Manifest Destiny

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Forced into slave labor by a ruthless human empire, John and his people must band together for there freedom.

Manifest Destiny

By R. Stempien

Copyfucked R. Stempien 2013

“No fucked up monopolies reserved”

Cover art by Kevin Sortor

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To the extent possible under law, the person who associated CC0 1.0 Universal with this work has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. The summary of the Legal Code is available at work is published from United States

I do not retain the rights to this work, no matter what the official Booksie copyright says.

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To the extent possible under law, kevin sortor has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to manifest destiny cover. This work is published from: United States.

Part 10

Smack! As John punched out the last guard. He continued down the dark corridor - illuminated only by the flashing of alarms - until he reached a large mechanical door that was sealed shut. The door led to the main office of General Herbert Hayes. He was the man responsible for all of this; the man who personally led the takeover of John's planet.

John took out a laser sword and began cutting into the door. From inside, John could hear a muffled,

“You don't know what you're doing!” He continued to cut and was about halfway through when a squad of security guards showed up. One began firing his machine gun; John dodged it and quickly fired a stunner round into him, knocking him out cold. Meanwhile, another guard in the squad had thrown a grenade; which then went off, sending John over a railing and plummeting to the floor below.

Part 1

Lieutenant Gerald sat there, bored as a small child in church, during the weekly briefing the U.N. Navy made mandatory. She was on the Merrimack - the Navy’s flagship. The briefings were always the same; informing the crew about the next planet discovered, which then was to be taken over.

Colonel Herbert Hayes stood up to speak. “Ladies and gentlemen, the planet we have discovered, PX1-77; is large and clean, perfect for settlement.” He snapped his fingers and two young, muscular marines brought in what looked to be a man - only he was green. His hands had large claws protruding from them. As they brought him in, he was screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs; trying to escape the chains that bound him.

“This is the type of native that inhabits the planet,” explained the general. “We call them Hulks. We've deduced that their jobs mostly consist of manual labor, making them the perfect slaves. Any questions?” Everyone nodded their head with a firm no; all while still staring at the big green creature in shock. “Good, the takeover begins tomorrow.”

Part 6

John managed to crawl back into the little wooden hut the U.N. tried to pass off as a home. There were plenty of scars on his back from all the whippings he endured that day. He collapsed on the floor - there were no beds in the hut. He then rose and picked up a picture; in it was his deceased wife, Kate. A sudden tear came to his eye; quickly followed by a surge of rage, in which he then beat against the floor like a madman. He brought himself under control when one of his friends, Tom, limped into the hut and collapsed right down next to him.

“You know the night before the attack? Well, I prayed to the sky spirits, asking them for change. This wasn't the solution I had in mind though,” Tom said sarcastically.

“The sky spirits have an odd sense of humor don't they?” John said.

“Yep. So, do you have any news on the revolt?” Tom whispered.

“You could have been a little more vague about that,” John whispered.

“Well?” Tom said impatiently.

“I befriended one of the humans.”

“Really?!” Exclaimed Tom.

“Shut up in there!” Yelled a security guard.

Tom regained his composure.

“So what's the game plan?” He whispered.

“You and the human will start a slave revolt at exactly 0900 tomorrow. You will then capture the Merrimack, which landed a few weeks back and then proceeded to take over the rest of the ships in the fleet. That should cause enough of a distraction for me to lead a team to attack the main ground base,” John whispered.

“So, what is the human’s name?” Asked Tom.

“Lieutenant Alisha Gerald.”

Part 9

“Form up!” Yelled John. His three teammates awkwardly ran over to him. They were dressed up in the armored coats Lieutenant Gerald was able to provide. They also had stunner rifles; which emitted a pulse to knock people out, and laser swords; so they could get in through any locked door. Unfortunately, they all lacked the proper training for this. It would take a miracle for this operation to work. But it was their only option. They trekked closer and closer to the base but noticed that there weren’t too many guards. Most of the troops were busy dealing with the slave revolt started by Tom and Alisha. John turned to look at his men.

“On three, we charge. Ready? One, two, three!” They all made a mad dash for the base, while firing their stunners. The guards tried to pull out their rifles, but the rounds hit them before they could do anything more. They entered the main gate and were looking around when they saw a guard who managed to hide from all the action.

“NO!” Yelled John. He raised his stunner and fired a round at the guard, but he made it to the alarm just as the round hit him. The place was suddenly flooded with the general’s elite group of security guards - and they were mad as hell. “Follow me!” Yelled John and he took off towards a staircase that led into the building. He almost made it to the top, when a thrown grenade blew up behind him, breaking the staircase and separating his teammates.

“Go on!” They yelled.

He tried to help.

“We can handle ourselves!”

John reluctantly headed toward the building and into a dark corridor.

Part 7

Tom laid on the ground moaning, he simply couldn't work anymore.

“Get Up Hulk!” Yelled one of the guards.

