A Warriors Call for War

A Warriors Call for War

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Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



This is about a warrior named John who is forced to fight in a war he does not want to fight in. Torn between friends, love, honor and his duty. He has to figure out a way to change his part in the war and the future outcome. But can he do it? His life and the lives of many hangs in the balance.
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This is about a warrior named John who is forced to fight in a war he does not want to fight in. Torn between friends, love, honor and his duty. He has to figure out a way to change his part in the war and the future outcome. But can he do it? His life and the lives of many hangs in the balance.

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Warriors Call for War

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This is about a warrior named John who is forced to fight in a war he does not want to fight in. Torn between friends, love, honor and his duty. He has to figure out a way to change his part in the war and the future outcome. But can he do it? His life and the lives of many hangs in the balance.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 05, 2014



Chapter I. A Teachers Introduction



The birds start to chirp, the wind blows and the house is silent. There is scattered armor and clothes around the bedroom. Our hero is just now waking up. “Wow my head hurts, did I just get hit by a truck? Ugh, what time is it?”,said John looking around the room. John looks the clock next on nightstand, the clock shows 11:47 am. “Oh no, I'm going to be late! I'm going to be late!”,he exclaimed. Jumping up out of the bed John dashes for the bathroom to get ready for the day. Trying to avoid the scattered armor and clothing, he enters the bathroom.

Upon stepping on to the linoleum floor he slips and falls. “Gah!! What the...why is the floor wet?! You know what I don't have time for these...these shenanigans!”,he exclaimed. While John is upstairs preparing for his day the aroma of food fills the air and a woman can be seen in the kitchen preparing food. “John? Your going to be late! The school won't tolerate a new teacher if he is late!”,said the lady. “I know, I know. But you know...they hired me... in their own type of way.”, said John in a cocky way.

John can be seen walking down stairs fixing the tabs on his armor and readjusting the sword by his side. “So...how do I look?”,he asked. “It's nice, it could use a touch up though, don't you think? The armor has slight scorch marks and your sword can use a good polishing.”,the lady said. John looks at his armor and sword in disappointment and gets ready to proceed back upstairs to change. “No, no John. You don't have to change it's fine. Just make sure you take it to the blacksmith after work.”, she said while chopping food.

“Ok, well that's a relief because I don't have any other armor that is in better shape than this. Hey, Mary have you seen my phone by any chance?”, John asked. John pats himself down and looks around swiftly through the room to see if he spots the phone. “No, I haven't...wait actually I have. You left it on the counter by the door. But I don't think it is in good shape though, it took a pretty nasty beating from that thing you fought from last night!”, said Mary. “Well, I guess I need to stop by the store on the way home, alright love I'll see you later.”, he said. “Alright, have a good day.”, said Mary while still prepping food. As Mary continues preparing the food, John can be seen walking hastily out of the house. He walks outside, closes and locks the door. He unsheathes his sword slowly, he raises his sword high into the air. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breathe, and then makes a several slashes in the air.

“Well here goes nothing.”, John said while unsure of himself. He does three slashes into the air, and sheathes his sword. Upon sheathing his sword he vanishes. The classroom is loud and rambunctious, paper is being thrown back and forth and spells are being aimlessly cast by students. The classroom grows louder with laughter and then a loud crackle is heard. A boom fills the room and echoes and the room is encompassed by bright white light and then he appears...

“Good evening, class. I am your new teacher for the rest of this year and hopefully the years to follow.”, John said with a nervous smile on his face. The class looks at John strangely on how he teleported into room without using an incantation or a return spell. At that moment a student stands up to say a remark. “Hey, nice sword where did you get that from the dollar store?,” said the student. The student laughs and then sits down while high-fiving another student. “Well, actually no. I didn't get it from a dollar store. It was made for me actually. But since my sword is so unpresentable would you mind showing me yours as having your own sword was one of the requirements of this class.”,said John while looking at his sword. The student stands up and detaches his sword from his backpack. He unsheathes his sword and shows John.

“My father made this sword for me, he enchanted it and he made sure it was really strong. And just for the record my name is Mike.”,Mike said proudly. “Well, Mike may you come up to the front of the class and tell us a bit about your sword.” John said with an enthusiastic voice. “Gladly, as my sword is far better than any other sword in this school.”, Mike said while grabbing his sword. Mike walks up to the front of the classroom and shows the class his sword. “See this is my sword, my sword is created by my dad whom you all should know very well. Michael Claw, my father killed over two hundred trolls and he slain a dragon. A black arts dragon at that too. This sword was made from that very dragon he killed and he enchanted it for me with a spell for strength, skill, and protection. It can take any spell, any type of energy and can withstand any kind of damage. Yes, I know my sword is awesome.”, he said while waving his sword around.

