I Heard That!!!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
When a corrupt government can literally police its citizens thoughts, something must be done to stop it.

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012




I Heard That!!!

By R. Stempien

Copyleft 2013 R. Stempien

“No Rights Reserved”

Smashwords Edition

Cover art by Kevin Sortor

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To the extent possible under law, the person who associated CC0 1.0 Universal with this work has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. The summary of the Legal Code is available at http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/.This work is published from United States

I do not retain the rights to this work, no matter what the official Booksie copyright says.

Cover Art license


To the extent possible under law, kevin sortor has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to i heard that!!! cover. This work is published from: United States.


Alan stumbled out of the dark, grungy factory that was his place of business. He was your typical 22-year-old; tall and muscular, with short hair. The only thing off about him were the electrical wires protruding out of his skull. They were on both sides of his head and connected to two small metal boxes, safely resting in his hair. He was dressed in a plain grey uniform with soot covering his face. He walked down an old decaying sidewalk with miles of metallic buildings and a bleak sun setting over the horizon. He noticed an attractive, young woman walking by. When he caught a quick glance at her, she turned and said to him,

"You’re a fucking pig, you know that?!" It wasn't that she saw his glance, she could read his mind and see what he thought about her. A cop approached Alan and handed him a ticket.

"What the fuck is this for?" Asked Alan in frustration.

"Obscenity, and you're lucky it was a first time violation or the punishment would have been a lot worse," He replied in an authoritative manner.

He then set off to his apartment; an old gray building where most of the windows were boarded up. He entered and walked past the receptionist desk.

"Hello!" exclaimed Marv cheerfully, with a big smile on his face. Inside his head, Alan heard, “Stupid douche bag. Late on his rent again.” Alan turned to him with a look of anger.

"Hey asshole, you'll get your rent as soon as I have the money! You try working in a factory 10 hours a day!"

"I have a hard enough time dealing with douches like you! Now pay your fucking rent, or so help me god you'll be evicted before daybreak!"

Alan's face turned a deep red, and he sulked his way up the stairs to his room. He opened the door and walked through his gray dilapidated kitchen with mold in the cupboards. He got to his bedroom, where there were lots of crumpled up papers on the floor and a bed with no sheets on it. Atop was a woman who appeared to be in her mid 30's. She was sitting there smoking a cigarette, warily watching the small TV that they had. On it was a news report about another arrest; a class 7 thoughtcrime, rebellious impulses. Alan flopped down on the bed next to her.

"Hey Ariel," he groaned.

"Hey babe," she replied in an offhand manner. She continued watching the TV." So, you got a ticket today?" She said reading his mind.


She dove deeper into his mind to find out what the ticket was for. The results horrified her.

"Pervert!!!" She yelled. Before he could respond, he was kicked in the nuts and thrown out the door.

"Fucking bitch!!!" He yelled. He picked himself up, dusted off his clothes and began to make his way down to the lobby. Marv was still standing there, big stupid grin and all. He read Alan's mind.

"Ha ha, the bitch kicked your ass to the curb!" He exclaimed excitedly. Alan stomped up to him with the angriest look in the world and clocked Marv in the face, sending him quietly to the floor with a thud. He stormed out of the building and down the street. He passed a few men standing on the corner smoking cigarettes.

"Hey man, I'm sorry about what happened!" One yelled.

"Get out of my head!" Alan yelled back.

He walked up an old dusty street corner and looked into a shop window with a murderess look on his face. He started to tense up even more. A cop was standing there, he read into his thoughts.

"Put your hands up!" He barked.

Alan ignored him and readied himself to pitch a large rock he’d quickly found.

"I said put your hands up!" He had his gun drawn and a group of people were gathering around them. Alan threw the stone and as it broke the glass, all hell broke loose. The cop reached out to grab Alan, but then a club struck him from behind sending him to the ground. Suddenly, a massive and violent fight erupted. It grew larger and larger and gun shots started going off. Alan managed to take out a few people before a club struck him in the face, knocking him out cold.

He awoke to find himself on a bare, operating table in a dark, sparse room. On one of the walls was a large window that revealed a small observer room on the other side. In this room was a group of people standing silently, side by side. They all were dressed in the same outfit; black combat boots, black jeans, and black zipped-up leather coats with black hoodies underneath, the hoods being pulled up over their heads. There were also black leather gloves on their hands. On their faces: smiling guy Fawkes masks. Each had a side arm strapped to their thighs. Alan stared in perplexity at them for a moment until he noticed his head feeling funny. He reached up slowly to touch his head but his hands stopped abruptly. He looked down and saw handcuffs - they had chained him to the table. He moved his feet and realized they were chained down too. He ignored it and lifted up his head and over to his hands. He felt his head and at first could tell that he was bald. So, they had shaved his head. It still felt like something was missing. He felt around a little more and discovered large bandages in two places in his head: in the area where the wires used to be! Alan started thrashing furiously on the table, yelling at the top of his lungs.

