Hello People

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When you just can't do something , try to change the world ( well that escalated quickly ) ...

Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016



Hello People,

You know how long it took me to say those two exact words “Hello People” ? ....No not two seconds haha very funny ,Steve . Okay the thing is I always had the feeling that I should talk to people , comfort them , encourage them to do what they should do with their lives , help them and most of the things that I love to do is to make them laugh and to be happy ,I’ve always felt it’s my duty ( I can hear you laugh you doody little mind ) ….and I was always looking for an opportunity to do so , help a friend to decide something and god I love the opportunity when I found someone who wants to be a rebel …you will always find me behind his back saying “yeah do it do it do it “ like a little cute devil because u know I am cute ….whatever he is deciding as long as it is different it’s a yes for me ,unless of course he wants to try this new gun on people ..i would just leave as fast as I can  ….because I know every human being wants to do something different ,everyone wants to leave his mark on earth …and when I see the sparkle in someone’s eyes …I feel life again ….i feel I can see color (no I am not color blind) …I think thank god people at least try to take an alternative … it really makes me happy when I find someone who  tries to make something for himself, not because people told him to , you can feel his happiness , that he said I did this I made that choice …it always excites me ,  yeah I have issues thank you very much Steve for the comment , nobody actually asked you ,

But the most beautiful thing to do is to make people smile, I’ve always dreamed to do it …I am a sarcastic person in most of my conversations [yeah try to remember your last conversation with me …if I wasn’t sarcastic it’s probably because of my anxiety kicked in or I didn’t like you choose your favorite …]I always make sure that you at least laughed about something even if it’s about me ...and I really hate it when I laugh whenever I try to make a point I don’t know why I just laugh even if I am angry with someone , I am always laughing inside or…… actually crying ..i try to hide both of them … because it’s either I am a fool or very dramatic …so I choose to be a brick talking …I am very good with life decisions u see

But I did took a good decision today I started to follow my inner voices , the crazy ones actually who always talks to imaginary people in my room …and I decided to write them down because every day they just get louder and louder and they just don’t shut up ….but I’ve always found a way to shut them up by thinking that I will never be heard or people will never read any of this  ..why would anyone want to read something about your thoughts [maybe because I’ m awesome duh ! ] ….I’m schizophrenic I am sorry .Anyway , I made a lot of excuses that I will never be accepted ….but then i found someone really amazing said that she doesn’t need people approval of anything she has to say …things have to change and she will say whatever she wants to say as long as she doesn’t hurt anyone ….those words really hit me …because I am always afraid of people  what are they going to say how are they going to react …will they like me ….will I ever change someone’s life …will I ever make someone happy and I know doubt is in everyone …but who are we afraid from …it’s you and me… we are the one who are afraid …we are the one who create this world for us …but if we truly change it …if we truly made something even a little bit kind …we will find all the opportunities that we need ,we will find everything is available for us , we will be surprised of how fast kindness turns back to us ( yeah imagine it as a crazy person runs towards you )…if you and me stopped judging others or stopped waiting for anyone to fail and point it out ..and the most important thing if we stopped judging ourselves....failure would have another definition …it will be the fun word of how this person tried so hard ….people will be proud they failed …we will never be ashamed of who we are …we will never question ourselves if we are good enough and no one will ever take years to say ” Hello People” .

Bye .


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