UFO Baby

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UFO's make contact for a very 'special' delivery....

Submitted: June 25, 2017

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Submitted: June 25, 2017



They communicate with me. Before they make contact they give me a call. Its like a phone ringing in my head.

I answer by raising my eyebrows which stops the ringing and then I get a message in robotic domineering English straight into my brain:

"lines- are open…please- enter- your- unique- code".

In my minds eye I picture the code for them to verify:

  773 qv 89 HTX 547.

When they know they have established contact I get all sorts of orders from them.


Routine stuff is normally what they what.

They insist knowing the background and ethnicity of people who worked in nearby businesses. They asked  about the proportion of local workers contrasted with foreign ones.

They needed to know the pay rates  and whether food was home grown or imported.

I was even asked about food prices at my nearest supermarket and any discounts available.

Why they needed such information was a mystery to me but I had no way to challenge them.

Then they seem interested in the cost of real estate and latterly the schedules of public and private transport. Travel times,  such as air flights were requested.


I could not argue with them as whenever I queried their commands they increased the noise in my brain and let me know they and their race were superior and could not be disobeyed.

I have to say there were many times I formed the impression that their intelligent level was lower than most normal human beings.


It started just over one year ago when voices in my head alerted me to the fact that those from outside our planet wanted me to help them.

I call them " the outsiders".

By the way my name is Frank  Reynolds III.  I have thus fully documented my dealings with the outsiders in a letter to my next of kin. So if something bad happens to me the letter is to be given to the authorities.


Yet the latest call from the outsiders is different from all the others. Very different.

They want to deliver a baby to me. Not any ordinary baby.

But a UFO baby.

To take the baby to my farm and look after it as if it was my own. To nurture and rear the child as if it was from this planet.

I have undertaken to do this.

Within the last few hours I have received instructions where to collect the baby.


It is dark. Very dark. I am in a remote area. The I was able to watch the landing of the craft. It was fraught with problems. It crash landed. When I got to the wreckage there was fire and debris and dead being not of this earths. But then I heard he wailing of a new born .That child was screaming and being held in the arms of a deceased  alien female.

I grabbed the child and fled the scene as fast as my legs could carry me. Back to my vehicle and thereafter I sped home. The child was screaming and spitting ; already showing signs of domination.

Frank finished his letter by writing:

"I want to do everything I can to make my adopted child a great success in this his new world".

The letter is dated July 1947 from an address in Roswell New Mexico.



70 years later: a large fierce looking blond man sat alone in a large  oval office. He was about to burn the letter but wanted to re read it one more time. He had found the letter in the personal belonging of Frank Reynolds III who had passed away some years earlier.

The blond man ran his hand through his long dirty blond hair which many people considered  to be a wig. If they only knew what else was fake about this man.

He chuckled to himself about how his Papa  and all his surrogate families had secretly arranged for many kinds of cosmetic and other surgeries to the blond man's body including removal of his reptilian tail.

Just before he used the lighter to burn the letter the man mouthed  assertively to himself:

"Thank you Papa Frank for making me the most powerful man in the world".








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