"What the fuck did you psychos do to me?" He exclaimed. The people in the other room just stood there for a few moments, watching him have his fit. Finally, one of them walked out of the observation room and over to Alan.

"Hey! Shut the fuck up!" He yelled, sounding irritated. Alan just kept on with what he was doing. The man reached out and grabbed Alan by the neck. He then got right up in his face.

"Shut your goddamn mouth, before I glue it shut." He said tensely. Alan stopped at that point.

"Who are you and what the fuck did you do to me?" He asked.

"We are the Freedom Fighters - a group of individuals determined to overthrow this oppressive, intrusive government. As for what we did to you, we simply removed that god awful telepathy device implanted in your skull." He replied calmly.

"I think I've heard of you." He replied.

"No doubt it was government propaganda. They've been trying forever to make us out to be psycho terrorists."

"But you are terrorists...?"

"Well yes, but we’re good terrorists. The government we fight is evil. It puts a fucking wire in your head and monitors all your fucking thoughts. Plus, we fight for freedom. All our stated goals are proliberty, so we are the good terrorists sir."

"That sounded very rehearsed."

"Yeah, I get asked this a lot. So why did you have trouble recognizing us before? You said we’re popular propaganda."

"I don't watch TV much, it’s all bullshit what they say on there."

"Well there’s something we can agree on." That produced a chuckle from both of them. "I don't know how to approach this, so I'll just go right out and say it: do you want to join us?"

"Why me?"

"Well, we couldn't exactly leave you there after the riot broke out. You would have been executed. In fact, you were lucky we showed up in the middle of it all, and since we can't exactly let you leave here, this is the only option left. You seem to have the balls and the attitude for the job. The only real question is can you use a gun?"

"Maybe with some training."

"Okay! You're in! By the way, my name is Simon." He took off his mask to reveal an older, grizzled face. He unchained Alan, who reached out to shake his hand.

"I'm Alan." He replied. He stood up and they shook hands.

"Well, glad to have you aboard Alan. Here is your welcoming packet and your uniform." He handed Alan a paper packet and a folded, pressed uniform.

"Meet with Ellen. She will show you around." As he said this, a woman who Alan assumed was Ellen walked into the room. She was wearing most of the uniform, except the hood was down and the mask was off; it revealed an attractive face that looked to be in its thirties, with long locks of blonde hair. Alan smiled at her.

"Hello. I assume you're Ellen?" He said slyly.

"Yes." She replied in that same sly tone. Simon looked at both of them.

"Okay, well I have to go do something." He immediately ran off.

"Well, shall I lead you to your room?"

"You shall."

They walked down a long crowded hallway until finally going through a door leading to Alan's room. It was a sparse with nothing but a bed, a nightstand, and a bathroom.

"I'm going to take a shower." He said.

"Ok." Ellen sat down on his bed as he went into the bathroom and began to shower. After a few moments, Ellen took her clothes off and went in to join him.

They were setting there on his bed, Alan had most of his uniform on and was tying up his last boot. Ellen was sitting next to him, still naked and rubbing his shoulders.

"So I gotta ask, what's with all the black?" Alan said.

"Simon really likes it. And he founded the Freedom Fighters after he broke out of prison."

"What’d he go to prison for?"

"Political dissent."

"Makes sense."

"Yeah, Simon's pretty headstrong. You have to be able to tell your government to go fuck itself in order to form a group like us."

"Yeah." He finished tying up his boot and looked at some of the papers in his packet. First, he grabbed the introduction page. It read:

Greetings! If you're reading this, then you have decided that you're tired of this fascist government squashing our freedoms and reading our fucking thoughts and have decided to join the Freedom Fighters. We are a group dedicated to destroying this fascist government and returning freedom to you, the individual. As a member, all we ask is that you don't reveal our location and that you fight with us to the end. That is all.

Simon Out.

"Well, that was charming." Alan added dryly.

"Yeah, he definitely has a way with words"

“I can tell. We best be heading out now, Simon’ll probably think we died." Ellen stood up to put on her clothes.

