Sadness And Grief

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Just a little poem I wrote on hope

Submitted: April 07, 2012

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Submitted: April 07, 2012



All alone, darkness squeezing me

Holds me in it’s icy grip

I look to the east, hoping the sun shall rise,

Wishing for the dawn to come, that it would listen to my pleas

A solitary tear escapes from my eyes

At my heart, my confinement starts to chip

I look around, but no sign of a key

Am I to suffer for eternity?

No, that’s not how I want to waste my life

I look around,

Looking at how the joys abound

I shudder, thinking about the horrible past

That if others knew, would leave them in a state of shock

But alas, that will never happen

I’ve set a defense around me, strong as rock

Though it still haunts me many a late night

Every hollow tick, every booming tock

How much longer shall I grieve,

Wiping many a lone tear on my sleeve

I can’t live like this,

For even birds after a storm sing

And even after a horrible fire, life will again one day bloom

You just have to sweep the sadness under the rug, Hope will be the broom

Doesn’t matter what will happen,

For one day I shall escape from this barred room

I can, and will get on with my life,

Leaving behind all my grief and strife

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