Men's Rights And Womens Wrongs

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Men's Rights Article

Submitted: October 16, 2013

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Submitted: October 16, 2013



In my death, see how utterly thou hast murdered thyself.

Edgar Poe, William Wilson


Technology created feminism.

Men will support women but women will not support men.

These two facts will be the basis of what I have to say.

Feminism began with my generation, around 1967 when I graduated from High School. This gives me an inique vantage point in the sense that I saw the world without feminism during my parents generation when I was a child about 14 and have seen the world with feminism during my generation and all succeeding generations.

For example, a 20 year old man doesn't know what a real man is like whereas I do because I saw my father and gradfather and other men in generations preceding mine.

Similarly, a 20 year old woman doesn't know what it means to be a woman. The 20 year old generation and others are victims of 40 years of feminist brainwashing.

20 year old men believe it's their role to change diapers and 20 year old women believe it's their role to find jobs and work. In other words, there's been a role inversion between the sexes. Men are acting like women and women are acting like men.

If you look at all human history before 1965, you'll see that men were the hunters (workers) and women would stay home and care for the 3 to 10 babies that she had and take care of her husband.

What caused this radical change in the relationship between the sexes?

The answer is : technology. And why did feminism start in America?. Because America is the highest technological nation in the world. Feminism started in America and moved outwards to all other nations. The only thing that changes with time is technology and its social spinoffs like feminism. So why did technology create feminism? First of all, technology created the birth control pill around 1970 (I'm not an expert on details).

I remember, as an undergraduate at The University of Michigan, seeing in the library a poster saying "The Pope says the pill is a No No", sarcastically pushing acceptance of the pill by the feminists. So now all American women could avoid being a woman (by avoiding child-birth) with a pill. This had never happened before.

In 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court granted American women the right to an abortion in case the pill failed.

Women moved outward becoming less and less women. There was much bra-burning and protesting  by feminist groups in the street of America. It should be noted that not all women are feminists. So, I use the term feminist in this article. Feminists pushed their cause by using words like "equality" "independence" and "liberation".

First of all, women had always been "equal" because men supported them. So financial inequality with men was a bogus claim. Since feminists were later to work at mens jobs, this means that feminists now have two types of power.

1. The power that men will support them (which I call "sexual power") and

2. The power to support themselves. But, women will not support men,. Men only have the power to support themselves. This means that women are now more powerful than men which means feminism was never an "equality movement" but rather a "Supremacy War". It  should be said that feminists take away the jobs of men that they won't support leaving some men with no means of support.

Second, women weren't meant by Nature to be "independent" of men. That's why love was created by Nature: to keep men and women together to work as a team to raise children to reproduce the human race.

Now, there's a 100% divorce rate caused by feminists who have destroyed the family unit in America  which is the building block of society.

All of this done by women for money. Men like sex, women like money: In fact they're greedy for money.

Third, "liberation" means the same things as "independence".Women weren't meant to be independent of men. They were meant to work with men as a team to raise children and reproduce.


Women protested that they were exploited as "sex objects" but never mentioned that men were "money objects".

Now, where were men during all this?. Why didn't they stand up for their rights? I have never heard a man say No!! to a woman !! Probably the deepest reason for this is that men were designed by Nature to protect women, so they couldn't fight the women they were designed to protect.

Also, men were designed by Nature to protect women because , historically, women have always been pregnant so that by protecting the woman, the man was actually protecting the unborn child that was in her body. Isn't it ironic that now women don't have a child in their body. Also, women are less physically less strong than men and need to be protected. Here Reproduction is surfacing again, in connection with "protection", as the reason for the man woman realationship.

The second reason technology created feminism is because technology created phisically undemanding jobs that women could do. For example, how much physical strength does it take to click a computer mouse? None. This allows women to work with computers and be : bank tellers, bank managers, and so forth. Flying a jet is just about as physically easy. Or, shooting a gun, or, operating a forklift truck in a factory.

So, technology created bith control and jobs women could deo. Women decided they'd rather make money than babies. They diverted the energy needed to raise chidlren to make money.

Men became second class figures.

A lot of women got jobs but all women divorced their husbands. They divorced one man and married another and collected money from both.!!

All men  have been divorced and destroyed. But men are the buildres of civilization.

Women have destroyed the men and therefore their civilization. And therefore themselves.

"In my death, see how utterly thou hast murdered thyself".

I am running for U.S. President in 2016 forming a new political party called We The People Party.

I need volunteers for Interned fundraising and forming the new Party.

Campaign Contributions or Volunteers help may be sent to :

Carl Anderson

 P.O. Box 93

Grand Blanc, Michigan 48480





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