"Jesus tap dancing Christ, it took you 4 hours to get ready?!" Simon yelled, exasperated to Alan. Then he saw Ellen walk out behind him. He slapped his hand on his face and sighed.

"You can't be serious?" He pointed at Ellen.

"You screw ‘em faster and faster every time don't you?"

"Hey, you’re the dumbass that assigned him to me.”


He pointed at Alan. "So tell me, how was she?" Alan looked nervous now.

"Don't answer that," replied Ellen.

So Alan kept his mouth shut.

"Enough chatter. Let's get down to business."

They were in a big room with lots of large computer monitors on the wall and lots of keyboards. It looked really busy with lots of people running about. Three of them walked over to another man about middle aged with glasses on. He was working on a slick tablet computer with thick concentration.

"What's the game plan Oliver?" asked Simon.

"Um, Simon aren't you going to introduce me to the new guy?” Oliver asked quizzically.

"Oh sorry. Oliver, this is Alan. Alan, this is Oliver, our leading intelligence officer." Alan and Oliver shook hands.

"Good to meet you Oliver," said Alan.

"OK, now back to business." He pulled out a map.

"We know that the location of the capital building is here."

He pointed to a large, tall, superstructure in the middle of the city.

"The head ruler, Lord Walker, lives there, his death is the key to the end of this fascist government."

Simon interrupted him.

"See, that’s the problem with centralized governments. You cut off the head and the rest dies. People throughout history never seem to realize that and then wonder why their pathetic fucking system falls to pieces."

"Shut up, Simon!" yelled Ellen.

Simon blushed.

"Sorry, please continue."

"OK. Anyways, recently we’ve discovered a hole in the capital’s security system. If we exploit that hole, it will weaken their defenses enough for us to invade the complex. We will have to strike fast to succeed, or else Lord Walker will escape. Does this all sound good to you, Simon?"

"Yes. This will work just fine. We will need about a week to prepare though. That should also give Alan enough time to train. OK, Alan you come with me."

Alan followed Simon out into a hallway and then into a large industrial room; with lots of vehicles, weapons, armor, and other machinery scattered about. It looked like a mechanic’s wet dream. Simon and Alan walked over to a half assembled helicopter; the lower half of a body was poking out from underneath it.

"Hey Dan, I've got someone for you to meet!" called Simon.

Out from underneath the car popped a man in his early thirties; he had ripped greasy blue jeans, brown chukka boots, a ripped greasy t-shirt, and an old worn brown baseball cap. He had short black hair and the beginnings of a beard.

"Dan, this is Alan, our newest member. Alan, this is Dan, our head engineer."

Dan produced a grease-covered hand to Alan.

"Good to have you with us," he said happily.

"OK Dan, show us some of the stuff you've been working on."

"Well, let’s start with the helicopter. I reinforced the outsides with extra armor so they won't be taken down so easily."

He patted the outside of it.

"I also mounted a heavy machine gun on the floor, right in the doorway. That way we have even better defenses. And on the ceiling, you have your zip line; which when close enough to a window, can shoot through and stick to a wall, that way we can slide across and into a building."

He walked a little farther back to a jeep with no roof and a machine gun mounted in front of the back seat.

"Well, this here is just your standard jeep, except I also reinforced the body with armor. I like doing that... It also has a machine gun mounted on it too."

He walked even further to a stark, wooden table and picked up a black AK-47 that had an inconel blast chamber.

"This is our standard issue weapon: a black fully-automatic AK." He then picked up a pistol.

"And here is our standard issue side arm: a 9mm." Alan looked down and saw an opened-up version of the device in his head earlier.

"Hey, is that the thing you guys pulled out of my head?" Alan Asked.

"Yeah, the medics bring all the used ones here. They want me to study them and figure out how they work."

"And how do they work?"

"Well, the technology is called neuroimaging and the way it works is that different parts of your brain light up when you think different things. The wires detect which parts of the brain light up and the computer translates them into something people can understand. The computers’ info is then picked up by the government and by any individuals in range." Simon cut him off.

"The whole thing is fucking stupid. The mind was the one last sacred and private thing we humans had and what did people do? They went ahead and invaded that! Now anyone and their brother can know exactly what you're thinking. Privacy as we know it is unheard of in our culture now, and...." As he continued ranting, Dan looked over at Alan.

"He has an opinion on everything, doesn't he?" Alan said.

"You catch on fast," replied Dan.

"I don't get why he has to rant on about everything."

"He has some very strong opinions," said Alan.