“Oh? Wow that must be a nice sword. May I see it?”, John asked. “Sure, there is nothing you can do with it though it is only usable by me.”, said Mike. “Well then I should have no problem wielding it then. Should I?”, John said while looking at Mike. Mike hands the sword over to John. He holds the sword firmly in his hand. John looks at the sword closely inspecting it, running his hand around the handle and hilt and along the blade. “This is a nice sword indeed, light-weight, had a nice blade to hilt ratio and it has a pretty neat design on it. But, unfortunately it was not created by the remains of a black arts dragon.”, John said while still studying the sword with intent eyes. “What do you mean its not made from a black arts dragon?! My father told me so!”, Mike exclaimed.

Johns' eyes slowly look up from the sword and into his students' eye. “Not to burst your bubble, but its not created from a dragon at all. Its not even enchanted. This sword was made from lirium ore. Which is a by-product of radioactive steel. It was then left in an area where slightly darker energy resided but nothing menacing. Which is why this sword has the dark presence it does. But in all honesty Mike, do you honestly believe your father would let you wield a sword with that much power. And its not even the power that it would have but the energy. The energy alone would corrupt you as your still very young and easily manipulated. The blade is weak, I doubt it would last one hit against bamboo let alone another sword. And to top that off the hilt and scabbard. Well lets just say its made improperly. But here I will do you a favor, I will enchant this sword for you.”, John said

Mike looks at John in disbelief not knowing what to say whether to accept the offer or to turn away as he insulted not only he sword but his father. The classroom sits and watches as the conversation ensues, intrigued by the new teacher. “No, I don't want you to enchant it and it is made from a dragon. And my sword can last against any other sword it surely can last against that piece of shit you call a sword!”, Mike said while pointing at Johns' sword. “Well then kiddo, I guess you will be the example of today's lesson.”, said John. John looks at his sword on the desk, his beautiful silver bladed sword, one that is decorated with a gold inscriptions, golden insignia and black leather wrapped handle.“Well class if you have not read chapter 21 in your Warrior's Hand-guide then you will not know what is about to happen, if you have then you should very well know that today's session and for the rest of the week was going to be about dueling. Now if we may proceed outside to the dueling grounds I will be out there in a moment.”, he said.

John walks over to his sword and picks it up and looks at it. He grabs the carrier and his sword and proceeds outside to the dueling grounds with the rest of the class.“Now Mike, you feel that your sword is adequate enough to take on another sword am I right?”, John asked. “Yes, I'm pretty sure.”, Mike said warily. “Well then, lets put that to the test. Draw your sword using your main hand and lets begin.”, John said while looking at Mike with intent eyes. Mike draws his sword and gets into his ready position. John knowing the capabilities of the sword unwraps his sword from its carrier and holds it firmly in hand.

“Be prepared for anything and everything. And don't hold back!”, John said to Mike whom is still preparing his sword. “Please, who am I holding back from my grandma! I'll show you that the sword my dad forged is better than that shit show you call a weapon, unsheathe your blade as you can't fight like that!”, Mike said with anger in his eyes. “Actually, on the contrary I can, think of it as that I'm wielding a safety saber. One that can injure but not seriously wound, cut, nor kill. So enough of the chit-chat are you ready?”, John said in a calm manner. “Ye....yea. I 'm ready.”, Mike said unsure of what does John mean by not being able to seriously wound. Mike thinks to himself, “Is this new teacher crazy or something, who fights with their weapon still in the sheathe?”

Mike charges at John and John dodges the attack. Mike slashes at John but to no avail as his attacks won't land. John slows down his movements to match that of his students' and allows his sword to clash against with the students'. “Yes! Your slow old man, I told you that you can't withstand my sword.”, said Mike. “Yes. You did but was it because of your own strategy of trying to repeatedly trying to attack me or because the opponent allowed you to land an attack?”, said John in a calm manner. “Shut up! I can fight without you trying to help me.”, Mike said while clenching his sword. With their two swords clashing John applies just enough force that causes Mike to slide a step back. As Mike slides back John takes a step back to reevaluate.

“Why did you step back? The enemy isn't supposed to step back .”, Mike said while looking at John. “Actually, the enemy can do whatever they want to win a fight. In a fight, duel, or any type of altercation there are no honor-bound rules against opponents. No morals nor guidelines to follow, nothing stopping them from taking the low blow and killing you. You should of read your book Mike it explains how to duel especially against non honor-bound combatants.”, John said while looking at Mike. “My father...”, Mike said unsure of himself. “Mike you are not your father so stop talking as if he was dueling for you! There is nothing to gain from it. Now, I will tell what I will do as a courtesy gesture. I will perform the "Final-Duelist" a move I'm sure you are familiar with, yes?”, John said annoyed. “No, what is that?”, Mike said wondering on what he meant on the “Final-Duelist”.

