No Gain From This Pain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

We all know what it's like to lose someone for whom we care deeply

Why, why, why?

I ask myself as I sit down to cry

I should have seen it coming, eh?

Blowing off chances day after day

Well it was a shift in scenery,

I got to look beyond and see lush, fertile greenery

I know you belong inside my aching heart

Can’t you see it splitting apart?

Moreover, can’t you hear me crying, “Don’t you dare go”

And can’t you hear me wailing, “I just love you so”

Give me just another moment to be in your life,

I have been struck by one too many missiles of strife

I’ll always hear what they tell me

“You didn’t think it’d last forever? Gee”

Now the sparkle I once saw in those eyes

Hides behind a mask, just another disguise

I say I’m all alone,

Been picked clean to the bone,

And after all the changes you put me through,

I can use a little tenderness right now

I’ve been alone, and can understand the way you feel

Maybe we can change it all right now

What do you see in my tear-filled eyes?

Can you tell I just need somebody to hold onto?

Can you help me chase the pain away?

In addition, shut the doors on the past, close the thoughts of yesterday

It’s up to me how long I let this memory stay,

And I must ask myself, do I really want to carry on this way?

And now I feel like I can never love again

I know I will never amount to be your gallant knight,

I’ve never been one full of might

Nevertheless, I’ll gallop through this empty darkness,

And I’m searching the shadows, to again find that light

I know I’m hanging by a fragile memory

Don’t wake me up, don’t ruin my dream,

Nothing is as it used to seem

Wish I could hit rewind, and just delete that scene,

Of doing that which I never meant to mean

Is it too late once that feeling’s gone?

To back it up and start anew?

I used to tell myself, “Keep your eyes on the prize”

But does that mean anything once the last tear dries?

If only tears were laughter…

If we could all achieve what we’ve for so long sought after…

If only prayers were answered…

I cannot deny what I believe; I can’t be what I’m not

Even as the thunder was rolling, I could hear the final words

Somehow I got stuck between a rock and a hard place,

And now I’m again down on my luck

I’m so low; I do not think I want to even try to get right back up

I’m tired of recovering from all the serves,

But hey, don’t you mind me; I won’t never throw you no curves

I guess you mean more to me than words I’ll ever know,

More than I will ever be able to show

And this time, ain’t gonna be no one to stop that solitary tear from fallin’,

I just don’t know how I’ll respond, when I hear your name a-callin’

And only one thing’s for sure,

These last few weeks went too fast, they’ve been a blur

Just another trance through the briar,

Another lonely soul to throw into the fire

Just make one last promise if you please,

Forget it all, don’t feel sorry for me, the sad sorrow these

And now, before I get quite more blue,

I must turn around, and bid a final adieu

Submitted: April 07, 2012

© Copyright 2022 robertkaban. All rights reserved.

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Loved the lines: "Now the sparkle I once saw in those eyes,
Hides behind a mask, just another disguise," Yeah, this was good.

Sat, April 7th, 2012 9:56pm

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