The rebirth of me

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Submitted: January 28, 2007

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Submitted: January 28, 2007



The rebirth of me

Forced into the world
Not knowing my place !
Not explained reasoning
No praise
Not listened to!
Only to be silent
No questiononing

No hope for tommorow
Living in constant sorrow
Mama pacing
Daddy spacing
No birthdays
Not knowing my real age
Just wanting to turn the page

Eyes blinded by the real world
Living in my family made up cult
Thinking I was living revoult!

Taught the world is ending
No need for education or friends
We must be utmost perfect
Afraid to check the mail
Running from the sky to derail

Trick or treat hide they are coming to get me!
Counting for The days That I will be raised
Turned eighteen family took on civilization commitment
Left me lost and alone!
What I was taught was in vain my life never even really existed

Married a man of older age
Endured for years
Gave birth to number four
Befall sickness of P.I.D

My mind was taken from me
Then my hubby deserted me

Picking up the peices
Taking my four
Finding The one man
God meant for me

Stayed close for months
Hearts mend
My heart began to beat again

Blessed with number five and number six
Life has taken me to a blissful fix!
Not rich in wealth
But rich in love
I couldnt have never done it
If it wasnt from god above!

Hitting twenty nine
I was given a chance to be born again
To see life in a different light
My new life and my new start
Its just like seeing,touching and smelling your first flower


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