Classmates look towards one another gossiping, asking each other questions, whispering about the move about to be performed. “Is he really going to do the "Final-Duelist"?”, said a random female classmate. “I don't know, what is it?”, asked another a random male classmate. “The "Final-Duelist" is when two people raise their swords to the sky and then point it at one another. Then both of them dash at each other at a high speed, a speed that is supposedly faster than the naked eye can perceive. How it goes is that the first one to strike first wins, but its known as a kill blow due to its high lethality rate.”, said a random male classmate. “Wow!”, exclaimed a random female classmate. “Is he going to kill him, a teacher can't do that can they?”, a random female classmate asked. “Shhhhhhhhhh! They are about to perform it.

“The "Final-Duelist" is when two combatants raise their swords to the sky and then point it at one another. Both of combatants then dash at each other at a high speed, the one to attack first wins. It's on page 713, of the Warriors Hand-guide. You've should of learned this in Warrior Battle 101, Mr. Claw as this is an advanced class designed to instruct young people on how to utilize techniques. Now shall we begin?”, John said while looking up into the sky with boredom. “Yea, I guess so.”, Mike said warily. Both Mike and John raise their swords to the sky and then point their swords at one another. Both of them look at each other in the eye. Then both them run towards one another at full sprint gain more speed with each step. They dash past each other both doing a horizontal like slash. There is a pause and a stillness in the air. Mike's once ebony colored blade, shatters, leaving him holding nothing but the hilt.

“See you should never judge a book by its cover. I was able to destroy your sword while having my sword sheathed. You need to a new sword one that not only suites you but can be used for dueling not decoration and a new attitude to go with it.”, John said while wiping his sword off. “My sword! You broke my sword! I can't....believe this.”, Mike said while trying to hold back tears. “I actually forewarned you about your sword, but you was determined to make a point. Yes your point was made alright. It was made showing that you have a lot to learn. Now if we may, I have a class to teach and you have sword to get. Now go to the principals office and request for a temporary sword until you can get one fashioned by the schools' blacksmith.”, John said while clasping his sword back to his waist.

Mike looks down at the remains of his blade on the ground and then turns around heading back towards the building with tears streaming down his face. “Class, this demonstration is over. Find a partner, and start practicing on your basic moves of dueling which should be strikes and blocks.”, John said. The students can be seen gathering to one another conversing on who would partner with whom. As the students gather, drawing swords and training a female can be seen walking in the distance from the school to the grounds where John is standing. “Hello there, you must the new instructor Mr...”, said the female. “John, my name is John.”, he said while looking at the the blond hair green eyed lady, wondering to himself why is she not wearing armor but instead dress clothes.

“No last name Mr. John?”, the lady said raising one eyebrow. “I prefer for not to say it, its a long last name and people often mispronounce it”, said John knowing that if nothing good would come from her knowing his last name. “Oh, ok well I'm Ms. Chernaple, I'm the head principal of WaterCroft Battle School”, said Ms.Chernaple. “I was wondering why did Mike get sent down to the office, he seems distraught, and from what I can tell its over his broke toy sword.”, Ms.Chernaple said. “Oh, I was just merely making a point to Mr.Claw, about swords it was nothing serious.”, John said while nervously smiling and scratching his head, hoping that he won't get fired. “Ah ok, I was just trying to clarify, but I was actually stopping by to hand you your instructors I.D card so you may enter the armory to obtain the armor that has been assigned to you.”, Ms.Chernaple said while handing John his I.D.

“Wow, I don't get to wear my own armor?”, asked John. “Unfortunatly no, school policy, the last instructor we had decided to wear a set of armor that has poison on it from an alchemy mishap and one of the students just so happened to touch it and well...yea long story short the student is in the hospital. But I an assure you that the armor is made out of the finest material we have to offer.”, Ms.Chernaple said. “Oh ok well if thats the case then I will pick the armor up after class.”, John said. “Actually you can go pick up the armor now, as your shift as instructor isn't for another four hours, you where pretty early arriving from what I hear.” Ms.Chernaple said while smiling. “I was? I didn't even know I thought was I late, well then I will go get the armor then.”,said John while thinking to himself that did need to and get him some new armor as his was pretty worn out. John smiles, shakes Ms.Chernaples' hand and starts to walk away but before he could turn around he finds that his wrist is grabbed by Ms.Chernaple. “Wait, your going to be needing this, its a digital map of the school so you don't get lost, we've had that happen on multiple occasions to new students and teachers alike.”, Ms.Chernaple said while handing him the digital map. John takes the tablet and then looks up at the brown brick cladded school. It was enormous in feat and beautiful in architecture, glass made out of the finest material, stone statues, a mini waterfall. It was a sight to behold John thought to himself, he then wonders where is the school locate as he merely teleported to the location he never was truly told on where WaterCroft was located.

