Drops of Truth

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Submitted: August 17, 2009

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Submitted: August 17, 2009



Pleasure for Pleasure

Women like money

Men like pussy

I feel like a hollow shell

life is bloodthirsty

Death waits

The Devil could put on a suit and tie

jungle jive

underpaying is stealing

overcharging is stealing

the ground is sweet

the theatre of the absurd

money junkies

static pain

money is fools gold

girls r toys

the pain machine

prisoner in a ice cube

life is some strange dance

symphony of Death

bathed in color

pleasure is finite

pain is infinite

we honor our murdered

you can only see me with mind

turn down the pain

tied to eternity

pool of dreams

the insect screamed

everybodys a little King and Queen

human stones

each of my days is a Hell strung like beads on a string to form a life

I live a dream

humans are smart killers

rains of time

dead time

beauty is in the heart

a King is a dictator

I'm the greatest might have been

rise above animalhood

I stutter the truth

Instead of Miss Universe we get Miss Perverse

the world likes dictators

giants pay a giant price

life is piss on a toilet seat

since everyone hates me there must be something good about me

greed trampled on the rose of love

every society tends toward dictatorship

dead end life

genius can cause mental illness

when a body dies a mind is erased

Americas a banana Republic

technology upset the balance of power between men and women making women more powerful

flowers and weeds

I whispered in the rain

rubber thorns

I pay a high price for nothing

Death will cure life

winners eat losers

reality appears

Creators add destroyers subtract

earth absorb my bones

sex sales women

complicated machines

Junk City U.S.A.

I'm not kissing Society ass

a prison within a prison

on the doorstep of old age

I'm a bullet thats been fired

empty minded fools

my balls hurt

this is the hand of need

did u know beauty has power

I had a weak week

rational rats

get me to the grave on time

LIfe is pain for no reason

Poison freak

cold clammy corpse

We're all killers

Jailers belong in jail

the good are freaks

Men create mentally Women create physically

We all came from the same jungle

the military are hired guns

my life hangs from a burning thread

society rewards killers



women have a tribe mentality

wars are manufactured

dream a life

poverty kills

the error that was my birth

your the dirt I walk on

dream me a woman

women bond against men men bod 4 money

eternal kiss

lie are a necessity truth is luxury

they murdered democracy

small thoughts

tiny worlds

the rose screamed

I'm not doing my job if people dont hate me

stop world and gaze upon my beauty

pleasurable death

womans weakness is money mans weakness is woman

death is kissing me

feminists are freaks of high technology

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