"Well, I have my opinions and you have yours, but that doesn't mean we need to force them on each other," replied Dan.

"Then why are you a terrorist?”

"Well I have one opinion. No, one rule that I live by: “Don't fuck with my guns” and the government broke that rule."

"That’s a good rule."

Simon at this point finished his rant and turned to the two of them. "Where were we?"

Dan picked up the handle of a sword and hit a button on it. Out sprung a long, thick, shiny blade.

"Here's your basic sword; titanium blade, it can cut through anything." He swung it a few times before setting it down. Simon turned to look at Alan with a big grin on his face.

"So? What do you think?"

Alan returned the grin. "I'm thinking... Let’s go kill some feds."

For the next 4 days, Alan trained. He trained very hard; about weapons, tactics, and most importantly, ideas. When he was finished, Alan was ready. Ready to take down Lord Walker and end his accursed rule.

Alan and Ellen were now walking side by side down a busy hallway holding hands. They were on their way to the main auditorium, where everyone in the base would prepare for battle. It was very crowded in there; almost all the seats were filled with people. Near the front row, Alan and Ellen were seated in between Oliver and Dan. Simon got up to the podium to speak. Everyone ceased talking.

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we are about to make history. Tonight, we will reinforce the ideas of freedom, justice, and equality. We shall break into the capital and destroy Lord Walker, and bring down this evil government in one fell swoop. It is my hope that we can replace this overgrown shithole of a government with a good, free stateless society. A society of free minds and free markets. Where everyone is in charge of their own destiny."

"Bullshit!" yelled someone in the audience. Simon turned to the general direction of the speaker.

"Speak up man, or forever hold your peace!" He called.

"You speak of freedom, but with free markets all you get are classes, and inevitably the same oppressive atmosphere that we have right now. We need a socialist government, one that controls just enough to make things fair!" He yelled.

"What the fuck! Socialism leads to what we have now; socialized housing got us the slums in the outer areas of the city and it created a huge stagnation in industry. How could you possibly think it would work?" As they continued arguing, Alan turned to Dan.

"I think Simon has some good ideas." He said.

"I don't know. Without government, people would just do what they wanted and corporations would ban together and set prices too high. But also with government, it inevitably leads to what we have right now.”

“So basically, you don't think anything will work?"

"Things will always be fucked when you have people involved, that’s why I really want to keep my guns."

The debate between Simon and the dissenter continued to raged on when a third man who was right by Alan's row chimed in. He was a heavyset man with black hair and a very serious face.

“You may be right about free minds and free markets, but anarchy is fucking stupid! A state will rise up eventually and create this same mess we are in right now!" And the debate raged on.

“Wow, I thought he was the leader.Why is everyone so against him?" Asked Alan.

“Actually, it’s only a minority of people who are against him. Look."

Alan realized that the majority of the crowd were booing the dissenters.

"Most people just love Simon so much that they will follow him to anything." Said Ellen. Simon had now regained control of the situation.

“Now today is the day that freedom lives and tyranny dies! Who's with me?!" The whole crowd was cheering this time.

“Once their security has been cracked, the main ground forces will begin killing those fucking feds.

And as the feds are busy with them, helicopters will send in squads to the upper levels; one including me, to make sure Lord Walker is captured and killed before he has the chance to escape. Now are there any questions?" No one raised their hands. "Good, now let’s go start a revolution!"

The capital building had a dark, thick, menacing feel to it as it stood in the foreground. The windows in the mid-levels revealed dark, plain interiors. On the ground, just outside of the building, the Freedom Fighters were duking it out with the security guards and securibots. Up above there were at least five helicopters, making their way to the middle levels of the capital; the highest area that still had large windows. One of the copters contained Simon, Oliver, Dan, Alan, and Ellen. Oliver, Simon, Alan, and Ellen all had on the standard uniforms; the only difference being their masks were off, that way it would be easier to distinguish each other on the battlefield. They also had the standard AK, pistol, and sword. Dan was still in his clothes from earlier and cocked a light brown rifle.

"What is that?" Asked Alan.

"A .22." Replied Dan. "One day, the feds arrived at my house to arrest me for gun possession. I killed an entire heavily-armed squad of feds with this gun. I like to think of it as my good luck rifle.

“Get ready men. We’re approaching our drop off point. This will definitely be a historic day." Said Simon.

