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I love to write poetry
Mainly on how I feel about life and things
Please feel free to email me at
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Submitted: January 26, 2007

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Submitted: January 26, 2007




 Little Black Book

I feel you with me
Even though you are miles away
When my heart beats
Its also a signal of yours

I feel your presence still holding me
I am not whole without you
You are not whole without me

opening my little black book sure makes me think
when things were new between you and me
Our goal was being together
Nothing else

Not the matter of wealth and smarts
not the obsession to be somthing
Your searching for within oneself!
But you and I being together.
That is what really makes us happy!
Just you and I in the presence of one another

That is what really makes us whole
Thats the real meaning of our lives
And the importance of our little black book
Always taking the time to go back and open it
To realize what is truly important!

Live in the moment

Conservative it's workman-like!
It was your only alternative to your knowledge.
You did the best you could.
No one does evreything according to hoyle!
Evreyday is such a battle royal.
Uprearing a paradise and an animal kingdom.
Trying to perform exact encounterment's.
Dependable intention's accomadate so much agony and grief!
Daily survival is all you be exposed to.
Even without noticing your animal kingdom growing,
and your paradise blossoming!
But broad-side foremost,your acute path.
You would assume by wisdom granted, that theory of history dont need to be such a mental blow!
It could be home-like.
It's how your's truely picks and chooses to make it!
And what you embrace to give in exchange.
Lifetime is what you walk along side of!


Geisha Girl

Her hair benighted
Her eye's of blueyonder
Her skin of strip

Admired for her
Straight and trustworthy
Also dry sense of humor!

When demented desert her proxminity
For she will frighten away!
Her egotism will intimidate
The most beefed up.
Even though just a Geisha Girl
Shewill go far beyond womanhood!

Being a bit pampered
Will protest to get own way!
A tricksy woman.

A good ready for food!
She can make the most
pleasant tasting nutrient!

She is a risk-taker.
Trying to find well to do on a fallback!
Never let her know somthing that is closed- book
Her slyness will open it constantly!

Geisha Girl,,,,,,,,,


Heartwarming light rain.
distracting green wonder.
Canopy in Heaven flowing light blue garland.

Tree's standing big and ablebodied
with white aglow flower!
The sun beaming.
Making me feel" so attentive"!

Lilac's cascading in cluster's.
Transforming into different elegant variation!
Catapillar's casting their wing's.
Making me aspire to so many affirmitive thing's!

Appendages  to advance.
And also appendages to adapt.
Crafting me to be an ablebodied individual.

Do you live?

Can't abide by the truth?
Can't attest the truth?
Then you never really lived!
You never even really were above ground!

Crystal clear contemptment

From animate blushing rouge.
Onward into the "glow"
Into this expanding universe,
with crystal-clear contentment

My covering

Visible a rupture in my covering
I comb through it!
Anticipating a duration to take it off
My crown.

When the time is  absolute.
I will creep up from my
Crouched fetal position
Willingly and safely let my
crown emmerge out!
Then I will allow for the rest to
tumble down gently down twords
My feet!

Then I will be cleansed!
claensed from all things that exsisted
Taunting me from my deceased.
My thick wall will be assembled.
Assembled for all held back things
Then I will be ablebodied to live!
I will no longer have need my covering.

Seize the meaning

Conservative it's workman-like.
It was your only alternative to your knowledge.
You did the best you could!
No one does evreything according to hoyle!
Evreyday is such a battle royal.
Uprearing a paradise and animal-kingdom.
Trying  to do the right encounterments.
dependable intention's
accomadates so much  "agony and grief".
Daily survival is all you be exposed to.
Even without noticing
Your animal-kingdom blossom!
But broadside-foremost your acute path
"You would assume" by wisdom granted
That theory of history dont need to be such an exchange of blow's.
"It could be homelike"
Its how your's truly pick and choose to make it!
And how you embrace to give in exchange.
Lifetime is what you go alongside of.

 Donna with the impure cover

Errect with "greatest anamosity"
Bearing throughout- her dingy casement!
Her dingy casement of doubt.
With a a wryface!
A wrylip of "dissolved idol-hour's".
Idol-hour's dissolved of negativity!
And best offer worth.
Investigating through- out her cascade
She administers quite indignity.
To evreyone she be exposed to!
Even to subject's she isnt!
Cross examinating based
On assumption
Attracting herself  to daily corruption
The donna with the dishonest

Our Choice

Apprehend no heavy sin
Meet a bet with no heavy sin
Who's desire is it?
And our's solely!,,,,


The Cherub in my Window

The cherub in my bay window.
Bearing a dove close
to her brow.