“Ms.Chernaple...”,said John. “Please, call me Elizabeth”, she said interrupting John in mid-sentence. “Oh, well Elizabeth where is WaterCroft located, I was given the coordinates but never the location.”, John said while looking around to examine his surroundings. “Watercroft is not based in any one place, it takes up multiple spaces actually, WaterCroft is not located on Earth but a different realm all together. If you notice that in certain courtyards we have different species of creatures running around, like if you look around here you will find more unicorns than anything else, or if you go to the upper courtyards you will find dragons or a phoenix. Which is why I given you the digital map, don't want you opening the wrong door and something happen to you.”, Ms.Chernaple explained to John.

“You mentioned upper courtyards, how big is this building to be exact?”. John asked. “Nothing slips past you does it? We have over hundreds of courtyards to honest as there are over hundreds of different realms. Which is why you where not given a specific location as there are none, this school technically does not exist much like the other stuff that goes on here.”, Ms.Chernaple explained. “What do you mean don't “exist”?”, John asked. “Well, as you know back on Earth fairies, dragons, gryphons and the like are just myths, legends, fairy tales. But that is not true, it exists but not in the way most people perceive. Humans don't actually understand much about the world that transpire around them, how there life is interacted with or driven by unseen forces. Earth only knows of two species which are fairly popular at this time.”, Ms.Chernaple explained. “By those two species I'm assuming your referring to angels and demons?”, John said.

“Yes, see the way life is going on Earth those are the only two species acknowledged, everything else is a myth or a legend. And even then those two species aren't known all that well, humans normally say angel or demon, not knowing that there are different sub-categories for each specie, like not all angels are the same one could find a enochian angel which can differ from a courtwynd angel.”, explained Ms.Chernaple. “I understand, so this is a learning facility of all kinds?”, John asked. “Yes, humans, dragons, pixies all kinds of living beings come here to learn, even the humans who don't know anything about the unseen forces come here to learn.” Ms.Chernaple explained. “ We also have different areas of the building, some areas need a certain clearance like the Black Arts section of the building requires a higher clearance than a White Arts section. But I will not hold you as I have pressing matters I must attend to and you must go get your armor, it was nice meeting you Mr.John I look forward to seeing you again.”, Elizabeth said. “Likewise, and thank you for the information, I greatly appreciate it.”, stated John.



Chapter II. What a Vision Entails


John then begins to walk towards to the school while Elizabeth continues walking away from the school into the courtyard. As John enters the building again he is notices he vision is getting blurry. John stumbles into through the door as he stumbles through the door his sigh goes dark and everything becomes numb. He then sees faint runes and sigils appearing before his eyes, he wonders what is going on. As the sigils appear he notices a war grazed land appearing before him, one where he sees beings fighting but not ordinary beings. The beings he see are black in color and have a red glow to them, their eyes glow with malice. Just as quickly as the visions came they disappeared, John sensation of touch comes back and his vision returns he scrambles to his feet and looks around hoping nobody saw him.

“Talk about crazy, I wonder why I saw those images, and those runes they where of Nordic origins.”, John thought to himself. Shaking off the feeling he looks down at the tablet and then looks around the area to see where he is at. “According to his map I'm in Section 2A of the school, it says that in this section the Library and Cafeteria is in this area. I wonder where the armory is at.”, John thought to himself. He swipes through the menus on the tablet until he gets a reference of the entire school. “You got to be kidding me!”, John exclaimed. “The armory is all the way over on the other side of the building, in Section 49 J! That's a good half a mile way how do these kids get back and forth from classes with this school being this big.”, John thought to himself. As John continued reading the map a young brunette dressed in an ivory colored battle armor with silver pinkish trim walks up to him out of curiosity. “ I see your new here?”, said the young lady. “Yes I am, how do you know?”, John asked. “I can tell from your armor that you are either new or your just some lost person who stumbled into our school. But I'm sure you are new here.”, said the young lady while pushing up her black framed glasses.

