The Cloak and Dagger

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The local detective face unexpected crime, that he need to solve

Submitted: April 02, 2016

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Submitted: April 02, 2016



Somewhere in the New Milford City there is longstanding police station not so far away from the uptown street. Detective Roy Smith is sitting by himself in his office in a quiet atmosphere surrounding the office with the sound of water dripping on his window, with the sound of thunder roaring. Roy Smith is the rookie detective that everyone talks about because he is kind of master of detective. He heard the phone ring from another room and asked his secretary to transfer his phone call to his own phone. He relies that there is no one to pick up the phone because most of his co-worker already left.

“Hello? This is Roy Smith speaking,” He runs to pick up the phone before it stops ringing.

“Happy 30th Birthday son,” his mother said.

“Thanks mom,” Roy replied. He is joyful that his mother remembers today is his birthday. His mother hangs up the phone.

As Roy returned to his office, he felt sudden urge to fall sleep like someone has poisoned him with a sleeping pill. He tried to keep himself awake because there is so much case that needs to be file before he can return to his home and no one else there to help him with case files because some of other workers are working on other stuffs. As he is working those case files, he feels like he cannot see things clear as his perception become faded away gradually. His perception become pitch black as he’s sitting on his chair while he is still holding his pen and pen in his right hand. As he sleeping unobtrusively without anyone interrupts to wake him up. He felt like he perceives something dreadful occur that someone dress in mysterious black coat with a black hoodie to protect his identity on right behind the victim with a sharp knife ready to stab person in the neck without any mercy.

The birds are chipping outside as the sunrise little by little about to cover metropolis. Roy wakes up and things to himself that the dream that he see is only his nightmare and there is nothing to worry about. As he about to pack up to go home for a day, all of a sudden he is hears police sirens from not so far away from police station. And many phone calls are ring in the office like fire shot in instant without non-stop. His partner Thomas Johnson rushes into the office. Thomas Johnson is no much experiences as Roy, but he is haves the potential to become great detective. He is no younger and no older than Roy.

“Where and who is the victim?” Roy asked. He got up from his chair.

“Not so far from here and we think that the victim is someone you might know, but we are not certain or it have been confirm,” Johnson replied.

“Alright let’s go,” Roy said. He got into the car with Johnson.

As Roy and Johnson get into the car to drive up to crime scene, the chief detective is catch a ride with them to assisted and collect valuable clues at the crime scene.

“Okay, boys this is important. If we are collecting enough evidence, then it is going to be stress-free for our prosecutor to bring dirt bag down to guilty verdict easily,” The chief detective said.

“I do not care about that. I just want to catch that dirt bag and make the bastard pay the price, Roy said. He is determined to catch the murder.

“Ha Ha Ha, I like the way you think Roy,” the chief detective complimented. He laughed

“Thanks you sir,” Roy smiled.

As they finally arrive at the crime scene in the alley way not so far from downtown in the gloomy dusty alley way. The crime scene is a blood bath. The victim is lay down there on the floor with black sheet already cover it up when polices already arrived before Roy and Johnson arrive. The victim is about to take it to the hospital for forensic team to perform autopsy to determine the cause of the victim death. Before Roy start doing some investigation, he exam the surrounding if he can find anything seem off and not belong in the scene Roy suddenly noticed that murder weapon has been missing from crime scene, but then again the murder might be beat the victim to death by the murder own hand. According to police that arrive early to check out crime scene. The victim seem to have mark on the body that can be cause by knife stab or gun shot that can also leave few mark on body afterward.

“Hmm, interesting, if the murder did used some kind of sharp object then my observation is that is some kind of knife, where did the knife or pistol that murder use go?” Roy said. He is looked at his note.

“The murder might take knife back with him,” John replied. He gave his observation.

“No, that cannot be it because if he did take it back with him, then blood might be drip and leave trail for us to follow, I don’t think that the murder is stupid enough to leave trail for someone to follow him.” Roy responds to Johnson’s observation.

“I think that the murder might hide knife somewhere on the crime scene and he thought that police or no one can find it He must think that he is hidden it very well and I give him that because we still cannot find it. Look around for it again,” He came up with theory.

As polices are try to look for the murder’s knife. The chief detective got call from forensic team that they need Roy and Johnson to check out the autopsy of the victim and they found something interesting inside victim body that is seem impossible to find that item in the body. Forensic team needs Roy and Johnson to be there as soon as possible after they are done investigate at the crime scene.

“Johnson, go to the hospital ahead and I will catch you up there. I want to check something out before I go,” Roy said. He closed car door.

Johnson is left the crime scene to go to the hospital morgue with the chief detective as Roy still at crime to do some more investigation to making sure that he does not miss anything important. As he exam surroundingof the crime scene and he is even search every corner and even trashcans in the area if he can find anything useful. During his search, he found handle of the knife next to one of the trashcan way in the back alley not so far away from the victim body. It is cover in dried up blood that still little bit wet, but he does not sure if it is the victim blood or maybe it just the blood to try to fool the cop that maybe it is just ordinary knife that use to cut up animal because there is butcher shop around one block away that the murder cunning enough to put it there. The handle of the knife contain mark of fingerprints, Roy put the knife in evidence bag to take it back with him to exam it to find identity of this fingerprint and it will help him in the investigation.

