Elegy To A Loving Grandmother

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A little poem I wrote in honor of my deceased grandmother.

I miss you so dearly

How  I almost jumped into that coffin, almost nearly

You never did anything wrong

Whenever you spoke, I never heard thunder, always a song

You were the nicest person yet,

You are definitely someone I will never forget

You would always help me tie my shoe,

Did just about anything I asked of you

I don’t understand why you had to leave,

But when you left, for so long did I grieve

Why, oh why, did she have to die?


When I was sad, you’d always be there,

And showed that you really did care

You’d tell me “keep that chin up, wipe off that frown”

Then you’d always cheer me up, acting like a clown

I realize how much I’ll miss that day, 

And the last time you’d said “Ich Liebe dich”; the many times “I love you” you did say

And now I’m filled with sorrow,

Knowing that I won’t hear from you tomorrow

I wish I could once more hold you near

And hear that gentle whisper in my ear

Why, oh why, did she have to die


I was always able to say what I wanted to

And I always knew you’d never break our trust; no, never you

And even as for the coming of that day I continue to pray

I can still hear your voice telling me “Don’t look back, don’t worry about yesterday”

Now every day you’re high above in the sky,

Watching me laugh, watching me cry

Why did he make you in such pain?

What did He hope to gain?

I knew you for a short while,

Wish I could turn back time, rewind the dial

You used to always be by my side,

But now in a box you hide

Why, oh why, did she have to die?


Come out Granny, I no longer want to play this game

Did I do something wrong?? Am I to blame?

Are you hiding from some unknown shame?

Will you answer again if I call your name?

I must admit I ask myself, why did God betray,

And from me, who needed you most, you were taken away

And though no one can ever take your place, I open my eyes,

You’re in a better place I finally realize

Now I no longer ask myself why,

But why was it you that had to die?

Submitted: April 07, 2012

© Copyright 2022 robertkaban. All rights reserved.

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