Thor Does Jane Foster

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Thor and Jane do it.

Submitted: November 07, 2013

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Submitted: November 07, 2013



In the sweet autumn night, under a gorgeous New Mexico sky, Jane Foster finally submitted to her desire and Thor's.
The God of Thunder flipped Jane over and did her.
Thor and Jane were rapturous with joy for days.
But gods and mortals were not meant to mingle.
Thor's semen had intense energy to power a nuclear reactor for 600 years.

A week later Jane Foster was calibrating a giant telescope with her sidekick Kat Denning.
"I want to have his baby." Jane said.
As Jane was finishing the configuration, she spontaneously exploded.
Kat ran out screaming, covered with the blood and brain stuff of Jane Foster.

Thor, heartbroken, returned to Asgard.
"My Jane is forever lost" he wailed.
Odin was laughing his head off.
"What did you think would happen. You laid down with a fragile mortal?"
Thor wept.
"But that's just the problem" Odin said. "You don't think."

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