, it's not on you. Just a freak thing. A super freak thing." Joe was done talking for awhile. Just too damn weird.

At the farm the two worked quickly and in the dark. The body, plastic from Joe's trunk and the body bag were all buried. The body went in first and was covered with lime. " Four feet deep and now I wish I had gone deeper. This is the one guy that just might give me the creeps for awhile."

Outside the farmhouse the two brothers took turns hosing each other off just in case they were blood splattered or had a hair or some other forensic crap on them. It was cold as hell now and ,taking off their shoes they went in to change and warm up.

" Tomorrow we'll throw our clothes and shoes in the pond. Tie 'em up and make sure they sink. Can't be too careful."

" Got that right Joe. Still feel bad about this. From now on I follow what you say to a T."

" Problem is you did and the guy still got up. Like I said just a freak event. But remind me in the morning to wash up the truck and car. "

" You got it. Drink?"

" Hell yeah. Scotch is in the bottom cabinet."

Despite the wild night both men slept through the night and that for once bad had turned to good. Like spoiled milk that suddenly was fresh again. Joe sat at the edge of his bed and smelled coffee and bacon. Maybe eggs were mixed in there somewhere as well. God bless little brothers. Even if they do screw up once in awhile.

Joe, fully dressed , walked down the steps and walked straight to the cabinet with the coffee mugs. Before he could grab a mug he saw, with his peripheral vision the guy. The guy.

End Part One


© Copyright 2017 Robert Kasch. All rights reserved.

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