Love Life a Romantic Short Story

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This is the first part of my diary format romantic fiction.
This is a tale of 2 people who meet at a young age and their lives together.
please feel free to offer criticism, but bear in mind i am trying to capture the mind set of the character and I wrote in what style he would.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013





Love Life

Entry #1


Hello my name is Daniel, I am 15 years old. Just started year 10 in South Crete School.

I am writing this because I have met a girl.

She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, deep blue eyes, a face as if its been carved out of marble, her body so slender and fragile, her hair bright blonde as if the sun itself has kissed the roots.

We met under odd circumstances, I was walking to class from break when I saw her standing with her friends, she was laughing and smiling, her smile so captivating I couldn't withdraw my gaze.

She caught me staring, shot me an awkward glance then smiled. I walked to my lesson quickly, embarrassed of being caught in such a vulnerable state. I made it to my lesson early (which is unlike me) and took my seat, then the worst thing that could happen at this point happened, the girl with 2 of her friends walked in, noticed me instantly, turned bright red then took her seat across the room from me.

I tried not to look, to save more embarrassment but I couldn't help it, she was so beautiful I still couldn't withdraw my gaze. I know she caught me looking a few times but she didn't let on.

After the lesson ended I picked up my books, shoved them in my bag and left quietly with my friends.

As we got to the door the girl and her friends got there at the same time. Normally I would be at the fore front of shoving through people to get out of class rooms but this time I invited the girl and her friends to leave first.

It goes without saying that my friends didn't let me live it down, they tried to find out which one of the girls I liked, I didn't spill, I am stronger than that, there is nothing more embarrassing than your friends knowing you like a girl, makes life difficult.

As the last class ended I thought how disappointing it was I hadn't seen her since 3rd lesson.

I shrugged it off though, packed my stuff up, said good bye to my friends and started the venture home.

As I passed the halfway point, past the world war 2 bunker, I heard crying in the wooded next to me. Intrigued I walked towards the source of the crying.

I yelled through the tress and bushes

“Hello? are you okay in there?”

The crying continued, followed by scuffling and giggling.

Something didn't feel right so I marched in following the source of the disturbance.

The crying got louder the closer I got to a fallen willow tree. The branches was hiding what was behind. As I approached the fallen tree, a lump developed in my throat. I put my hands through the branches, separated them and pushed through blindly and there she was.

The girl from school was sitting there knees tucked up to her chin, face covered in mud, scraps and scratches covered both cheeks. She looked at me,started to tremble and cower.

“Please don't hurt me, I have done nothing wrong, please.”

I stood there shocked, what had happened to this girl? I stepped towards her and she flinched.

I knelt down so I had eye contact with her.

“Hey, I am not going to hurt you. My name is Dan, Dan Stormy.”

I smiled at her reassuringly and to my surprised she smiled back, even through the mud, scrapes and scratches her smile was as captivating as it was in school.

“I'm Emily, Emily West.”

I smiled at her, mostly out of a sense of achievement of calming her down slightly.

“What happened to you Emily?”

She looked at me questioningly, I didn't blame her as she had been through a lot and probably doesn't trust anybody right now.

“I was walking home with my friends, the ones you saw me with 3rd lesson and one decided to take a short cut through here,”

she started crying again

“then when we got here they attacked me took my bag and called me all the names under the sun.”

I couldn't believe what I had heard, how could any one do that to someone, especially someone so beautiful. I stood up straight, extended my hand to her.

“Let's get you home, I'll walk you.”

She looked at me unsure at first, hesitant but I guess she saw the honesty in my eyes.


Turns out she only lives around the corner a little further up from me. She moved in only 2 weeks ago. Probably explains why I haven't seen her around much.

We talked a lot on the way to her house even took the slightly longer way home. The conversation flowed so easily, not once did we run out of things to talk about, she smiled a lot, and every time she did I my stomach knotted up, I guess that's the butterflies people in the films talk about.

When we arrived at her house I insisted on walking her to the doorstep.

She thanked me for everything I had done today and she hopes to see me in school tomorrow.

I knew I had to see her tomorrow so I offered to walk her to school in the morning, since her friends won't be.

She smiled and agreed.



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