Two Short Stories Concerning October Lake

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October Lake is located in the town of Mudd Creek. Many strange things have occurred there and these are two documented tales.

Submitted: March 14, 2014

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Submitted: March 14, 2014



Two Short Stories Concerning October Lake:


The Conductor

There was a time in the town of Mudd Creek that October Lake was used for other purposes than fishing, boating and picnicking. There was always the occasional body dumped into the deep and murky waters.

Lynn Mathers was rumored to be disposed of in this fashion and many sightings of her near or on the lake were often reported. It was also rumored that Jeff Parker ,the conductor of trolley#.4

was often seen at the lake chain smoking and looking concerned over the waters mild ripples. In fact three years had passed since the pretty blond womans disappearance, and due to Jeff’s interest in her during the time proceeding her disappearance, he had been questioned more than once.

It was a chilly September evening that Jeff was once again seen sitting along the banks edge smoking and rubbing his temples as if he had a sever headache. Only the Willis brothers, hard core fisherman, were close enough to witness what happened next.

Rising from the water in her mud stained dress was Lynn Mathers. Her blond hair hung wet and limp across her still pretty face and shoulders. She held outstretched arms toward Jeff who attempted to back away but slipped on moss.

Smiling, revealing her trademark perfect teeth, Lynn grabbed Jeff’’s ankles and dragged him screaming into the water.

Short weeks later what was left of Lynn floated to the waters surface. Jeff Parker was never found. I remember that for two years after this incident record lunker catfish were pulled from the lake. A coincidence I’m sure.




It’s Only Water.

This story has little to support it and happened some years after ‘The Conductor’ story. The town, used to such things, is still divided as to the validity of what I’m about to tell you.

Cyrus Branch, fishing from the bank, was the sole witness and in my opinion the most honest man in town.

The Brown brothers had just purchased a used row boat and were eager to test her out. As the small craft was pushed into the water a stranger approached and asked to join in. The Browns being the good natured type had no problem with this seemingly benign request.

Everyone took turns paddling and all three enjoyed the cold beer brought along. That’s when suddenly the stranger jumped from the boat and dove out of sight. Naturally this caused a great deal of concern when after ten minutes the man did not resurface.

Fearing the man had committed suicide or just drowned the two brothers dropped their paddles into the water to get help. It was then there was a huge splash next to the boat and the stranger, all smiles, grabbed the boats rail and said,” You fellas weren't  Gonna leave me?”

“ Hell mister we thought you drowned. What were you up to anyway?”

“ Just fetching my family for dinner. Drown? Heck it’s only water. As a dark haired woman and three young ones surfaced next to the boat the gills on their necks were all to clear. Pulled into the water and submerged the Browns felt the first razor sharp bites..



I have lived in Mudd Creek most of my life and can tell you that despite isolated cases described above it is a nice, small town that we hope you will visit sometime. I recommend visiting during our Apple Butter Festival. See you there.

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