Erotic Lucern Swiss Scenic

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

how we love to travel all over a body of pleasure gets really desirable like a ski lift endeavor. we are meeting new encounters just a scenic sexual pleasure ride who will be her guide?

Submitted: October 30, 2017

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Submitted: October 30, 2017



Let's Live and take the scenic route. 
How love can be blind the sun worshipper you're the lady with the drive. 
You look everywhere something hit you from behind. 
The light shines lucent.

The movie scene

 Ancient erotically scenic

But you kept your patience

more love to pursue

Lucern Switzerland like a Labyrinth. 
Someone's home the bounty of gifts 

She climbs every birth. Her perfect ski lift 
We Turn towards good earth 
Life roses he buys the dozens 
Lucerne Husbands meet there Horizon 
Eyes watered like the statuette 
so frozen your the chill chosen

Another turn food menu 

Sex Guru
He ordered mountain lady 
On the edge of ecstasy border 
We yearn for miles hearted 
Iridescent smile he aims you darted 
Love notes singing climb every mountain 
On the top of the hill, I love you pile 
He drove and went passed your smile 
the scenic route depart 

A love heartfelt mate Swiss air 
You approach the red light 
His turn of fate? Your windy hair 
He's on the other side just ride light
turns green this beautiful site he
's never seen. 

But your on yield Prince crown and shield 
Your looking at the green meadow field 
No one to hold. So lusty Lucern uplifts you 
He meets you making another turn 
How Lucern made it happen 

How Lucern mountains her boobs glisten 
No more stopping what keep going 
From all these turns stop signs more showing
He proposes Your the women with hot virtues 
Way up you see the stars he romances. 
Please God more nude cars. 

Just my sacred mountains scenic

Such an erotic phoenix tattoo ending.

You turned me on the next rising star

so stuck to her like a sticker. 

All he had to do is kiss her





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