As though demanding
To keep it insured!

Her apron adorned,
Descending her gown,her finger's
lengthy and well-dressed!

Her bodice with a godlike
Phisique,making my paradise
An angelic place!

Anger Airward

You ice-skate off the fork!
You say you like the" adrenaline rush"
And how you get so flush!!!

So apt to ice-skate?
Making the one you adore
"Hurt inside"
After it's all finished
You say "I love you"
Theres somthing psycotic
Inside of you!
Remmember this of twelve egg's short!
I wont be your punching bag
For your need to get airward.
I wont be with you!
I'll just let you ice-skate
With your little old
Anger airward.

Proposal 1

Gently hearing a whistle
Wave's russling harshly
Off the sea
I sit on the sand
hoping he was
Thinking of me!
Where did the whistle come from?
I begin to see a form in a distance
A tall man coming into the misdt
Twords me
It was him!
Eye's of sky blue
Brown wavey hair
I had a bewildered stare
He smiled at me
I was thinking of you
I had to find you
He handed me a gift
"I smiled"
I began to open it
"Wait" he insisted
Before you open it
Know that I love you very much
I know that you love me! "he said gently"
I began again to open this gift
It was a engagement ring!
I stood there and couldnt
Say a thing!
We embraced in a lavishly
"longing kiss"
I said "as you wish"!

Gods tears

Crying in my dungeon of pain!
Pondering about evreything
Being the same
Inching myself forth
To see a change
Just as time standing still
I still feel the same "resentful chill"
I start to hear a loud vigerous rainfall begin
It's almost like ,"god sharing my pain"
And feeling my sadness
I hear and see gods tear's
Hit my window pane
I'm not alone!

One chance in a million

Million's to choose from
I was chosen
You were choosen!
No one has a clue
Could it be compared to destiny?
Or perhaps winning the lottery.
"I dont think so"
I think it was for a reason!
Why anyone was or is  being choosen
To live and to be  born here on earth
Someday we will find out why
We were choosen one out of a million

Shall I partake?

Bubble gum bubble gum in a dish
How many peices do you wish?
What am I being offered?
How do I know,
How many to take?
I better do it right
For my sake!
How much will be at stake
"For ME"!
For partaking in one peice.

Mean Man

Mean rotten man!!!
You remind me of a black crayon
Marking your space's
Where there is no traces
Of spaces left "just black"
Black meaning you cannot see
The man you used to be
I would settle for grey
At least I could see part way
In and out and maybe
A little bit inbetween
You have just turned dirty rotten mean!


"Why are you selfish"
Why do you speak uncertainties
Why do you speak lies
"Things I definately despise"

Within my heart cries
Why is selfish used as a form of love
That term I can definately shove
And get rid of!!!

Because love is not selfish
Love is not blind
Love is not a lie
Love is honest and true
That is why I wonder
If this is me and you!


Only lasting two week's
Or maybe even three
I embelish in this one
Simple "tree" The smell
Is like gardenia is
To me !!!!!
Giving the whole
House a suculent smell
Remmembering it is my
Mothers favorite flower
"I see why"
There is no better flower
Than the lilac.
Appearing in three or
Four different "color's"
White , pink ,light purple
And a darker shade of purple
I simply say
I like the
"Light purple".



Red the color of roses
Blue the color of the hevenly sky
Yellow the brightness of the sun
Imagining all those pretty colors is mighty fun!
Green the color of fresh mowed grass
Purple and pink the colors of a female child
Orange reminds me of Floridas orange tree's
Imagining adding red and yellow to make brown
Adding blue and yellow to make green its almost like

To help a Neighbor

Makeing silent demands
I have carpo tunnel in both hands
Can you do this for me?
I can barely see
No-one will help me!
You know I can not pay you?
Your labor must be free
Oh Thank you
Now get the hell away
From me.

State of Mind

Get up young man
It's not time to
Grow so old
Your story has not yet
Been told
Lift your chin high
Shake off that inner cry
Remmember what's in front
Of you
Not whats behind
You'll find you will change your
State of mind.

Pure Tranquility

Bright as day you made way
Into my life
An adorable mimi me
For all the world to see
You are my hopes and my
Dreams evreything i thought
Life could ever be
When i'm down I see your
Little frown
Then i'll think twice
And add a little sugar and
Spice I see your utmost
Visible acceptance
And your fresh sigh of security
And inner peace
It reminds me of the times
Evreything was new to me
Pure tranquility.



