Why Hate?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

It really irks me when people try to put others down. I wrote this after one of my closest friends were harassed about being bisexual.

Why Hate

Why do people choose every little thing,

To determine a person’s being?

Does it really matter about color of skin?

Black, yellow, red, white, to me it matters what’s within

And who cares about shade of hair,

Whether blonde, black, or fair

And dare you continue to rate,

You’d better be able to answer my retort, “Why hate?”

I could care less

To me it’s just one big unavoidable mess

People should just get over themselves and care about what’s inside

Instead of pushing others away, let them stand beside


Why are people plain rude, prejudice, mean

What from it can they hope to glean?

It doesn’t matter what of me they’re thinking

I’ve rather had my fill of sinking

It doesn’t matter what I lack

However they attack

I can’t deny what I believe, can’t be what I’m not

No one’s perfect, no matter how long it’s sought

I know I’m dandy the way I am,

I know no matter what

If the sun doesn’t shine, or if the skies are blue

I frankly don’t care how I seem to you

I’m everything I need to be

Why can’t you see the good side of me?


Doesn’t matter how much people weigh; straight or gay,

I don’t care what they all say

Doesn’t matter, I don’t care

So don’t be surprised if I walk away, go ahead and just stare

I’m unique, I won’t change, I’m happy the way I am

I don’t need all that fashion or glam

I’m sheltered from the storm,

For is there a true definition of norm?

Submitted: April 07, 2012

© Copyright 2022 robertkaban. All rights reserved.

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