After Roy finishing up investigating at the crime scene for now, then he is hurry to the hospital morgue to catch up with Johnson to check out the autopsy report can check out that did the forensic team find. He rushing to the morgue because he cannot wait to see the autopsy report because it will help him to figure out how did the victim really died and it will serve as one of the important clues to him and in court.

“Oh, good you are here,” one of the doctors from forensic team said.

“Where is the report doctor?” Roy asked.

“Here it is,” The doctor said. He handed the report to Roy.

Roy read the report carefully. The report says that the victim name was Marry Kane, been stab in the back twice around 6:00 AM in the morning. After, he finished reading report, then he is check out something that the doctor find in the victim body. Turned out that item is knife that the murder must use to stab for second time and it might leave in there. He check fingerprint and it is match with the handle that he found in the alley way and he noticed that it is same kind of knife. He also thinks to himself that why the murder would leave the weapon there because it is the same fingerprint and even same type of knife. It was pretty unwise move for the murder to put there. On the edge of the knife is having some kind of inscription of letters of place that sell this branch of knife there and it only place that sell this of knife because it is look like it been special order made only.

“Do you find anything?” Johnson questioned.

“Yes, I found something interesting,” Roy said.

“Well, according to the inscription and model of the knife, we should head there to ask the shop owner who was the last person to order this knife to get some kind of clues and it will help us reach to the murder,” Johnson said.

During the trip to the metal shop this type of knife that murder use, it is pretty quiet trip like waterfall falling gradually from the peak, and the sky is become shadowy light. The darkness atmosphere is about to cover metropolis like shadow. Another vague vision come into Roy’s mind like a picture expose it to him that he find himself sitting in the cell by himself with no windows, not even door like nothing existed.

“I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it!” Roy said to himself echo in silence while he is shaking of terror.

“Wake up Roy!” Johnson said. He shook Roy shoulder.

“What happen?” Roy asked. He woke up

“You are fast asleep, we are here,” Johnson replied.

“That was quite a nightmare,” Roy said to himself.

The shop outside is look not so new and not too old either. It has been open many times in many cities. Many people heard of this shop because it is very famous for metal work for making hunting equipment such as knife and blade. The owner is not too young and also not looks old either. He is look about age as the chief detective himself. Roy and Johnson spot the same knife with inscription inside the shelf with other type of knifes out there. Roy thinks to himself that they will definitely going to get some clues here from the shop owner if he willing to cooperate with them.

“How I can help you two?” the shop owner asked. He looked at Roy and Johnson.

“Hello sir my name is Roy Smith and here is my partner Thomas Johnson, we would like to ask you few questions,” Roy said. He showed his detective badge.

“Yes, what do you two need?” The shop owner asked.

“Who was the last person order this type of knife from here and when?” Roy asked. He shows the shop owner evidence knife.

“Hmm ahh yes I think I remember, but I can’t seem to remember his name but I remember his face very well. He is no younger or older than me. He came in here about week ago last Tuesday to be exact,” The shop owner said.

“Thank you, sir” Roy said.

After Roy and Johnson finished up investigate at the metal shop, they headed back to the police station for day and to report their process to the chief on their investigation. When they are arrive to station, they hurry to the chief office, but the chief room was empty and he is nowhere to be found around station. Roy decided to leave the chief report note on his desk. As he is about to put note on his desk, he noticed piece of paper contain receipt and few instruction written by the chief detective himself. Roy checks the chief’s desk farther and found knife cases on left handed drawer. He noticed there is same fingerprint on the cases and it is almost same identity as the murder’s weapons.  Roy decides to take it with him to the lab to check for fingerprint identity with the murder’s weapons.  At the lab he runs some test on knife and case. The result is that the chief detective is the murder himself according to lab result. He hurry back to catch the chief before he could get away with it.

“Roy! What a surprise? Need anything boy?” The chief said. He got up from his chair.

“You are under arrest for murder of Marry Kane,” Roy said. He point gun at the chief.

“Hmm what are you talking about boy? Put the gun down” The chief said.

“Don’t deny it you killed her did you? I know it before fingerprint of the knife and I found case of the knife with same fingerprint on your desk early that day,” Roy said.

“Ah yes, I admit it I did it,” The chief detective said.

“It’s time to wake up Roy” The chief said. He pulled out his pistol and shot Roy.


The sound of gavel hit the stand like thunder strike woke Roy up. He found himself sitting in the court waiting for his verdict from the judge. Johnson and The chief and his family look at him dishearten that he commit crime. The sweats and tears are start to dripping from Roy faces as he waiting for judge to decide his final verdict.

© Copyright 2018 Robert Q. Danvers. All rights reserved.

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