Genesis 1:1
In the beginning
God created the
Heavens and the
Light and darkness
A day to god is like
A century to us

 Wide or Narrow Road

Footplating  flourishing with angst.
Rapt in wonder the accurate blind_ alley I shall abide.
My whole exsistance is my capitalization
The expansive wide- alley or the consonont one
The expansive wide alley is so much clear-cut,
So effortless to cyclone through more comfortable
The consonont one not so easy but cramped
and seems a bit harder more closed in.
I could consider the wide-alley blind-ally but It might not take me far and wide.
I'll choose the consonont blind-ally
existance is not clear-cut!
I'll choose to do the chores,be salaried and rewarded.
The wide-alley is just too clear-cut!

Oddity Peeping In

Watching his existance slowly fading ,
With sweats and feaver
His offspring fueding amongst eachother
Helter skelter you will never witness
No apathy for the one departing this world.
No contiousness he was even there.
I was an oddity peeping in.
I walked to him
And grasped his hand
Whispered in his ear
I see you and god does too
He will take care of you
I love you.


A little bit too happy
A little bit too sad
A little bit too angry
A little bit too anxious
A little bit too much
Or not enough
Never even.

Little Robin

There's a lonesome
Little Robin on a tree step
by my door
he'd sing
He would call me little bird
I thought that was so absurd
He would play his guitar
And sing to me
As time went by i'd
come to visit
He'd be in the same place
as usual his chair at the
end of the table
He'd always have somthing
new to say
And a different joke for each day
Solitair he'd play
Preparing his menu
As I gotten older he said
Your no longer little bird
Your big bird.

Couch of Tears

I sit in my couch of tear's.
Wondering why I am the aim
of your punishment's.
Why is your contempt so deep
for me?
I plea evreynight.
But my couch swarms in tears.
I pray to God.
God why isnt there any love
among men?
Why is there so much hate and jealousy?
My heart aches with pain.
God what is this world coming to?
Beleiver's quit beleiving.
Faith non existant.
Im flooding my couch in tear's.
All I can do is sit and watch my
couch get wetter.

What Do You Think?

Have I become someone
Am I who I was suppose
To be?
A mother of six.
Not a buissness woman.
I am life smart not
book smart.
I beleive in god.
Not evolution but
I beleive in truness
not pretending.
I beleive keep your
friend's near.
But your enemie's nearer.
I beleive in family.
Because thats all you
really got.
What do you think?
Am I worthy?

Its nine o,clock

Looking at the sky.
Approaching nine o"clock.
I look at the sky
through my window.
It still a shade of blue.
With a light color
of redness.


Mysterious , Glorious and good.
Loving ,caring Invisible and invincable.
The creator of human's.
The creator of all thing's.
Untouchable but he is there.
If you have faith.
He will be there.
He cares about us.
And what our beleif's are.
Trust in him.
Try to do what is right.
Try to listen to his voice.
We are his children.
He loves us.
Just beleive.

Son Quit Wearing mamas Clothes

Son what ail's you to wear mamas clothes?
To wear your sisters shoes?
To wear my make up?

Is the color's pretty?
The way you think yours should be.
Son i'm wondering what your thinking.
Son your three.
I'll let it be.
But when your 24 youll be heading out the door.
Son quit wearing mamas clothes.



A good name.
A biblical name.
A name that carries no shame.
An earthly name from the god almighty.

A name of common decentsy.
An inner soul.
With a hevenly glow.
Within oneself a dramatic aura of love flow.
It's a precious gift to be called Michael.


A true person.
Not pretending to be some one else.
But being utterly true.
Calling on Michael is his cue.


A remorsful gent.
From god I know He's heaven sent.
There's no better name than Michael.

Say It Right

Take off your hallo.
Nock it off.
Give me a good fight.
Say what is right.
Dont try to prove me wrong.
It reminds me of some angelic song.
How this was said and it wasnt.
Say it right!
Be in the present.
Tell the truth.
Dont say a big bunch of ringamaroo.
Do you think i'm dumb?
Do you think I'm not aware of what's around me?
Nock off your shit , and get behind me.
Say it right.

lavish Love

Lavish love in which comes from above.
Time is short which follow's an elderly escort.
Wisdom follow's which allows us to enjoy more.
To understand what all those responsibilitie's were for.
We come from a source in which is unseen.
But inside we do  know it does have means.
Invisible to the human eye,We have no need to prye.
The wind itself proves its no lie.
Lavish love it comes from above.