“My name is Dorieaminthius Silwaser, but you can just call me Dori for short and you?”, said Dori. “My name is John its nice to meet you.”, John said while still looking down at the tablet. “Oh I see your trying to find the armory, you know the school is not that big, when you zoom out it shows you how far of a walk it would be from a different level of the school but when you zoom in it shows you how close you are.”, Dori explained. “Actually the armory is just down the hall here to the left of the Weapon Sanitization room its not hard to miss.” “Thank you very much!”, John said with excitement. “ Oh its no problem it looked like you needed help and I was on my way to the cafeteria anyway.”, Dori said. “Well I best be going you take care.” Dori told John. As Dori walked off John started to walk off towards to the armory. As he walked down the hallway he noticed names of fallen warriors on the wall, until he saw the name of warrior he once knew. “Jake Pretway, he didn't die at the Battle of Hordus Mountain. He survived, and he changed, he joined evil and forsakened he ways to uphold freedom and justice. But can you blame him? His wife left him, kid left him, hell even his cat left him.”, John thought to himself.

John continued on down the hall until he reached the armory the door was brown in color like chestnut with some silver overtones. He swiped his card through the card swipe that was adjacent from the door knob. Upon swiping his I.D the wooden door transformed into a metal vault like door which opened up to display a warehouse like room filled with weapons and armor. “This is every warriors toy house, the weapons in this room...wow! I could lost in here for days.”, John thought to himself. John stepped in side and noticed that the tablet was now making a weird noise a slow beep. He looked down at the tablet and realized the tablet was informing him of where his armor was located in the room. He followed the beeping until he located his armor. “Walking through this room is like walking through a maze, if I didn't have this map I'm sure I would of gotten lost.”, John thought. As John walked up to where his armor was placed he noticed that it was covered with a type of clothe. “I'm not expecting much from this armor except that it would be made out of some lesser material to what I already got on.”, John quietly muttered.

He walked up to where his armor was at and removed the clothe only to see a new set of armor. He looked at the armor in disbelief, there with light from over head shining on it he stared at the armor. He never seen armor so amazing before, this armor was not like any armor he has seen before in his life. It was silver in color, with black malachite trim, the body of the armor, was decorated with what looked like a dragon claw styling fashioned out of quartz crystal in the front with a glowing tiger eye in the back. The gauntlets where silver with a jet black trim and claws on the finger tips. The belt of the armor had what looked like dragon scales on them and the boots where fashioned in the same way. The shoulders had sharp edges to them coated in a crystalline substance. And his helmet was shaped like the head of a dragon.

“Words do not describe....how beautiful this armor is.”, John said while rubbing on the armor. He then proceeded to take off his current armor and put on the new set. He undid the straps to his armor and took off his current armor. He then proceeded to put on his new armor, chest piece and leg guards first, then boots, then the gauntlets. He adjusted the straps on his armor and then looked at the helmet. He took a deep breathe and then placed the helmet on his head pulling it down tight. The helmet came all the way down on his head and aligned with it perfectly, the eyes of the dragon helmet concealed his eyes and the mouth of the dragon helmet was the only part of the helmet that exposed a piece of his flesh. He took a moment to look at the armor and then traced his fingers down the gauntlets. Only for the armor to transform into a pure silver and black trimmed set of armor. “Hey!, what happened to the armor!”, John yelled. A voice comes over the P.A system for the Armory. “The armor was in battle sense a feature that only activates when you are either in danger or in a fight, we can't have our staff walking around with armor like that someones eye might get poked out.

So your armor is now in normalcy in which all the “cool” little features are gone and your left looking like a...well like a teacher.”, said the voice of the P.A. “Wow! Alright first time I ever heard of armor like this but I'll take it, is there ever a chance I will get to use that battle sense stuff or no?”, John asked the voice. “No, the school rarely gets attacked and even then its never a serious threat that requires armor escalation.”, explained the voice. John disappointed placed his old armor on the shelf of where he new armor once sat and left the armory. As he stepped out the door transformed back into a wooden door. He looked around and proceeded to walk down the hallway. “I think I will stop in the cafeteria, I still have three hours left until my shift as instructor and I am hungry.”, John thought to himself. He walked away from the armory, down the hall and into the cafeteria. As he walked in he noticed Mike sitting at a table with some friends laughing. Mike noticed John and quickly looked away from him in disgust and went back to talking to his friends.

John walks up to the lunch line, grabs a tray and proceeds to get his food. As he is getting his food he gets an uneasy feeling and hears his name being called. “John is that you? Oh John “Chief Warrior?” I know you hear me!, said the voice. The cafeteria gets quiet and John eyes get wide, he turns around to see who it was, it turns out it is none other than Jake Pretway.

To Be Continued...

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