Ode To Friendship

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Just a short poem for my friends who are there for me, even when i'm not always there for them.

Submitted: April 07, 2012

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Submitted: April 07, 2012



Oh, how I don’t feel so swell

because I haven’t been treating my friends well

I have been more focused on trying to figure my calling, my vocation

To realize that my head has been in the wrong location

All because of one silly mistake,

I’ve sentenced them to the stake

And oh now how I feel so sad

For having been treating them this bad

And if I could only turn back time,

Let’s say I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this silly rhyme

Why wasn’t I able to see,

Just what they all meant to me?

I apologize to all of thee,

However, most especially how I have been to she

I am sorry how I’ve behaved so erratically lately,

How I had anger, and how it ate me

I’ve been feeling low recently,

Because I haven’t been treating my friends very decently

I finally see that they have lifted me up high

When I feel like laying around letting out a sigh

They would help me soar by giving me wings,

And in return, I’ve pelted them with rocks and stings

I’ve been wandering around in a daze

 Over how I’ve treated my friends these last couple days

I know I have been a fool to act this way,

I just cannot explain myself; I have nothing more to say

The anger and sadness are starting to subside,

After all, I can run, but can’t forever hide

Maybe I can finally shut out the dark, put the future on hold,

 Knew from the start treat your friends like gold

But we all know that monster named Pressure,

Moreover, what it can do to a person in good measure

There’s not much reason for it all

To let myself slip through their safety net, and continued to let myself fall

I should never have to explain

How I treated my friends, because there’s really nothing to gain

I let my emotions take me on a lonely safari

I cannot tell you exactly how much I am sorry

 I am not quite ready to return to that port,

Afraid that they will just scoff and snort

Nevertheless, I know that soon I will be able to return without alarm,

And once again those good times we’ll farm

Doing our duty to one another, keeping each from harm

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