Majestic Dolphins

Majestic dolphin's glideing through the heavenly waters.
Swimming swimming majesticaly close to the sea otter's.
Free free to rove about.
The beauty isn't in a shadow of a doubt.
Majestic dolphin's making quiet sound's.
Within nature it abound's.
Majestic dolphin's.

I exist for this day

This day I exist.
I exist for this day.
Former times have passed away.
I am informed with focus.
None of that other hornswaggle.
One lifetime to exist.
Do honor to my father I give.
Peckle-trouble's,I am free just allowing him take care of me.
Heart lightened and eye's brightened.
For this day I exist.
I exist for this day.

I know what you know,you know what I know

I know what you know.
You know what I know.
I heard that someplace before we met.
But I never really understood what it meant.
Now I know it was a message from god he sent.
He put us together like a bird and a feather.
We both have fear's and anger lears.
we both have love in which is true,in so many thats few.
I thank god for you.
I know what you know.
You know what I know.


Smileing and sobbing of love and trueness.
The loveless begger stabs you in the back numerously.
Just like a theif in the night with a sack of stolen goods from a loyal mans mercie's.
Running thinking never to be caught.
This Theif was finally in the eye of the loyal mans thought's.
The loyal man acually feeling the acual pain of the theifs secrecie's.
Showing the acual contempt in the theives heart.
The two parted.
One not knowing why.
And the others contempt to play an evil attempt on this special persons mercie's.

love like this

She stands with wind blown hair and dirty hands.
From working all day.
He stands smiling.
Angry thought's i start fileing.
Why do you smile?I ask.
You think I look funny dont you?
he remains smiling.
I start to become aggitated because he does not say anything.
He just stands there smiling at me.
He finally says.
I'm happy.
And I think you are so very beautiful.
I'm so glad that you are my wife.
All I could say to myself is.
I dont think i'll ever find love like this again.


Indicate we were intended

Take the petal from my mane.
Give me indication that we are an exquisite yoke
Indicate to me life is cloudless.
Give me indication thst you really dote upon me
Indicate to me that that we are limitless.
Lets gallop through the acreage happily ever after.
In our eyes will be no rafter.
Tell me we were intended.
That existance will never have to be extinct.
Let's eat from the right tree.
In our future destiny will come to be.
We will be foresaken!.
Indicate we were intended.

 The joy of a child

The joy of a child.
The joy of a child is so worthwhile.
The way they make you smile.
They have such a soft style that will linger for a mile.
The innocense is so sweet,To watch it conquers an adult's defeat's.
And through time the process repeat's.
Another precious gift.
From the [father Thou Art In Heaven].
You sure made children a blessin.

Take me

I lay with eyes shut.
But seemingly still awake.
Wondering if i'll make some sort of mistake.
I say to myself in a lavishly selfish dream.
Take me.
Oh please!please dont forsake me.
To my surprise.
This wasnt a dream.
I was talking to a cup cake with cream.


You cant take my soul

Not so smart.
But yet a work of art.
Yeagh right!
Your not aware of my fight.
To see me isn't to know me.
What do you think?
You own me!
Im always here trying to comfernce your fears.
No matter what appears.
Whatever in my midst resides me.
Am I a frozen visulante.
To take my life.
But you sure cant take the soul inside of me.

Robin Connon

Copyright ©2007 Robin Connon



She Passes

She come and go with a mental blow.
She appears evrey few years with the same old fears.
Grasping the book,wondering how she will get off the hook.
She reads and not succeeds.
She messes each problem she guesses.
She sits foggy,because self-esteems so drauggy.
She leaves work unfinished.
All hope is deminished.
Fially she comes again.
She comes strong.
Knowing nothing will go wrong.
She sits straight.
Knowing it's not to late.
Knowing ahead of time her fate.
She passes.

Robin Annette Connon

Copyright ©2007 Robin Connon


The swan

I can recall the day I was small
I found a blank greeting card
I took it to my mother
I said can I have it
She said yes
Then I said can you write somthing inside
She began writing inside
I waited anxiously
She finally handed it back
It said
To my lovely daughter
Who will one day grow into a beautiful
Swan just like the one on the front
Of this card.

