Discography for 1954/1959 Rockabilly CD

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Info and List of Songs for the 1954/1959 Rockabilly CD for Bob Kelly's original songs.

Discography for 1954/1959 Rockabilly CD
Libra is my Label-----Little Star is my Publishing Co.----and of couse, I wrote and recorded all of
the songs----some of them at my own recording studio
Top Ten Records on Ross Ave. in Dallas, Texas.
(no money to pay for expensive studios).

I didnt have any recording contracts so no Hit records or EP's during that era----other people recorded these songs, Not Me.  These all my demo versions of the songs and were all just old Acetate records that I had kept for all of these years and until the current electronics got so good to take out all of the Hiss and Scratches, they were all pretty much worthless.I owe a great deal of gratitude to Phil York of Digital Mastering in Irving, Tex for cleaning up these acetate recordings and making them as clean and clear as they are.

The CD can be purchased from Amazon.com or from me
personally atkellybob@cox.net

Discography for Rockabilly Songs 1954/1959 CD.

1.  Git it----my demo was done at Sellers Recording Studio in Dallas, Texas with Bob Kelly and the Pikes (actually this was just a singing group made up of myself, lead vocal and guitar, Neil Wood, Johnny Biggerstaff and Bill Byrd as background singers and some throw together musicians for the session----dont remember who they were) around 1956.  As "Bob Kelly and the Pikes" we were performing at the Big D Jamboree (about the same time Elvis was doing the Louisana Heyride) and we were doing my original songs and Ed McLemore who was Gene Vincent's manager at the time wanted Gene to do my song----so in 1957. I had a really bad demo of the song with just me playing guitar and Neil Wood keeping time on a cardboard box so Ed Watts (who was Gene Vincents road manager and ran Big D Music Publishing Co.) said that he would pay for a good demo at a professional studio (Sellers Recording Studio in Dallas, Texas) and he would get Gene to record the song if I would give him the publishing-----so I did, and this is the recording that we made and Gene Vincent recorded Git it and Somebody Help Me at the Capitol Records studio in Los Angeles and then "Git it" was released in 1958 as a Single.Later on, it was recorded by Wayne Fontana and the Mind Binders, Commander Cody, Dave Edmonds, Johnny Carroll, and the Jaguars. Needless to say, this was the biggest Hit of my career, even thou I was just the writer.Its obvious that Gene copied my demo.

2. Somebody Help Me-----recorded by Gene Vincent in 1957 and released as part of an Album in 1958.This was also recorded later by Mac Curtis.This is the demo of the song, and it was recorded also at Sellers Recording Studio, 1956.Gene Vincent couldn't remember the words so he just made up some-----Mac Curtis did the song the way that I wrote it.Juvy Gomez who was the drummer for Gene Vincent at the time of the recording told me later that he tried to get Gene to do my lyrics but he wouldn't listen----at least, they didnt try to get songwriter credit like so many of the artists did back in the '50's, just for changing a few words.

3. What You Want----1954 recorded at Clifford Herring Studio in Fort Worth, Tex.  Bob Kelly lead vocals and song writer----Neil Wood, Johnny Biggerstaff, and Bill Byrd background vocals,Steve Rodriguez lead guitar---a bunch of other studio Cats. Mac Curtis, a buddy from my Home town in Texas, recorded this for King Records and it was actually the first song that I ever got onto a Label.  I never got One Penny from it----but I was an actual Song Writer as far as BMI was concerned.
FYI----if you happen to have the Mac Curtis recording---that’s Bob Kelly and the
Pikes singing background.My original version and Mac Curtis version were both
Recorded at Clifford Herrings Recording Studio in Ft. Worth, Texas.
This Recording Studio became fairly famous a couple of year later when Bruce
Chennel recorded “Hey Baby”, there.

4. South Sea Isle Chalypso---two different versions of this song---one 1956, the other 1958. The first version recorded at Clifford Herring Studio in Fort Worth, Tex----the second version recorded at my own Top Ten studio in Dallas Texas.Bob Kelly and Pikes singing both of these Demos.  Only time this has been released.

5.Beaba----a slang word for "Baby" in Texas.  I wrote this in 1953 but didn’t record it until 1954. Clifford Herring Recording Studio in Fort Worth, Texas.Bob Kelly and the Pikes singing,Steve Rodriguez on Lead guitar.  Only time this has been released.

6.Be My Lady Love, Tonight-----1954  recorded at Clifford Herring Recording Studio in Fort Worth, Texas with Bob Kelly and Pikes Vocals.  No other recording released.

7.When We Get Together----1956---my own recording studio (Top Ten Recording) in Dallas  Bob Kelly and the Pikes  Vocals-----this is a pretty ragged Demo----but it was a sign of the times. No other recordings released.I played the Demo for Eddie Chochran's manager and then Eddie did a song called When We Get Together---but later they changed it to Come On Everybody---so guess I was a good influence for someone.

