Isolated Island Of An Interested Individual

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a little poem I wrote about this girl I liked in my freshman year. Never got the chance to date her though.

A silent sailor on a glassy sea,

Not caring about things around me

A squall off to the west,

Yet I don’t notice, I decide to rest,

For its nothing but a buzzing fly,

Just a pest to ignore


Soon the storm comes crashing down

Around my ears, all hell breaks loose around me,

The snap of the mast, drowned out by thunder

As it comes crashing down

Still wondering how long I’ll last.


Should I try to wait it out?

Hope it’ll blow off soon?

I can’t decide, yet soon I must choose.

Suddenly fate intervenes,

And before I know it, it’s all over,

Yet I don’t mind.


When I first started my journey,

I knew there would be troubles and strife,

Just as the road we all travel named “life”

I wouldn’t always be in paradise,

Under tropical palms, or in charted waters,

But this storm has me speechless,

And without food, peachless


Before long, there’s a red dragon on the horizon.

I can tell it’s coming closer,

Stealthier than a ninja or a nightmare

It strikes and the boat nearly capsizes

I barely manage to hang on and float,

Grinding my teeth in frustration,


A smaller black serpent comes,

And the dragon finally loses interest in me

The dragon and serpent leave, but friendly,

Not in battle or hatred

I am shocked, yet I somehow saw it coming


I don’t care, for calm seas are ahead

There is an island three miles off.

I want to go ashore,

But who knows how the inhabitants

Would welcome me, in civilized manner,

Or by an arrow through the heart?


I decide I’ll float nearby, and just watch

Waiting to see if I should approach,

I soon hope to take my first steps

Into this new and unknown land.


I decide to go ashore the next afternoon,

But at first sight of a villager,

I run to a secluded cave, right by the beach

I feel ashamed for this behavior,

The villager didn’t seem so bad.

I remember seeing that face before,

yet I cant recall from where I met her.


This local seemed different from the others

I want to meet this inhabitant,

Yet I can’t muster enough courage,

I try to say something to her,

But either she doesn’t understand,

Or the wind takes my words away.


What makes her stand out to me?

She seems like she wants to tell

Me something but can’t,

Why can’t I talk to her?

Or her to me?


I close my eyes in wonder,

And a smile creeps across my face

I fall asleep peacefully,

Without a worry,

For I have hope that beyond the horizon,

Just past my sight,

That something is hurtling towards me,

I trust that good times are ahead,

But for now I will just wait paciently,

And see what will befall me.

Submitted: April 07, 2012

© Copyright 2022 robertkaban. All rights reserved.

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