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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Population control is decided by a historic meeting of delegates.

Submitted: April 24, 2011

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Submitted: April 24, 2011




“Will the delegations please present their positions to this committee? China first please.”

“Thank you Presiding Chairman. As you know, China has aggressively and effectively handled the problem of overpopulation for several decades. Our stringently enforced laws have assured that China's annual growth rate was no more than two percent. However, to be blunt, we have experienced an upsurge from migrating citizens to other countries.” The delegate paused. “Data shows that about ten percent of our younger couples are crossing our borders to secure dual citizenship from neighboring countries, Population laws in outlying counties are not enforced as they are in China. This seems to be a hole that we can't plug and is pushing our nation toward record overpopulation numbers. All of this has occurred due to the lax guidelines of surrounding countries. We have protested consistently for help to control the problem. We have waited patiently and there have been no changes.”

“That's why we are putting this to vote,” the Chairman broke in.

“As soon as possible, please Presiding Chairman. The growth rate is still manageable for a projected five years, but China would like to vote in favor of the motion before the delegation.”

The Chairman hesitated .The Brazilian delegate spoke next.

“There have been some drastic problems in the last three years for Latin American countries. It's true that we have had an explosion of unexpected growth in the last three years. There was no way to predict the massive influx of people once the selenium deposits were discovered in the region. This almost tripled the populations in most major cities.”

“But you enacted no laws or restrictions to curb the growth,” the Canadian delegate chastened. “Isn't that true?”

“It is, but you must understand that Brazil has been an undeveloped country for most of it's history. No suburban growth has ever occurred due to the rain forest protection. Mining selenium has catapulted most of South America to the forefront as a technological resource developer. We are no longer a third world country. So it stands to reason that rapid growth is the result.”

“You should have accounted for the population growth. This was an oversight on projections. Correct?”

“Every country is having difficulty controlling population, Presiding Chairman. Each in in a unique and unforeseen way. We are aggressively trackingall the contributing factors and are prepared to intact laws regulating breeding with the next six months.”

“I hope this will not include relocation,” the delegate from England interrupted. “Moving people will not stop them from breeding. And as China has just informed us, laws only force the breeders across the border.”

“All right!” the Chairman busted in. “We have heard enough. You all have the data in front of you. We have an unmanageable problem of overpopulation in all countries and dominions that will become catastrophic within two years. We have to act now to stem the tide threatening to diminish resources on this planet. What I am looking for, are solutions. Anyone? Please speak up, otherwise I will have to put the resolution to a vote.”

The delegation was silent. The silence reflected the sobering decision facing all of them. A vote for the resolution would be final and irrevocable.

“We can't do what you propose. It is against the contracts we have made with our governments.”

“Then let's look again at the proposal. I am willing to review it again from a legal standpoint, I think all of us should,” the Chairman interjected. “The proposal to put to a vote of this delegation is as follows: Due to the overpopulation crisis throughout the globe it is necessary to take drastic means to stem the overflow. Planetary resources are dwindling at a rate of twenty-seven percent yearly. Waste production is now spilling into all once clean water sources. Reserves are non existent. Food production cannot meet the demands of the growing population and any weather shift even slightly could force an epidemic of starvation in over forty-five percent of every population. All food storage reserves are gone. No jobs, no incomes no resources will be the outcry within ten years. Loss and panic will only lead to only more migrations and more breeding. This planet has only one solution.”

No one spoke. The facts were indisputable. The deafening quiet had morphed into a kind of death rattle among the delegates. It had became very obvious that the Chairman was going to get what he wanted.

“What percentage?” the U.S. delegate shouted out.

“You have the data in front of you.”

“We just can't eliminate sixty-two percent of the world population! First of all it's illegal, unethical and war like. The idea is insane and we can't even consider this.

The chairman paused. “That's why we'll vote. We're at the precipice. We have no choice.”

“Why was this decision delayed for so long?” the delegate from France questioned.

“As you can see, just from our discussion, no one wanted to confront the problem except maybe China and they even had issues with it. Also, this was not an easy task to solve given the regulations and legal rights in separate countries. But the breeding has gone on too long with no government taking responsibility for control.”

China spoke. “Ok, let's say we move in that direction. How could you implement something like this, it could cost a nation billions.”

“We have the solution,” Australia broke in. “There is a way, a humane and effective way to make this happen.

“Continue,” the Chairman indicated.

“The best scenario is to maintain all of the social dynamics. We need to keep the population characteristics the same, just diminish the numbers.”

“So we reduce the numbers on a percentage basis across the board?” the United States delegate suggested. “All age groups, all income levels equally?”

“By leaving the same social dynamics in place, society as a whole shouldn't change. Any adjustment period will be slight. Infra structure will stay intact. This can fast track the cut back in population.”

“And how about clean up?” France asked. “How do you expect to handle a world wide disposal of that many bodies. Disease will be rampant. The amount of carcasses alone could trigger a global epidemic.”

“The bio-nanos will render any lifeless body septic and will digest everything leaving only trace minerals the size of a pea... very fast and efficient...very inexpensive. This will not be a problem.”

“We haven't discussed the legal issues,” India said. “This is murder, genocide and species inihillation. We owe our people more than this. We need a real solution.”

“There are no alternatives,” the Chairman said sternly ” We are are at a stalemate. Two years ago no decision,,,last year no decision. Without any decision, more will die, this planet will die. The breeding is out of control. So we vote now.”

“We need to consider all of the repercussions and make a judgement based on the data.,” England protested.

“No more delay!” the Chairman responed. “Delegates...present your votes.”

It was quiet. Reluctantly every country cast a final vote. Then without delay, the Chairman announced the vote.

“The decision is made. Eradication will begin immediately. Submit your list of names and corresponding genetic markers for each individual to be terminated. The bio-nanos will be programmed with those names and markers. We should see a steady decline in the populations within two weeks.”

Three years ago, the “Singularity” was achieved. Mandkind's own science had designed machines capable of exceeding the processing power of the human mind. Now the machines were in charge. The single decision to eliminate and disolve seventy two percent of humanity happened in a single meeting of all of the computer overseers in every nation of the world.....the meeting lasted only one tenth of a second.

© Copyright 2020 Robert Trimble. All rights reserved.

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