8.Boo---??? about 1958---Top Ten Recording Studio---Bob Kelly and the Pikes. I didnt know until just a couple of years ago----Mac Curtis heard my CD and told me that he didn’t know that I wrote---"BOO"  because he had recorded the same song as "NO" and that Major Bill  Smith ( a complete shister and near do well) had claimed writing credit for it.I wanted to sue him but He Had Died.

9.Because I Love You So----the first song that I ever wrote----didnt record it until about 1954. Clifford Herring Recording Studio in Fort Worth, Tex.  Bob Kelly lead with Pikes a background vocals----Neil Wood, Johnny Biggerstaff and Bill Byrd.  This song was sung at most of the Fraternity Pinning Ceremonies at North Texas State University----so there might have been quite a few Kids conceived after this song !!!!No, other recording of this song.

10 Oohie, Tee Hee & Wad-e-mo----1956 recorded at Top Ten Recording Studio (my studio) with  Bob Kelly and the Pikes----they always were the same peopleNeil Wood, Johnny Biggerstaff, and Bill Byrd.Bob Kelly on Lead guitar.  My Father had three friends that he grew up with and this was their Nick Names----so I have to thank him for the good Words to this one.

11. Mercy Mercy----really rough Demo----1954 just on a Home Tape recorder----Bob Kelly and the Pikes.Bob Kelly lead vocal and guitar.Never did do a pro recording and of course no records were ever released.

12. Ditty Wah Ditty------another really rough Demo---1954 also on a home tape recorder.  Neil Wood and I  just wanted to see if this was a good song to record.Also, never did a pro recording and no records released.

13. A Woman is a Funny Thing----1958---Top Ten recording Studio Dallas, Tex.  Bob Kelly lead Vocal and Guitar.No other recording.

14. Lock your Golden Gate----1958---Top Ten Recording Studio, Dallas, Tex.  Bob Kelly lead Vocal and Guitar----also, harmony part on Sax---as an overdub.

15. Beepin Squeal----1959----Top Ten Recording Studio, Dallas, Texas.
Bob Kelly lead Vocal and Guitar----this song was written just after the Soviet Sputnik was  circling the earth with its Beep, Beep sounds.No other recordings.

16 Mmm Love----1956---Top Ten recording Studio, Dallas, Texas.
Bob Kelly lead Vocaland Whistling SoloNeil Wood background vocal.

17. Skippin Along----1959---Top Ten Recording Studio----Bob Kelly Lead Vocal, Bobby Rambo on lead guitar,  Scotty McKay on Piano,  Bob Kelly on bass, Paul Carney Drums.  Actually this was the first and ONLY 45 release of my own label, Creole Records.  It was also,  the first song for my Publishing company  Little Star Publishing.In reality, I only had 100 of the records pressed up so I could send it to BMI to get my Publishing company.In thoes days, you had to have a record released that you owned the publishing on -----so I just made up a 45 with "Skippin Along" and a semi comedy song "Indian Squaw" and sent it to BMI and they gave me the Publishing Company---and I still have it today.I have gotten back all of my songs for Little Star Publishing except "Git it" which is still in Big D Music----but they have actually started paying me again since Ed McLemore's relatives have taken over the operations----thanks to Mike Bullington.

18.  Miracle in Love---1954---home tape recording---Bob Kelly Vocal and Guitar.  No other recordings.

19. Castle in the Sky----1959---Top Ten Recording Studio---
Bob Kelly lead vocal and Guitar.Neil Wood BassPaul Carney on cardboard Box for drums. Scotty McKay on Piano.No other recordings.

20. Ghost Rock----???1958----Home Recording----Bob Kelly Lead Vocal and guitar. no other recording.

21. New Sack Dress and Pointed Toed shoes----1959----Top Ten recording Studio, Dallas, Bob Kelly Lead Vocals and  lead guitarNeil Wood and Scotty McKay background vocals.Scotty McKay on PianoPaul Carney on Drums.

22. South Sea Isle Chalypso----see above

Bonus Tracks.  Both of these songs were recorded at my studio "Top Ten Recording Studio" in Dallas.These songs were used in the 1960's Horror Movie----"The Demon from Devils Lake".By this time I had a group called " Expression"----the lead singer for both of these songs was Jay Ramsey with background singers being Bob Kelly, Frank Cole and Jerry Brown.
23. Senior Year---this song was written by the Director of the movie and the song was being played while the young people were dancing at the Prom and the Demon was doing his scary thing outside.Published by Little Star.
24. Better Luck Next Time---this was written by Jay Ramsey and performed by Expression. Published by Little Star.

Hope You enjoy the CD.

Bob "Git it" Kelly

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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