misery,misery, miserty is me!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The phone rings.
And is answered.
"Hello...Carl here.. and yes I got the image..... good job Jannie!"
"No problem: got my brother  to add in the colors, change my hair , do the landscape and make the scene one of pure Misery... looks a bit like Gods waiting room....and the dowdy clothes .....now that will really turn them on"..
Carl laughs.
"It also captures  a lot of sadness...I just need to finalise the title and the money should start rolling in...."
"Well, can’t help on the title but you know how to do!”
This time they both laughed.
“By the way..my brother helped create the image buts suggested maybe putting this doctored photo on the net may be a bit of a lie”…
Carl gets serious:
“ hey wait a minute tell your brother to mind his own business otherwise he will get no payment.We've done this many times and you are a fine actress,
All we are doing is showing a determined woman who goes to the hills and finds enlightenment…where is the lie in that?”
Jannie paused and reflected:
“yes… I guess so….so how will you get the punters to take the bait?”
“ there will be a short article about this woman’s struggles, her tragic life, , the illnesses, the kids,,, yet through it all she survived and beat the misery…..
..Then I will put the link about getting the law of determination piece….and only $5,,,,..and last time we ran this type of story we got over 200 subscribers…
..Remember My sweet Jannie you are on commission.. next time it's how to grow ever richer!
"Oooohoooo....Misery misery misery is me!"

Submitted: September 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 robert radcliff. All rights reserved.

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