He walked up to Tom and began to poke him with his foot. Another guard with a Hulk named Mike in tow, walked up to watch the show. Lieutenant Gerald walked right behind the third guard - standing only a few feet away - and drove a powered armor enhanced fist into the guard’s helmet, sending him crumpling to the floor. Mike then grabbed at the guard in front of him and proceeded to do the same. Tom knocked the guard’s feet out from under him; stood over him, then smacked him against the ground until he was out cold. Lieutenant Gerald went over to Tom.

“You OK?” She asked as she helped him up.

“I'm fine, but now comes the fun part right?” Tom said.

Hijacking a spaceship was much easier than it sounded. The ordeal that had just occurred mere minutes ago, was happening everywhere. They all gathered together in a mob and headed for the Merrimack.

Part 5

“Get back to work Hulk!” Yelled a guard.

John had stopped for a breath. His entire species on that planet had been put to work, building houses for all of the U.N. personnel colonizing the planet.

“I told you to get the fuck up Hulk!” Yelled the increasingly angrier guard.

John just sat there; he did not feel like moving.

“Take him away - 50 lashes!” Barked the guard.

Two lower ranking men took him away to the detainment center a few blocks away. They were stopped on the way out by Lieutenant Gerald.

“I'll handle this,” she said.

The two guards looked at her funny.

“That is an order!” She yelled.

They quickly handed her John and ran off. She took him over to a secluded area.

“What do you want with me?” He moaned.

“I want in...” She said.

“What?” Said a now fully alert John.

“Don't play dumb with me. I know all about your little resistance movement. I want in!”

“Is this some weird form of interrogation?” John said sarcastically.

“Cut the bullshit or I’ll report my findings to General Hayes!”

“Why do you want to join this resistance movement that you talk about anyways?” Asked John faking innocence.

“I had a change of heart.”

Part 3

Boom! John was on the floor of the store he had entered to get groceries. There was smoke everywhere and he could hear explosions going off in the distance. He managed to escape the wreckage and found his friend, Tom, helping people out of a collapsed building.

“Tom, what's happening!” John yelled over the explosions.

“It’s an attack!” Tom yelled back.

John slapped him across the face.

“Really?!” He yelled sarcastically.

“They came out of the sky! We're not sure who they are! All we know is that they have a big U.N. written on their ships!”

John suddenly froze. “I have to get home!” He yelled and took off.

Meanwhile, the Merrimack had just landed. Lieutenant Gerald sat there, shaking in her seat and tightly clutching her rifle.

“Gosh, Lieutenant! You look like you've never seen combat!” Yelled a corporal mockingly.

“Of course not! Don't you know the Navy’s full of wimps?!” Replied a private in the same mocking tone.

“Be quiet maggots, or you’ll be cleaning bathrooms for a week!” Barked Staff Sergeant Wilson as he walked into the room.

The two soldiers gulped.

“Yes sir.”

They weeped in unison. Lieutenant Gerald left the ship with the rest of the troops.

“Follow me!” Yelled the Staff Sergeant over all the explosions. He took off into the village. He ran up to a concentrated group of young Hulks, who looked to be in their teens. He fired his rifle at them. Most of them took off, but he was able to catch a small one and pull him to the ground.

“Where you goin’ boy?!”

He yelled and proceeded to beat him senseless. The Private and Corporal that had picked on the Lieutenant followed suit, laughing like psychotic chimps as they did so. Lieutenant Gerald's mouth hung open in horror. She ran up and knocked the Corporal over, pointing her gun at him.

“Stop this right now!” She yelled. Then she realized everyone had their guns pointed at her.

“What's wrong with you? These things are animals!” Yelled the Staff Sergeant.

The Lieutenant was then pushed to the ground and the rest of the soldiers continued with their sadistic fun. Lieutenant Gerald was forced to vomit from all the horror. She knew this was wrong.

Part 6

“OK, I believe you. What can you do to help us?” John said.

“I can get you weapons, guns, grenades.”

“Not guns, stunners. Neither I, nor my people, will sink to your level and kill others.” Said John.

“Fine, stunners. But I can also get you access to one of my ships.”

“Really?” John said with sudden interest.

“Yes, I think that could be a big help.”

“It’s a deal.” Said John.

Part 8

“Can't this thing go any faster?!” Exclaimed Tom.

“You want to drive?!” Lieutenant Gerald yelled back.

The Merrimack was being stretched to its limit. They were desperately trying to survive above the planet against the 30 or so ships that were already stationed there.

“Get the boarding chamber ready!” Yelled Gerald.

The boarding chamber was designed to puncture the hull of a ship, so it could be boarded. A small force of Hulks were ready to be inserted into the ship and take it over. She fired at a battleship, slowing it down slightly. Suddenly the Merrimack jolted. She looked to her rear view monitor and saw a tumbler class ship ramming her. Tumblers were equipped with a large drill at the front which, well, it breaks things. It hit their ship again.

“One more hit will take us out!” Yelled Mike.

“When I say, hit the boarding chamber release!” She said to Tom.

“OK,” he said. Gerald accelerated as fast as she could. The tumbler was just about to ram into her a third time when she pulled up and summer salted over the ship.

“Now!” She yelled. Just as the Merrimack hit the tumbler, the boarding chamber was released, locking them to the tumbler.