The helicopter got closer to a large window and shot out a harpoon, which pierced the wall on the inside. Alan and the rest all zip lined across into the building. There were five guards in the room. They landed but were quickly taken out by Simon's squad. Once the guards were dead, Simon took point with the rest forming up behind him. Simon busted open the door into the next room and there was another group of guards there as well. Simon's squad scattered. Alan ran to the left by a window to the outside of the building. He shot and killed one guard and got into a fist fight with another. He drove a fist into the guard’s face, who responded by punching him in the stomach. Dan shot the guard in the side of the head from across the room. He then smacked a guard in the face with the butt end of his rifle. Right next to him, Ellen had a guard up against a wall and was gutting him with her sword. Oliver and Simon were both at the next door mowing down the rest of the guards. Once all the guards were dead, Simon kicked the door open into the next room. A huge swarm of guards crowded around Oliver, Dan, Simon, and Ellen. Alan went to the left again and got into a fight with three guys. He punched two of them and made a grab for his sword, but they quickly surrounded him and threw him into a pillar right on the right edge of the window. Simon saw and ran over to Alan. He grabbed two of the guards and pulled them away, yanking them across the room. He did the same with Alan, except not nearly as far. He then went to the guard who was still by the pillar and started beating the shit out of him. Alan ran over to the other two guards and did the same. The guard that Simon was hitting took out a sword and suddenly stabbed him in the chest. Simon stood there with the blade in his chest, face frozen. The guard tried to drive the blade upwards to Simon's heart, but he stuck his hands to the flat side of the blade and held it in place. Alan discovered Simon and knocked the two guards away and attempted to run over to him, but the same two guards grabbed him by his arms and held him back. Oliver, Ellen, and Dan, who had taken out the guards they were fighting, turned and saw Simon beginning to lose his grip. He let go with one hand and drove his fist into the guard and they both went crashing through the window and to the ground below. Ellen ran to Simon as he was falling.

"No!" She yelled.

Alan broke free of the guards grip and chopped both of them with his sword. He ran to met Ellen halfway. She finally collapsed to her knees and Alan sat beside her.

"I can't believe he's really gone." She said defeated.

"Come on, Simon wouldn't want us to mourn. He would want us to get up and continue fighting."

"OK." She replied weakly.

They both stood up and looked around behind them. Dan and Oliver were standing there cocking their guns, with sad looks on their faces.

"We’re with you." They both said in unison. The doorway to the right burst open and three more Freedom Fighters came in. The head of the group approached them.

"Are you Simon's squad?"

"Yes." Replied Alan.

"Where's Simon?"

"He did not make it, but I know he would encourage us to continue."

"Alright. Where are the stairs to the upper levels?"

"Right here!" Called Oliver.

He opened a door on the inner wall, revealing a large amount of cold industrial stairs. The group proceeded to the higher levels. Lord Walker was at the very top. Along the way, they shot a bunch of guards. Unfortunately, they lost one of the three Freedom Fighters that had just recently joined them. Finally, they reached the top. There was a large, mechanical door that held Lord Walker. There were a small squad of guards that were taken out quickly, but not before one of them sounded an alarm. This made wave after wave of guards run into the room. Oliver saw a control panel next to the door and turned to Dan.

"Get that door opened!" He yelled.

"I'm on it!" Replied Dan.

He ran over, killing a few guards on his way, and bent down to work on the panel. As he was working, the rest were fighting off guards. Finally after much tinkering, Dan got the door to start its slow opening. He stood up.

"I got it!"

Then a bullet went into his gut and he yelled:

"Ah fuck!"

He fell back and sat there, his back against the wall.

"Man down!" Yelled Alan as he continued firing.

Luckily, one of the Freedom Fighters they picked up earlier, was a medic and ran over to begin fixing up Dan. Oliver looked over at Alan.

"You and Ellen go in there and kill that bastard! We'll stay here and hold ‘em off!"

So Alan and Ellen both ran through the door and into a smaller hallway, which lead to a smaller door which eventually lead to the main chamber. Oliver and the leading Freedom Fighter stood in front of Dan and the medic as they continued shooting at the guards.

Alan and Ellen walked into a big room. It was heavily decorated with pictures and posters and countless other objects. Near the back of the room was a large cluttered desk with a large plush chair behind it. The desk had a gold-plated name tag at the front. The name read: Lord Walker.

"So, someone finally got in aaye? Should have known my security were nothing but second rate mall cops."

The voice had come from the other side of the room - in a doorway. Out stepped a tall, muscular man with dark brown hair. He looked to be in his fifties or sixties. He had an evil, menacing look to his face.

