Magic is real

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Submitted: December 02, 2012

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Submitted: December 02, 2012



 Magic is real. Realer then you at the least. Don't you feel your breath intertwined with everything? Don't you see that mystery is infinite?

 You somehow would rather believe the fractured dream of a God displaced and disassociated from this world and it's carnalities, then to feel every push and pull, then to feel every thought, then to feel every emotion raging or sublime, then to feel ecstasy, then to feel misery, then to feel the spirit rubbing against flesh as the breath of a living God?

 This I can not understand. Children of the universe all of us yet you chose guilt and denial of spirit. Do you even know the magnitude of the birth rites emblazoned into your hearts? Do you not know you're as sacred as the rivers, rains, sun, the zodiac body? How do you not know that you breath the breathe of the Gods.

 No you would rather play pitiful and guilt to an imaginary sky giant, there by dismissing and degrading the good God. You claim it's not your preference but yet that is the sad little decaying world you build in all your actions and works! There are ties that bind enough for us all and you scramble to add more as if you're committing suicide in the slowest most painful way? Do you really think that is the way to respect the force that lives through you and connects with it's self through you?

 Magic is real you don't believe me, then you should look at the sky when the nights are clear and try to contemplate how far Infiniti stretches beyond your imagination. Try to push your self through to the end of that thought not caring that your goal can never be obtained. Scream through that void like you've been plucked by the Valkyrie knowing the glory is in your star burning the purity of it's existence. Find the still waters deep in the valley submerge your self until you realize that you're as much the water as is the body you're surrounded by. Take your fill of love in the places you can see it, throw the whole of yourself into act striving for perfection while accepting whatever you can give. Look through her or his eyes knowing this is the origin of life as close as you can experience. In other words grab the oyster by the horns knowing full well oblivion is the only promise made to you. Understand that this promise is the greatest promise possible and a more magnificent gift then gifts bestowed on earthly kings.

 When you've done so you can tell me you do not believe magic is real, but I won't believe you. Because magic is real.

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