“Yes!” She exclaimed as she leaned back in her chair.

“Now we only have to do that like 30 more times.”

Part 4

John ran as fast as he could back to his house. His wife, Kate, was home. As he was running, buildings were being blown up behind him. He was too slow and the blown up houses started to reach in front of him and closer to his house.

“Kate, get out of there!” He yelled. But to no avail.

His house went up in flames and the resulting explosion knocked him out cold.

Part 11

John woke up on the floor of the U.N. base. There were a few pieces of shrapnel in his chest. He tried to get up but fell, floating in and out of consciousness. Something then dropped out of his coat. It was a picture of his wife, Kate. He clutched it tightly to his chest, closed his eyes, and bent his head down. He sat there for a good couple of minutes. He wearily pulled himself up, dusted off, and cocked his stunner. He then jumped as high as he could to grab onto the railing. He pulled himself up and back onto the level with the mechanical door he had cut. The guards were still standing there and he took them all out without breaking a sweat. He then proceeded to slice away at the door with his laser sword. Once he had cut through the door, he kicked it down to see General Hayes hiding beneath his desk.

“Come out you coward!” Yelled John in disgust.

He slashed his laser sword across the ground.

“Let’s settle this like men, no weapons.” He said from behind the desk.

“Fine.” John said.

He threw his stunner and laser sword on the ground. John then ran at the General who came out from under the desk and delivered a punch to his face, sending him back a few feet. But he returned a swing to the face himself. Hayes fell to the floor, but had grabbed John's arm, taking him down with him. They wrestled on the floor for a second or two, until John was able to roll over on his back, then use his legs to fling Hayes against the office wall. Hayes jumped up and smacked his face, which was followed with a mad yell, as he ran at John - who by this point, had jumped up and grabbed the desk. He then swung his feet out to kick Hayes, who took the blow to the chest, but grabbed onto John's legs. He spun John around by the legs four times before throwing him across the room. John got up, ran back, and was able to deliver a couple good punches to Hayes’ face before Hayes kneed him in the chest and pushed him to the floor. He then jumped up on his desk and tried to land on John with his elbow, but John rolled out of the way just in time. Hayes’ elbow cracked as it hit the ground. He got up, pulled out a knife, and made a stab at John. John was able to grab onto the General’s hands, holding the blade where it was.

“Cheater!” John gasped solemnly.

“You have to cheat to in order to win, son.” Said Hayes.

“Just leave my planet alone, that’s all I ask.” Pleaded John.

“I can't do that. It's a valuable part of our ever expanding empire.” Resisted Hayes. John twisted Hayes’ arm, took the knife, and held it to his neck. John stood there, panting with rage.

“Go on, do it, finish me off!” Goaded Hayes.

John stared at him for a moment, then pulled the knife away.

“I can't do it.” He declared solemnly, and let Hayes drop to the floor.

“You're weak, you're not a real man!” Exclaimed Hayes.

“How does killing another living soul in cold blood make you a man?! Do you know what that makes you? An animal, a filthy animal! We have that urge to kill from once being animals, but part of being intelligent is overcoming those inner urges inside of you, to be above that!”

Hayes gulped. There wasn't anything he could say. He then began to cry. John looked at him in


“I'm sorry, I'll leave your planet with my troops, I promise I'll never come back!”

He continued to sob when suddenly a large hole was blown through the roof. John looked up to see the Merrimack, along with all the other ships lined up behind it. Out of the loudspeakers that protruded from the ship, came the familiar voice of Lieutenant Gerald.

“Pizza delivery! Don't look so surprised John!”

John realized his mouth was hanging wide open.

All of the U.N. personnel were loaded onto ships. General Hayes was the last person to get on. As he was heading to the ship, John was walking next to him. He was still sniffling a little.

“Don't worry about another U.N. ship. I have connections in higher places that should keep that from happening,” said Hayes.

“Good,” replied John.

Once they got to the ship’s door, Hayes stopped to look at John.

“I'm sorry, for all of this. I know I can't expect you to forgive me, but I want you to know that I really am sorry.”

He paused for a second before giving John a hearty hug. John reluctantly returned the favor. Hayes stepped onto the ship’s deck.

“I'll see you around,” he said. He finally saluted John. John awkwardly returned it. The door closed and the ship blasted off.

“I'll see you around,” replied John.

Part 2

John walked into the living room of his house where his wife, Kate, was looking at an old photo. John walked up and gave her a hug.

“Morning,” he said softly.

“Do you remember my Grandma?” She said.

“Yeah, she was killed by a Wigiwar* 10 years back.”

“I had a dream about it last night. When I woke up, I finally realized why my dad wasn't mad at the creature. It was simply acting on its instincts and killed what it perceived as a threat.”

John stood there, pondering this thought for a minute.

“Can you make a run to the store for me?” She handed him a list.

“Sure,” he said.

John took the list, kissed her goodbye, then walked out.

*Wigiwar: a violent animal native to their planet.


Submitted: August 06, 2012

© Copyright 2021 robert. All rights reserved.

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