Robin A Connon

Copyright ©2007 Robin Connon


Jesse you really inspire me
you are so smart
How you can figure evreything right out
Talking and asking questions endlessly
When you grow up
You will be a man of all men
How you help me with your
Baby brother and sister
I call you my little mr.
Jesse you really inspire me.
My son

Robin Connon


Judgment day

Awaiting my judgment day
Which will be someday
I walk with constant responsibility
Trying to prove utmost worthy!
Trying to endlessly better evrey situation
"Without predestination ,"just like a guinea
Pig on a spin wheel going round and round!
Trying to find destination found
Watching other's mistakes my wisdom is about
heaven made, creating my "comfort zone"
Somthing like a dog without a bone!
Trying to reject that" heart of stone"
Trying to find my "virgin clone"
Trying never to let this world get me down
Remmembering when "I was pure"!

Robin A Connon

Tell me we were intended


Take the flower from my hair.
Tell me life is fair.
Tell me you really care.
Tell me that we are a wonderful pair.
Tell me im a rose with no thorns.
Lets run through the corn fields happily ever after.
In our eyes will be no rafter.
Tell me we were intended.
That life will never have to be ended.
Lets eat from the right tree.
In our future destiny will come to be.
We will be free.
Tell me we were intended.

Robin Annette Connon

Outsider looking in

Watching his life slowly ending
With sweat's and feaver
His children argueing amongst eachother
turmoil you'll never see
No apathy for the one leaving this world
No awareness he was even there
I was an outsider looking in
I walked to him
And held his hand
Whispering in his ear
I see you and god does to
He will take care of you
I love you.

Robin Connon

Copyright ©2007 Robin Connon


The letter

I sent a letter to heaven
When I was a child
It was to god
I had no way of sending it
so I sent it underground
I dug a hole
and covered it back up
I asked and thanked him
For certain things
He answered my prayer
Within the hour
Now isn't that a
miraculous thing?

Robin A Connon The spineless victim

A lost soul

The spineless victim lay with head on kneas.
Trying to make others except his uncanny pleas.
His eyes looking drawn.
Unmistakenly devious down right mischeivious.
Eye contact non exsistant as a plan was coexistant.
Drawn to a unreal source.
Which led him to divorce.
The spineless victim lay quiet.
He lay ill with sadness.
Which was created through all his badness.
Oh how id hate to be the spineless victim.

Robin Connon

Copyright ©2007 Robin Connon

I live for Today

living for the moment

For today I live.
I live for today.
All yesterdays troubles have blown away.
I see straight with focus.
None of that other hocus pocus.
One life to live.
Honor to my father I give.
Worry- free just letting him take care of me.
Heart lightened and eyes brightened.
For today I live.
I live for today.

My Blanket

Appearing , a whole through my blanket
I peak through it!
Awaiting a time
A time to take it off my head.

When the time is right
I will creep up
Creep up from my crouched fetal position
willingly and safely
let my head emmerge out!

Then I will allow the rest to tumble.
To tumble gently twords my feet!

Then I will be free!
Free from anything taunting me from my past.
My thick wall will be created.
created for all thing's new.

Then I will be able to live!
I will no longer have need,
Need for my blanket.

Robin Annette Connon

Copyright ©2007 Robin Connon


The wide or the narrow road part 2

Standing aimlessly shaking with fear
Wondering the right road I should take
My whole life is at stake!
The wide road or the narrow one
The wide road is so much easier
So easy to fit through more comfortable
The narrow road not so easy but cramped
And seems a whole lot harder
I could take the easy road
But it might not take me far
I'll choose the narrow road
Life isn't easy
I'll choose to work earn and deserve
The wide road is just too easy.

Robin A Connon



The wise man

The army soldiers traveled days
For their final fight
The journey was long hot and exhausting
the soldiers all stopped to get a drink
By a nearby pond
Drinking with hands cupped and heads bowed
Indulging in the cool refreshing clear water
There was but one man who did differently
This man drank with hand's cupped
Looking all around at the same time!
He was aware he indulged and kept concious.
The wise man

Robin A Connon


Fiery Flame

To my brother Harvey

He worked for years.
Well liked by his peers.
He one day was working for his family.
One minute fine.
The next minute a fiery flame.
No one was to blame.
It brought about much pain.
His home was aflame.
But he had left the protected traces of his family.
I went to the site and shoveled debrie.
With all sentimental thoughts inside me.
Evreything is now clean, except broken glass
which shows traces of his hard working past.
But still he does have his family.


© Copyright 2018 Robin32. All rights reserved.

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