Why Won't You Leave Me Alone?

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Submitted: August 28, 2019

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Submitted: August 28, 2019



I don't understand what’s happening. I just want to get on the train and get out of here. I'll just find a seat and wait for the doors to close. Then this nightmare will be over.

Did that guy yell at me as I stepped on the train? What does he want? He must have taken a hundred pictures of me. What a sicko!

Maybe that’s it! Maybe he’s some sort of twisted psychopath, and he has chosen me as his next victim. When the police finally bust him, they will find a room in his house papered with photos of me. I know that happens because I saw it on TV.

Finally! The doors have closed. I’m getting away. Hah! I am getting away! I’ll just take a quick peek to be sure he is still on the platform with his psycho camera and his psycho notebook.

He’s not there. He’s on the train! In my car!

“What do you want? Why won’t you leave me alone?”

“I was wondering, would you sign this talent release? If you do, I could sell this photo of you getting on the train to a stock photography website.”

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