"Well aren't you both a cute little terrorist couple. Come to kill me?" He asked sarcastically.

Alan raised his AK and fired a short burst into Walker. However, the bullets only caused a slight flicker.

"You may find that bullets don't work the way they were intended on me."

He patted a metal box attached to his waist.

“This little doohickey produces a magnetic field or some shit and stops bullets directly in their tracks."

"I'm going to fucking kill you!" Growled Alan.

"See, that’s what I don't understand. Why do you want to kill me? I provide you all with security, with food, shelter, livelihood. All I ask is that you obey my rules. Ben Franklin looked down on giving up freedom for security, but what does he know? He owned fucking slaves for Christ sakes. I've seen your kind and do you know what you really are? Spoiled children.” "But, I wanna do whatever I want when I want." He said in a whiny, mocking tone.

"Before I ruled over you, people were everywhere; fucking in public parks, shooting up on drugs, stalking people, eating fast food until their insides blew up everywhere. I'm sick of you! So was the rest of society. All it took were a few eggheads and some computers and I got the perfect technology to monitor all your thoughts; the perfect technology to make sure you fucking brats finally did and thought what we told you..."

As Walker was speaking, he got closer and closer to Alan until he was right in his face. Alan then punched the box controlling Walker’s shield and deactivated it. As soon as he did that, Alan pulled out his sidearm and shot the device - frying it. Walker picked him up and threw him across the room; sent him smacking into the wall. He quickly did the same with Ellen and ran behind his desk; hit a button. A secret door opened up, with a staircase leading to an upper level. Walker quickly ran. Ellen and Alan both stood up.

"Those stairs must lead to the roof," said Ellen.

"We have to move fast then," replied Alan.

They both ran up the stairs as fast as they could. As they approached the roof, they could see Walker nearing towards a helicopter that had just landed, its propellers spinning rapidly and violently.

"I'll take the copter, you take Walker!" She yelled as they ran.

She cocked her AK and began firing. The shots made Walker yelp and jump away. Alan ran over and tackled him. Ellen jumped into the copter and quickly took control. she flew off to help the main ground forces, while Alan continued fighting with Walker. He was on top and started punching Walker in the face. After a few successful rounds though, Walker somehow gained the upper hand. They continued repeating this process; alternating again and again. Walker soon twisted around and delivered a knee to Alan's gut. Alan grunted, bent down, and charged into Walker’s chest like a lineman and pushed him backwards a few feet, before Walker was able to get a good grip on him. He punched Alan in the face and sent him crumpling to the ground. Alan got back up with a bloody lip, his sword drawn.

"Unguard mother fucker!" He yelled. Walker pulled out his sword also and they began clashing and blocking, blow after blow after blow.

"You don't deserve freedom! You wouldn't even know what to do with it! You've been dependent on the free cat food for so long that you won't know how to hunt!" Walker yelled.

"We'll always be ready for freedom! We'll show you!" Retorted Alan.

They clashed blades a few more times before Alan was finally able to deliver a stab into Walker's chest. Walker leaned back fast ripping the sword upward out of Alan's hand. Walker turned around to successfully shake the blade out. As he did, Alan ran up behind him and grabbed onto the back of his neck. Walker leaned forward and flipped Alan over his body and onto the ground. He then tried to bring his sword down on Alan, but Alan brought his hands up and grabbed the flat sides of the blade, holding it firmly in place. He struggled to hold it, but they both realized Alan was beginning to lose his hold.

"Better luck next time terrorist." Walker said condescendingly. Alan caught something out of the corner of his eye.

"Better luck for you next time, fascist."

Walker noticed it now. The helicopter that Ellen had commandeered earlier was now on a slow descent towards the roof top. As it was about to crash, she jumped out with her AK out and fired a single shot at Walker.

"Oh fuck," Said Walker.

A bullet hit him directly between the eyes, sending him crumpling to the floor. The helicopter crashed just out of reach of Alan and Ellen on the rooftop. Ellen ran over to Alan and threw her arms around him, helping him up. They embraced and shared a passionate kiss.

"Thanks," breathed Alan.

"Don't mention it. The ground forces penetrated the building. They've pretty much taken it over. We did it honey! We won!"

They kissed and hugged some more, then looked out at the view of the city. Walker was dead. His evil, tyrannical reign had finally ended. Unfortunately with Simon dead, the force that held the group together was gone. The power vacuum made room for lots of beliefs to come to the fore front and ultimately left the future of that society opened for debate.


© Copyright 2020 robert. All rights reserved.

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